Woman Says Company Illegally Towed Ve...

Woman Says Company Illegally Towed Vehicle

There are 114 comments on the NBC 5i Dallas/Fort Worth story from Jun 23, 2008, titled Woman Says Company Illegally Towed Vehicle. In it, NBC 5i Dallas/Fort Worth reports that:

A woman who was towed Tuesday says the towing company violated a Fort Worth city ordinance when it took her vehicle, NBC 5 reported.

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Robert H

United States

#85 May 23, 2011
Most of you are missing the point, apartment complex's, make parking "rules", The state of Texas makes "LAW'S".
The towing companey's follow the "rules" cause they make more money, If they followed the "LAW" they would have to work to make a living.
Let's put it a nother way,
If a bank robber,robs a bank, is he not doing his job???
So I really don't want to here you dumb shit's say, "his just doing his job"thats bull shit and you know it.
So eather the police DO NOT know the law,or there NOT GOING TO ENFORCE IT.
Robert H

United States

#86 May 23, 2011
J bug wrote:
<quoted text>
How did the hearing go?
Sorry it took so long to find my way back here.
I was told by J.P. Russell Casey Of tarrant county,
That the Law about being towed from a apartment complex, did not apply to my,cause I did not live there.
But the law also states: Title 14. Regulation of yhe vehicles and transportation Chapter 2308.253 (f)"this section may not be construed".
So as they say, It's on appeal
i am not going to back up

Dallas, TX

#87 Aug 10, 2011
hello guys n girls<

here i am after almost 3 yrs of this post, EXCALIBUR company towed my car away for faulty reason and i am sueing them,

How much should i sue them for ?

Fort Worth, TX

#88 Aug 24, 2011
i am not going to back up wrote:
hello guys n girls<
here i am after almost 3 yrs of this post, EXCALIBUR company towed my car away for faulty reason and i am sueing them,
How much should i sue them for ?
Ask for a jury trail and lett them decide the damages
Out of State Visitor

Hillsboro, OR

#89 Sep 6, 2011
We were visiting a friend living in the Plantation Apts. near Texas Stadium and using a visitor parking permit to park at the complex during a game. Excalibur towed our vehicle saying the permit was expired. When we pointed out the permit was in deed valid (not expired) they then said we were not parked in a visitor spot. Went back to apt. complex the next day and the sign posted clearly states visitors can park in the spot "WITH A VISITOR PERMIT". This seems to be quite the "racquet" this company has going. Tax payers and legit businesses need to demand their government officials put a stop to this illegal activity. Texas is not the wild wild west where robbers should be able to STEAL from the innocent.

Needless to say, we left Texas with a bad taste in our mouth. We will also be filing charges against Excalibur and be doing our part to try to put a stop to this illegal practice and encourage anyone else with a complaint to take the time to file charges with the DA's office and State Licensing Board.

United States

#90 Sep 28, 2011
A single parent helped a resident move into some apartments off boothcalloway. Asking for some compassion . A blue impala thank you and have a wonderful Autumn.

Dallas, TX

#91 Jan 29, 2012
This company hires people that speak very little English. This man I caught him in towing car and told me to pay $50. Of course he pocketed the money no filing of paperwork. I'm planning to file complaint with city of Dallas. Not on the tow but if the company actually employees people that are not of good character. The guys name is Buckingham short Latino man. I'm writing reviews because city of Dallas isn't opened till Monday so this will have to do.

Amarillo, TX

#92 Apr 4, 2012
You are pretty sad case of a being???
John Bland wrote:
<quoted text>(::(:(:( Too bad, you know all that and did 3 tours in Iraq and ALL you are IS an apt. manager??????? No wonder you are such an ASS with people to begin with, the ones you went to defend???? Being your neighbor, I'd rather face the enemy, you will burn in HELL, have a good day!!!!!
I have been to my apartment management office on 7 different occasions to request a visitor parking pass. I have been denied EVERY single time. Very convenient they are ALWAYS out. I do not owe them money. I have never been late on anything.
To make it all the more confusing - if I were to actually get a parking pass for my guests they could then be towed for parking in visitor parking. It is against the rules for "permit holders" to park in visitor parking.
A new sign on the entrance gate to my complex tells all visitors that they MUST obtain a permit from the office to park during business hours. If they don't they can be towed. The office doesn't have any permits so they just tell you to go back and park as originally planned. Is it possible to make this any more confusing for my guests? Is any of this in the interest of the resident or the guest. NO. This is an out and out scam.

