TEA Party Republicans!!
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#42 May 6, 2012
Massive = half filled arena

Fantastic = blaming and scare tactics

FORWARD! Forward where?

Bishopville, SC

#43 May 8, 2012

Wouldn't it be fascinating, and also very surprising, if Romney is about 20% behind Obama about the time of the Republican Ding-bat Convention gets to be about a month or less away; and then he publicly decides that he no longer wants the nomination for President?

However, if he is about 20% behind, and then he accepts the nomination, he is unquestionably a JERK!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#44 May 8, 2012
OK, I have to ask why would he be a jerk because he won his parties nomination? Remember, primaries our for the political parties...or do you need a civics lesson. However, Romney won't be 20 percent behind because currently he's up by 5 percent. Question is...would Obama be a jerk if it appears that he can't win re-election? Answer that to answer your question....cripes!

Obama, Democrat, left-wing, taking us further into debt with bigger government that Clinton/Gore limited, extreme beyond America's desires party....jeez...puts the ding-bat label to shame. lol I always need a good laugh. lol

Santee, SC

#45 May 14, 2012

I am 67 years old - and part Baby-boomer I suppose - and I find the many mysteries of life more and more confusing as I go along and evermore get rapidly older.

For instance:

When a rather large stone of thrown into a small pond of water, it makes a rather tall ripple in the liquid at first.

The ripple continues to grow larger and larger in circumference as it expands outward, but the size of the tallness of the ripple becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears from view completely.

However, all of the civilized history of mankind seems to be exactly the same as the previously mentioned ripple made by the stone falling into the pond!

Whether it be the Mongols, the Chinese, the Arabs, the British, the Spaniards, the French, the Germans, the Soviets, or the what-ever, they have all fallen from their very high perch of social domination at the time of their power.

My question I want everyone to think about today is: Are the American corporate powers which control our federal government beginning to do this very same thing to the United States, while much of the rest of the civilized world is moving scientifically and/or socially ahead of this nation?

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#46 May 15, 2012
Yep...the Soviets fell from power due to the masses wanting a better living standard and democracy. Some argument.

Myrtle Beach, SC

#47 May 15, 2012

The Soviets fell from power because the raised the "peoples" power from abject poverty, to whereby the "people" could think about personal pleasures!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#48 May 15, 2012
lol...sure, Doc...sure. The Soviets fell from power because people were tired from living beneath the boot and understood that others had it better.

Santee, SC

#49 May 18, 2012
That too, George, but when you are starving to death, you don't think about democratic principles!!!


Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#50 May 18, 2012
Yaaaaawn, Obama propaganda. Yippeeee. Obama team must be running scared. If they could only find a way to pin those items to former president bios...oh wait, they did. lol

Santee, SC

#51 May 21, 2012

I am beginning to really love this presidential race, and I am not a Democrat as such!

If Romney supports a moderate position, he loses the support of the TEA Party members!

On the other hand, if Romney supports the TEA Party position, he almost completely loses the political middle!

It is a "lose-lose" situation for him!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Santee, SC

#52 May 22, 2012

The United states of America was founded by LIBERALS, RADICALS, REACTIONARIES, REVOLUTIONARIES even!

They wrote The Declaration of Independent and the Constitution of the United States.

This country became the FIRST DEMOCRACY in the entire world!!!

And a Conservative at the time: a Torie.

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#53 May 24, 2012
and the term 'liberal' has changed over the past 200 plus years. Basic political science 101...any one with a common sense can identify that the current Liberal doesn't reflect the same views as the 1776 liberal. Big difference...but we can go further back and define liberal, to the European days in 1500 and 1600s and see they more closely reflect to today's conservatives.

Santee, SC

#54 May 26, 2012
See Olympia, George!

"Our country has come to" the majority of citizens who think like you, and others like you - including me - are so very busy paying no heed to what is going on in this nation, that when the far right-wing Ding-bats united and vote, THEY WIN!!!

It is not their fault, however, the FAULT IS OURS ALONE!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Santee, SC

#55 May 29, 2012

I am not really a Liberal, and I am definitely not a Conservative.

Change always comes about because of a "Liberal" policy; in fact, that is one of the reasons why it is called "Liberal"!

"Conservative," on the other hand, wants always to remain as is the present reality.

Obviously, at times both are correct depending upon the situation.

This country has fallen behind other civilized nations in MANY, MANY fields, education and energy being just two of them.

Given this reality of the petroleum companies controlling the government through political contrabutions, we are in strong need of new legal policies - governmental and otherwise - which will again make us a leader in the world.

This is what I badly want, and to a great extent it is what I live for; but right now, the Conservatives are lying, and they are continually making this nation become less and less competitive in the other world of civilized nations through control of the federal government.

For instance: Brazil now uses ethanol instead of gasoline; China is now traveling by magnetic train, etc.!

This I won't put up with, and will do everything in my power to prevent it, including to slightly Skue my position to a more intelligent position - in this case a Liberal one!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Santee, SC

#56 May 31, 2012


The TEA Party Republican Ding-bats are trying to pass new unneeded laws in may states which will eliminate many voters who will oppose them!

