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Honest discussion about working conditions at GE Ft Worth

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Pittsburgh, PA

#1 Apr 8, 2013
Im a worker at GE in Erie,Pa and I was wondering how things were honestly going down there? Is there a big turnover in people? How is your payscale working out? Is joining the union something being discussed in the shop floor?? Just wanted to get some open dialogue going....

tx machinist

Grove City, PA

#2 Apr 12, 2013
The pay scale is exactly what they said it would be. The first year includes 2 known raises. After that its one raise a year based on performance and such. Which means some people can get more than others. I don't know about the turnover rate. As far as I know since September there have been less then 10 people let go. Those people were let go because of their attendance and things they did. That's between the 2 shops. Shop floor is good. Everyone gets along and works together.
UE Member

Erie, PA

#3 Apr 12, 2013
tx machinist wrote:
The pay scale is exactly what they said it would be. The first year includes 2 known raises. After that its one raise a year based on performance and such. Which means some people can get more than others. I don't know about the turnover rate. As far as I know since September there have been less then 10 people let go. Those people were let go because of their attendance and things they did. That's between the 2 shops. Shop floor is good. Everyone gets along and works together.
Will you guy be unionizing any time soon?
tx machinist

Dallas, TX

#4 Apr 12, 2013
Really doubt it. Personally I'm against bringing in a union. That's just how I feel. With that being said, there has been a few whispers around but no one is screaming about wanting a union.
tx machinist

Dallas, TX

#5 Apr 12, 2013
To be really honest. What we're reading online and what your union president has said previously about us, has given everyone here a pretty bad opinion of the union. Most of us know the history of what has happened to Erie and we are empathetic of that but we just want to work too.

Penfield, PA

#6 Apr 13, 2013
don't believe everything you read on line.
getting into ge is not easy in Erie. most of the clowns posting as ge workers are not.
probably have applied and were never interviewed.
Personally I have no problem with anyone who wants to earn a living.
what gets me is the efficiency excuse. we probably waste more labor hours every day waiting on parts than the entire Texas operation could waste in a month.
wait until you have a few highly productive weeks,all of a sudden no parts.
Good luck down there, keep an eye on quality and most of all, don't get hurt!
tx machinist

Dallas, TX

#7 Apr 13, 2013
I'm sure we will deal with waiting on parts in the future. Most places that implement lean always do. Because of some of our processes, we are machining some parts in half of the time it takes in Erie. We are also producing some parts that Erie farms out too. But we do have limitations so Erie will continue to have machining work just not as much assembly work.
JB Erie

Hinckley, OH

#8 Apr 13, 2013
Tx machinist, thanks for giving us honest answers. Their is alot of animosity against Texas, not neccessarily the workers but the whole Idea. I understand completely about you guys being excited to get good jobs, just as we all were when we were hired here. It just sucks that millionare get to decide how much us workin class stiffs deserve for making them BILLIONS! We've had guys die on the job here and they think we earn too much? And I highly doubt that GE will lower the cost of their loco's to stay competative as they like to use competative as a reason for cutting jobs.I think what our President meant was we have decades of experience past down on how to build loco's. The union has repeatedly found problems only to be ignored and then begged to work overtime to correct the problem later...and then have that thrown in our face for making too much money!
JB Erie

Hinckley, OH

#9 Apr 13, 2013
I'm curious as to how much you guys are capable of doing now. Do you build all the platforms & light fab? Or just assemble? That's not a knock on your skills, just wondering how many buildings here will be affected and how fast. I'm not in the 950 ( I assume) but will be in the next batch for sure...kinda wondering when that will be if ya know what I mean. And thanks again for your honesty, you're one of the only ones giving honest answers. You can only imagine how much BS we here. After all, you telling us Texas's capabilities aren't gonna change any of the plans that GE has for any of us.

Acme, PA

#10 Apr 13, 2013
welcome aboard Texas
tx machinist

Dallas, TX

#11 Apr 14, 2013
I really don't know about loco. I work in the machine shop for wheel assemblies for mining. We have 2 buildings here. The loco side is streamlined in one building. I don't go over there much so I'm not sure on their capabilities. The only thing i can tell you is that we have reduced the number of machining processes for many of the parts we make. Some of the parts we have decreased machine time by 50%.
JB Erie

