School fires teacher who pushed for v...

School fires teacher who pushed for vegan meals

There are 89 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Sep 24, 2007, titled School fires teacher who pushed for vegan meals. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Dave Warwak said he wouldn't return to the classroom unless Fox River Grove Middle School served only lunches free of animal products, but with meat still on the menu, school officials on Monday fired the art ...

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United States

#1 Sep 24, 2007
Teachers (and I am one) are not meant to be prophets of doom, or evangelists of personal conviction. We are hired as professionals to fulfill a contract to teach the approved curriculum. Everyone has some leeway on that, and personal views get into the mix. But any teacher who ceases to teach his subject and refuses to fulfill his contract in this way deserves to be fired. This guy may have had an epiphany and a life changing experience, I don't know, but he is a trained professional with serious subject matter to convey and when he lost sight of that, he ceased to be a teacher and became a nut.
Vince Bray

Itasca, IL

#2 Sep 24, 2007
A cluless stack of fishlips. Let him graze somwhere else.

United States

#3 Sep 24, 2007
I agree with the firing, and I'm having a medium well HAMBURGER (dripping with red juices) to celebrate.

I'll give the leftovers to my dogs too!

Skokie, IL

#4 Sep 25, 2007
"'You are ruining my world and eating my friends,' he said."

Hahahah! Cri.

I just can't figure out why they waited so long.

United States

#5 Sep 25, 2007
Definition of VEGAN: Poor hunter!

Good riddance, Mr. Warwak.

United States

#6 Sep 25, 2007
So does he still fish?

United States

#7 Sep 25, 2007
This is an instance of a school district acting in the best interest of its students. This teacher was acting outside his limits and forcing his beliefs upong his students.

His demand that the school district take meat off the menue is absurd as I believe it's the parents who choose what their kids eat, not the teachers. If I say meat is OK for my child, as does her doctor, then I'm certainly not going to listen to some art teacher tell me I'm wrong.

Lincoln, IL

#8 Sep 25, 2007
I believe this teacher went just a bit over the top....DUH!! There is a time and place and maybe approaching the board regarding menu choices in the school cafeteria would have been the logical choice. However it seems this gentleman is trying to foist his views on to everyone else in an inappropriate way. I agree that we eat too much red meat and junk but it is the individual's right to choose what he/she ingests. School's should ensure that children receive a healthy lunch so the next generation is not as obese as the previous one. Parents should also ensure that their children are eating healthy by packing healthy foods that fuel not only the mind but the body and soul.

San Pablo, CA

#9 Sep 25, 2007
Funny how teachers brainwash kids with their political beliefs and anything else but the truth hurts.

Well, enjoy your fat sick kids dropping dead on school property (during gym and games).

At least children and adults (particularly teachers) should be trained in accurate nutritional information.

I'm not 100% vegan but at least I've been educated enough to know it's the healthiest diet to have.

San Pablo, CA

#10 Sep 25, 2007
Mike wrote:
I agree with the firing, and I'm having a medium well HAMBURGER (dripping with red juices) to celebrate.
I'll give the leftovers to my dogs too!
enjoy your heart disease and cancer. I guarantee 100% you'll have it soon :)

Highland, MI

#11 Sep 25, 2007
Although unfortunate, I can understand why this teacher has so passionately expressed his concerns and has sacrificed his job in doing so. There is silence in the mainstream regarding what happens 'behind the scenes' while harvesting animal flesh for human consumption. It is so ugly and unacceptable, yet the public chooses to remain uninformed - let's not shake up our comfort zone.

I only wish this school / school board would validate the reason why this teacher went to this extreme to share information with the students, and perhaps agree to integrate this topic into some area of their education. I say 'hats off to this teacher'! Thank you for attempting to teach this lesson, on belhalf of the animals who have no voice.

Midlothian, IL

#12 Sep 25, 2007
Thanks goodness!!! A little bit of sanity in this world. Whats absolutely hilarious is this guy went vegan IN JANUARY!! There was still some meat left in his colon for crying out loud. Yet he was trying to force everyone to his way of thinking, the guy is crazy plain and simple. I have never taken such pleasure in someone losing their job. I usually have some compassion but this guy i have little to none for.

Midlothian, IL

#13 Sep 25, 2007
mke wrote:
<quoted text>
enjoy your heart disease and cancer. I guarantee 100% you'll have it soon :)
Get over yourself you fruitcake. Go eat some nuts and berries we are free to eat what we want as are you, if you want to starve yourself then have at it but i for one am not going to do the same. Also for you crazies out there, if we DID stop eating all of these animals what would you propose we do with them? Cows cannot survive on their own so in essence we would need to eliminate the species and the same goes for most domesticated food animals. Not to mention i doubt any person would just feed them out of the kindness of their heart, they eat alot and its expensive so they would just sit out in the fields and starve to death. Its the cycle of life and its how nature works even if we have adapted it for our large numbers thats how it goes we have modern science to assist in our living longer and lower child death rates,so we have more people and they need to eat. You people are clueless and need to get a life and leave those of us that make other culinary choices alone. Also if it was necessary i absolutely would kill the animals myself i have no issue with an animal dying to feed me.