Amarillo, TX

#93 Apr 4, 2012
You are pretty sad case, you fought in Iraq and have all that experience and all you are is an apt manager, no wonder you r mad at you fellow man. Hahaha, u r a joke!!!! Go to HEL!!!!
jon rios

United States

#94 Aug 15, 2012
Apartment complex said they posted notices requiring parking stickers....we did not get one. Excalibur showed up at 4:30 am next day and towed car for $260+ I am filing a complaint with city of fort Worth & Housing Authority against Excalibur & Hamilton management group. Charges are ridiculous. Excalibur needs their license to operate revoked, and reimburse victims.....
We will see---

Missouri City, TX

#95 Sep 8, 2012
What was the name of the complex? I too had my rights as a tax paying American violated by these f-ing crooks and plan to do my best to see that all their "dirt" is brought to the (spot)light then we'll see who's "illegally parked". In civil and in an administrative court it's all about a preponderance of evidence and I personally have read over 50 complaints and with some diligence , probably very little, could dig up alot more and that's not even cracking open any thing on their illegal activities, this just points to their complete incompetence and gross neglect to get warmed up with.

Irving, TX

#96 Sep 17, 2012
My car was towed this morning from my apartment complex. I had to pay $263.00 to get it out. I saw the tow guy walking the parking lot looking for cars that did not have a parking permit on it. I stopped him and him I was a resident and I had purchased. He told me to contact the office as soon as possible so that they wouldn't tow it. He advised me to place a visible note in the window of car so that any driver could see it. The note read, Please, do not tow purchased new vehicle and will get permit Monday morning when office open.#562. Well, guess what, they towed my car Monday morning at 4:55am. I am furious and the complex said they can not do anything about it. I am a resident and if I am paying my rent my property should be safe. I shouldn't have to pay rent and pay a tow company for my property. I only did what the driver of Excalibur told me to do, besides I showed him my paper work that has my address and apartment number on in from the car pocket. This is something that should have be dispatched in so the office would know. YES! I WAS RIPPED OFF!

Arlington, TX

#97 Sep 29, 2012
Richard H wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't you think if I had one I would have used it?
Here, have some common sense.
Apparently, you don't have any because he is saying you should have the common sense to have a spare tire, and replace it when you use it,

Arlington, TX

#98 Oct 13, 2012
I am filing a complaint against this towing company and this crooked apartment management. I was clearly parked in VISITOR parking for less than 24 hours (the allowed time is 72 hours) and came out to see my car gone. They could not give me a legit reason as to why my car was towed, other than "violation of visitor parking" which makes no sense. I know the apartment management gets a part of the towing fees so they aren't helpful at all. They are out to get every penny you have. So you have to pay monthly rent, as well as these unjust $263 fines every other month or so. After reading all these comments, I am glad to know that I am not the only one out there who got ripped off. Everyone must file a complaint and take this matter to court so that this illegal company can be shut down!!!!
matt h

Rowlett, TX

#99 Dec 13, 2012
the appartment complex i parked failed to inform its tenants that just recently they removed ALL visitor parking. they also failed to mark the parking places as resident only. i was out of the car for minutes when they towed my car, so they must have been waiting. one of the neighbors told the driver i was the pizza man, and the driver took the car anyway. 300 dollars cash only to get it back. its a scam pure and simple. my company cannot deliver to these people as long as excalibur patrols the property. they ruined christmas for my family and italian delivery for a whole complex. from a working former soldier this outright form of extortion and utter lack of honor or morals is inexcusable. not to mention the damage they did dragging my car out of its space BEFORE properly hooking up. but i suppose we cant all have an honest job

Centerville, TX

#100 Dec 25, 2012
At 1:45 this morning (christmas day)i went to drop off my kids to their mothers apt and i was only gone 3 min and went back down to getpresents out of the car, my van was on the tow truck being hauled away and i called them and they said it's not my problem. the manager of the apts told us to park whereever if the visitor parking is all full and it was. of course the manager is not answering the phone or going to do anything about trying to get my van back and they are charging me $300 to get it back and it is christmas. the towing company is a bunch of theiving crooks and they need to be stopped.