The were able to get away with this in the past, but with CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and others, their "GIG" is UP!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#57 Jun 2, 2012

The constant socialistic/capitalistic argument in this country isn’t really a disagreement at all.
It is merely an age old vivid misunderstanding of human nature! And this figures, because the socialistic argument in this country is presented by someone who believes in socialism, and/or the capitalistic position is presented by someone who strongly believes in capitalism.


The constant differences and resulting conflicts may be explained by the late motivational psychologist, Abraham Maslow, Ph.; but if someone wants to fully understand Maslow, they must give up both political positions for a moment!

Maslow postulated that human behavior is determined by which Need Level each human - or society - they find themselves functioning on: Physical Needs, Safety Needs, Belongingness (Nationalism), Esteem Needs, and finally Self Actualization (which doesn’t concern us here).

These five Needs are in a hierarchy. In other words, someone who is starving to death - function on the Physical Need Level - is not going to be interested in buying a brand new car - buying the brand new car being on the Esteem Level.

And the same is true regarding Socialism and Capitalism!

If a country has the vast majority of its citizens hurting for fuel to keep warm during a long winter (Physical Needs), or enough food stuffs to sustain themselves (Safety Needs), they are going to be receptive to a Socialistic policy regarding any of these two Needs.

Examples include the rationing of gasoline in this country during World War II, and the rationing of some food stuffs during the same era. In other words, if it is necessary for human life for the majority of citizens of any country, then its delivery is usually Socialistic in nature.

The kibbutz in Israel, during the very late 1940s and early to mid 50s, is another classic example of Socialism helping a general population overcome some very severe physical and safety hardships.

So when there are shortages and/or dangers occurring on the Physical and/or the Social Levels, Socialistic policies are usually adopted by that society; and these Needs must be met before the Nationalistic and/or the Esteem Needs are perceptually dealt with by the majority of individuals in any political society.

On the other hand, the Nationalistic and Esteem Needs (the third and fourth Need Levels) are hardly life threatening, so a Capitalistic Economic System works to the benefit of the entire society as compared to a Socialistic System.

So now the question is: Where do we place medical health care in this country?

Do we do as every other civilized country has done and Nationalize it, or do we keep it unaffordable and/or unavailable to many of our citizens?

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#58 Jun 4, 2012

The Presidential debates later this fall are going to be veeerrrry interesting!

Instead of constantly criticizing President Obama and his policies, Romney will have to expound as to just what he would do in these situations.

He will have to come up with some concrete answers for the many problems facing this nation, instead of just criticizing what Obams is trying to do!

I can hardly wait!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#59 Jun 5, 2012
That's rich...Obama is running on negative right now and not on his record.

Georgetown, SC

#60 Jun 6, 2012

Several very ancient farmers grew corn, barley, collected milk from cows and eggs from chickens, and grew other food stuffs; they also cut lumber and built their own homes.

In other words, they actually fed and housed each other by trading their goods and services.

The one day along came a very cleaver “shiest-er,” and he told the farmers that he had this supposedly precious metal which he called “gold”- which is really almost worthless as a commodity - and that they might borrow this for his home - really a bank – for some of their food and building supplies; and that they – the farmers – might then use this “gold” to trade with each other their food stuffs and building supplies with.

But the “shiest-er” said that there would be “inflation” at times, and/or “depressions” at other times, and even though the farmers had plenty of food stuffs and building supplies to trade, they did not have enough “gold” to trade with!

So the poor farmers went without food and/or building supplies at times.

The “shiest-ers” were very happy though, because they had much more wealth than they really knew what to do with, and they really didn't do nearly as much work as the farmers did to earn this wealth.

The “sheist-ers” had VERY big houses, and they drove around in their shiny new autos, as well.

Then along came a fella name “Tricky Dick” Nixon, and he made the “sheist-ers' even happier, because “Tricky Dick” told the “sheist-ers” that they no longer needed the “gold”; all they needed was “FAITH” alone, and this then was put on the worthless “money” which the farmers used to trade food and building supplies with.

Well, one day the economy of the nation was so very, very bad, that it seems the farmers will soon decide just what they are going to do!

And I am wondering just what that will be; if anything!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#61 Jun 9, 2012

I have been slightly incorrect - periodically - on this forum at times, but it has not been because I misinterpreted the relevant facts regarding the situation; it was due to the fact that I was not aware of ALL of the facts regarding the situation.

Case in point was my stated belief that the Democrats would hold the House of Representatives after the 2010 congressional elections.

Only a little over 30% of the American voting age population actually vote in Off-Year Elections, and I was firmly aware that the TEA Party candidates were running against the traditional Democratic House of Representative members in the industrial heartland of mid-American.

Had all of the traditional voters voted in the 2010 election, the TEA Party Republicans would have lost badly - again – but that is not what happened in 2010.

The average voter in the industrial heartland of this country, they were very angry with the traditional Democrat s who,“supposedly,” represented them in Congress, so many of them decided to vote for the Republican opponent this time and “teach them a lesson”!

Little did most of the traditionally Democratic voters, in the industrial heartland of America, think that they were voting for anyone but a more traditional Republican, and to their regret they elected a TEA Party Representative who had won the primary in their district in the Republican Party in 2010.

Now the voters in the industrial heartland of this country are VERY MUCH AWARE of just who the TEA Party person IS that they helped to elect!!!

I presently wonder what is going to happen on Election Day this November!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

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