Hinckley, OH

#12 Apr 14, 2013
Do you guys have Bullards? Or mostly newer stuff like Mori's, Haas & Mazaks? We upgraded a few machines here as well with a new Mag, a new Mori Sieki lathe and a Toyoda. Are we making the frames and shipping them down there for you guys to machine? I ask because the frames are made in bldg 5, our heavy fab shop, and its a big Rollo and alot of welders involved in that process. You will see if you haven't already that GE will step over a dollar to pick up a nickel. Even with our higher wages we can make parts cheaper than farming them out, not just sayin that its been proven. But GE likes to have alot of vendors just in case. Before you guys, we were balls to the wall trying to keep up with demand...hopefully it gets back to that kinda demand soon...
tx machinst

Dallas, TX

#13 Apr 14, 2013
Everything in our shop is brand new. Mag, Pama and Hoefler. We're set up to machine frames, hubs, torque tubes and ring gears. The entire mining sector is slow. Last quarter we were balls to the wall and that's while we were still proving out processes. Now it's not as bad. We were told that what we can't fit into our schedule, Erie will machine.
JB Erie

Hinckley, OH

#14 Apr 14, 2013
We were told Fri that first quarter we did 201 you did 203; second quarter we do 89 you do 93; third quarter we do 94 u do 120 because we have a 2 week shutdown, last quarter is negotiable as to who does what. Don't know if that's the truth or not though. Also heard order went from 1500 to 1100,which should leave 300 to split for last quarter?? But that's when lay-offs here are suppossed to start also so who knows
tx machinist

Dallas, TX

#15 Apr 14, 2013
I think our schedule was about 10 a week for quarters 2 and 3 and then anywhere from 18-28 a week in the 4th.
real ge worker erie

Taylor, MI

#16 Apr 17, 2013
Great discussions. Just want to say, ive read some pretty aggressive posts from supposed erie and texas workers. And not believing it.
Erie workers are united bros and sis' s. We would never blame the workers in texas for whats happening.
Ge takes all they can so the execs can get their multimillion dollar bonuses.
We strongly wish you guys would all join our union. As of now, if we ever went on strike, or layoffs happen, no matter what your told- you will be laid off. Difference is, you dont have recall rights. The co probably wont rehire you.
All im saying is have an honest discussion with the ue.
Best if luck guys and gals.
GE_Tejas_Machini st

Grove City, PA

#17 Apr 17, 2013
I personally am against a union. I've talked with most of my fellow machinist, & they are against it as well!! I've been in a union before, it did nothing for me, it helped the slackers skate on through and make the same money & benefits I got!! I would rather have my raises based on performance and job skills than just get what everybody gets across the board!! That's my two cents. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not knocking you guys up north for being in a union, that was the culture there when y'all started so y'all don't know any different!!
JB Erie

Bronx, NY

#18 Apr 17, 2013
You guys are still small right now, if and when you get really big then who'se gonna determine who gets raises and how much? Everything is peachy with your management now because everything you guys do is extra to the company. Wait till the higher ups are screaming for more production and less cost from you guys. Shit runs downhill ya know! And majority of our PTA's are clueless because GE seems to like keeping them that way. And I can't think of one BL that I can honestly trust not to lie to me on a daily basis, not just these current events. Which is more than likely who will be deciding your promotions. You guys probably think we are telling you to go Union so GE will shut you down. That won't happen, GE has invested enough money in you guys to where it won't happen. I worked as a steelworker for 10 years and that union sucked, I can honestly say the UE is way different! And if you think about it, if you were to get an avg yearly raise of .50 - a $1.00, it's only a few years before you're making what we make...about the same time your new machines start falling apart.
JB Erie

Bronx, NY

#19 Apr 17, 2013
Not trying to sound arrogant, but we've read where alot of your machinists only have a 4 week crash coarse at a local community college?? Just curious because everything we learn here comes from training and knowledge from other Union guys. This is the only place I've ever worked that my boss does not know how to do my job...and I mean doesn't have an f'n CLUE!!
tx machinist

Dallas, TX

#20 Apr 17, 2013
It might seem greedy but I would rather have pay based off performance than get paid the same as everyone else. The same if there were a lay off. Wouldn't it be better for a company to keep the most productive workers if they had to downsize. Seems like a more logical business decision than going by seniority alone. That's just my opinion. Someone posted about us taking food ourt of their family's mouth. If they have a family they're more likely to work harder and do their job. So if there is a layoff in Erie it doesn't matter, they lose their job compared to someone who is lazy and worthless but has been there for a few more years. What's more important to people supporting the rights of their coworkers or providing for their families? I'm sure before its said and done, we'll have to deal with the union in Ft Worth in some form.

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