United States

#101 Jan 25, 2013
Yes Iagree if you park where you have no right to park you should be towed but when you park and have a valid parking sticker and still towed that's some bull shit..then when you call for them to bring your car back the stupid dumb ass receptionist have an attitude...i hate this place Excalibur Towing suck really suck and the ladies that answer need to get a job where they're not so damn snobby..stupid ass people and business ....not to mention they have tobring my car back and it's been over 12 hours andthe bitches ain't brought it yet

Fort Worth, TX

#102 Jan 27, 2013
Okay, just don't GO to those places. Period. Drop your relative off and weewee at the local QT.
J M Bumpas

The Colony, TX

#103 Feb 17, 2013
I have lived at the (Ghetto)Coffee Creek Apartments for two years. I have been assaulted by two other residents, have had people trying to break in my apartment, water leaks that have gone on for day's And I am talking about leaks that are coming from the apartment above me, dog crap every square inch, and overcharged on every single water bill. But today I was the worst ever. while heading to work at 5:30 this evening my car broke down right outside of the gates. I pulled over enough to not block other exiting traffic. My dog was with me and I had no leash so I rolled down the windows, turned on my flashers, and walked 300 yards back to my apartment to get a leash then walked back to my car. I got my dog and other personal things and walked the 300 yd walk back for the third time. I had my extended warranty info at my apartment so I called the service company and was told it would be 30 to 45 min and was told the driver would call me when he got close. I got the call at 6:30 and arrived back at my cars location at 6:35. BUT, there was NO CAR. It just so happens I broke down too close to a fire hydrant and was first ticketed, then towed by Excalibur Towing. After I paid the $300.00 to get my car the lady said that only I could go behind the fence, get my car and drive off the property. I told her my car would not start, that was the whole reason this incident took place and she said that I could PUSH it off the property or pay the yard help $20.00 more dollars and they would jump start it. Long story short, I called the police. They agreed that this company was ripping me off and escorted me back to get my car. I replaced the battery and started to back out but there was the really bad noise and once I got off their property I parked across the street to investigate. My left rear wheel was hitting, rubbing the fender well so bad it was tearing my tire. Apparently, the tow truck driver ran over something or hit something so hard he tore the entire suspension off that wheel assembly. Now what. I dont know. My car is still on the other side of town, I am out of money and no way to work. I will post the outcome as soon as there is one.
J M Bumpas

The Colony, TX

#104 Feb 17, 2013
Richard H wrote:
Myself and many other people have had problems with this "Excalibur Towing Company." My car had a flat tire, it was on a jack for a little more than 7 hours and it was towed because they said it had taken too long to get fixed! It was only one night, how can I buy a new tire when the tires shops are CLOSED!?!? A friends car was towed from the VISITOR Parking lot at my apartment complex by the same company, they say they took his car because they "thought it was a different car." They THOGUHT?? Excalibur Towing is a rip-off, scam artist tow shop.
Hello Nick, and thank you for an absolutely perfect weekend. I did not need my car as much as I thought I did after all. Oh, and a very special thanks to your driver that towed my car and completely destroyed the suspension supporting my left rear wheel. He must be an over achiever, perhaps not unlike yourself. Yes, when I woke up this morning I was hoping for one completely devastating event after another and YOU my friend made that dream a reality. The $ 300.00 I paid you is not nearly enough compensation for the amount of pure destruction you caused but times are hard and that was all I had. Please know, however, I will always have you, your company (Excalibur Towing),and of course the wonderfully bright and congenial Tow Truck Driver a special place in my heart.

Best Regards,

J. Mark Bumpas

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