Decatur, IL

#14 Sep 25, 2007
We live in a free country precisely for situations like this: freedom of choice. It is Warwak's decision to eschew animal products, just as it is everyone else's right to choose their diet, and most studies indicate a vegan diet is not the healthiest for growing children. I'm not advocating a full-on red meat diet by any means either, I'm just suggesting a balanced diet is the way to go. Last I was in school, we had salads and plenty of vegetarian options to allow for a variety of diets.

The real issue here is that Warwak is pushing an agenda onto people in an inappropriate venue and, in turn, has completely lost all credibility. Imagine if things were reversed and veganism was the norm and someone insisted the entire cafeteria start serving animal products or he/she would quit; I wonder how Warwak would feel about that person forcing his/her views on everyone else in the majority? It's disgusting and indicative of mental instability. Regardless of his views, someone who would make the choice to threaten the school over his own personal agenda shouldn't be teaching anyway--he is not mentally healthy if he genuinely felt this was appropriate behavior.

The animal rights groups would do well to distance themselves from extremists like Warwak as they do their cause no good, but rather further perpetuate the misperception that vegetarians and vegans are rigid lunatics. This stereotype exists precisely because people like Warwak take things too far.

No one likes agendas being pushed on them no matter what the topic...the second you start bullying people, you lose everyone's respect and you harm your cause more than help it. This applies to politics, religion, and yes, diets! Isn't it more productive to accept differences in everyone and allow people to exert their freedoms of personal choice while encouraging respectful debate? Isn't that what this country is supposedly about?!

Chicago, IL

#15 Sep 25, 2007
jspicer wrote:
<quoted text>
Also for you crazies out there, if we DID stop eating all of these animals what would you propose we do with them?
Considering most animals that American eat are bred for that very purpose and not hunted for in the wild, I assume we would just stop breeding those animals. Imagine that. It's not like Dominick's is out hunting cows and pigs in the wild.

Chicago, IL

#16 Sep 25, 2007
I am a vegetarian, a vegan for the most part.. I am involved in many animal rights/welfare issues, and I am really disappointed with Mr Warwak.. I am overjoyed with his epiphany.. but he did not pick the right venue.. and did not accomplish the task he was being paid for.. he could have had a much bigger influence on these children (and their future eating habits!!) by staying at the school.. and maybe doing something (non-school sanctioned) afterwords, totally voluntary and with the permission of the parents.. but now everyone just thinks he is a nutcake and pushing us farther from mainstream.. I applaud him for his beliefs.. but he could have had a much bigger influence with a subtle approach.. involving the parents..

Evanston, IL

#17 Sep 25, 2007
I can understand vegetarians, but vegans are way way out there. I mean, fine, lets be nice to all the animals--but not even using the animal products that don't require mistreatment... That just doesn't make sense. I have known many vegans, and not one of them looks healthy, nor or they happy. Veganism is just plain absurd. I think a study needs to be done on the health of children reared on a vegan diet, I'm sure it will find they are far immunologically and physically weak than the rest of us.


#18 Sep 25, 2007
And next year, when he goes back to meat, he will wonder why he did something this stupid.

Orland Park, IL

#19 Sep 25, 2007

You raise an excellent point. Everyone hates bullies. On any subject. Be it religion, lifestyle or anything else. But these bullies also raise a point. They have their own strong opinions and are not afraid to share them. This is one of the beauties of being human. The plethora of differences between us. I respect anyone that can have I can have a nice disagreement with without coming off as self-righteous. I'm Mr. Warwak sure has many ideas on how to change the world. It's just a pity that he's resorted to bullying to try to get his point across. His ideas just get dismissed right from the get-go. Not that I agree with him, but it would be interesting to talk to him without all of the rhetoric...

United States

#20 Sep 25, 2007
While I respect Mr. Warwak's concern about what we are eating (though I am certainly not a vegetarian and have no plans to become one), the venue he chose to educate his beliefs to others was inappropriate. If Mr. Warwak had discovered religion and wanted to make sure every student had found Jesus, he would also be dealt with in a similar manner.

The problem is not with his message but how he chose to share it. In addition, those who are praising him don't realize that due to the way he chose to share his message, most people are dismissing him and his message and not hearing what he has to say.

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