Ken Scheibenberger

Since: Nov 07

Clearfield, PA

#1 Sep 4, 2010
The guy is a chump, a thief, a liar and a fraud. He could not stand and face me, but rather he had to run and hide, which only serves to validate that he is a chump, a thief, a liar, and a fraud.

So sorry about his luck, but prison is likely in his future.

United States

#2 Sep 5, 2010
Speaking of being a chump, why don't you post your real name? You say he can't face you, but you don't even mention who you are. Sounds like you are the one who runs and hides. Not to mention what the issue was, you just throw out some random thoughts that don't mean a thing. I think a liar and fraud is best saved for you.

Since: Nov 07

Clearfield, PA

#3 Sep 7, 2010
apu wrote:
Speaking of being a chump, why don't you post your real name? You say he can't face you, but you don't even mention who you are. Sounds like you are the one who runs and hides. Not to mention what the issue was, you just throw out some random thoughts that don't mean a thing. I think a liar and fraud is best saved for you.
ooops, my bad .... My name is Tim Lahrman --- and you with the three simple letters, you are who? BTW had you asked Kenny he could have told you who I am .... seeing as how you wish to defend this scum-belly.

So now what ??

United States

#4 Sep 15, 2010
WoW! Yep, me with the three simple letters. I have no problem in people speaking their mind, but they should be ready to provide facts.

Although you provided your name, you still have no provided facts to support your accusations.
Now, before you start with your claims, there are several things a find interesting. I'm amused that you jump from using your real name to oh2beme. It seems like you go to whatever web site you can to attack and slander this judge. Everywhere you go, you never explain why you say the things you do.
What I do know, based on your name, is that you have a long history of mental illness, being committed to mental institutions, you file numerous lawsuits on lawyers, mental health providers, and judge Schiebenberger. Your lawsuits are often dismissed and it appears you have no connection or ties to your family. In fact it seems they are the ones who originally got you committed and that the legal system took your children from you,(not to mention your wife leaving you). So, like so many people, it seems you should take responsibilty for your actions and seek the true help you need. Stop blaming everyone else for your actions. And in case your wondering, a quick google search of your name along with a clerk of the courts search on odyessey gave me all this information.

So now what ??

Since: Nov 07

Clearfield, PA

#5 Sep 29, 2010
Oh how right you are, and yet how wrong you are too.

Surely there is a paper trail miles long in this matter and since you are so very intriqued I suggest you go delve into that pile of paper, do a bit of reading, and the truth shall be revealed to you..... at least if you understand the complexities of mental health, probate and guardianship law.

All that said I find it so very interesting that of all the nuances you seem to know you seem to have omitted one of the most relevant of all facts ---- Attorney Ken Scheibenberger was appointed my guardian and once again if you know anything about guardianship law then you will see in the record thereof that Ken Scheibenberger is indeed a thief and a fraud .... among other not so meritable or charming things.

Fyi, I have used oh2beme as a screen name for eons and since back in the mid-90's. It just so happens this site still has that screen name as the default but I post elsewhere on the internet always by my real name ---- and I long for the day Ken Scheibenberger sues me for what you identify as slander, because, the truth is an absolute and affirmative defense to libel/slander.

In close and if your intrigue and curiosity is a driving force for you .... go ask Ken why he ran from me in the hallway following the Election Commission hearing ..... it was a riot and I am sure Ken's team of lawyers and the reproter(s) who were present for the show are still wondering just WTF happened .....

Bottom line is this ---- public officials ought to be dang careful about the skeletons they stuff away in their closet .... because some of us are driven to not remain just a skeleton.

And your real name is??

So now what??

Since: Nov 07

Clearfield, PA

#6 Sep 29, 2010
and upu --- I should also add that Nancy Boyer is likewise a thief and a fraud as are Scott A. Lahrman [my brother, not the S.A.L. who works at the Toyota dealership], Julie A. Sisco/annulled/Murphy and Attorney Stephen Lerch ....

and of all those involved Attorney Stan Levine is the only one among the crowd who did as the law would have it ---- and yet Karen Richards she apparently enjoys coinspiring to obstructing justice and discriminating against men and disabled American's ....

In sum apu, this is way better than "Dallas" and "Falcon Crest" ---- I admit the Neilson ratings may not be so goodat present --- but as for longentivity this series deserves a couple Academy Awards. Now then, we recently had a shake up in our protmotion and marketing department and with new blood at the helm we are expecting much greater success for the series in the seasons to come..... So stay tuned by all means .... maybe you can catch the re-run of the 6'5" judge running from the village idiot ...... it was priceless ya know

and one last thing apu --- I have no problem whatsoecver about accepting my past .... seems Ken and his pack of co-conspirators may need the thereaputic intervention because they have yet to come full circle and accept their pasts ..... but as ya know apu, one can run but never hide, and it is never the crime but rather the cover up which brings down the game.

Party in big dog --- let's rock

Since: Nov 07

Clearfield, PA

#7 Sep 29, 2010
and please forgive my typos -- I am a hack on a keyboard ... sure wish this site had an edit function

oh well ....
ValeriaAckermanR NbcANCC

Dallas, TX

#8 Feb 18, 2011
My half brother tried to put me in the mental illness category along with my stepmother and stepbrother and still do.Problem is,my father was hiding money in Aruba decades ago, and I was always his favorite.(and he mine)One of his attorneys was discussing taxes on estates over 20 million in 1998, before my father's biggest windfalls.He expected probate, and set up a testamentary trust for me in 2002(qsst).Since I maintain copies of tax returns they will never find, and many documentations of Dean Rauschers involvement in his defrauding.(three fraudulent wills)and now have evidence that FROST BANK is changing tax returns through IRS(CONGRESS ARE YOU LISTENING) going 10 years back of someone that has been deceased for 3 and a half years,I can say the sky is purple and noone is going to despute anything.There are over 50 people lined up to go to the penitentiary and they are all so scared my place has been keyed into over 25 times in the last four months to try and get all evidence.I have found screens off windows,windows unlocked and three different projects requiring?
ladders around my property since I started asking questions.Which mainly now involve probating a fraudulent will.I was board certified right before my father passed in 2007.Now I have made a swift change to studying law instead of medicine.125,000 income on trust tax return with 5 tax shelters and guidelines for conservative investing.
ValeriaAckermanR NbcANCC

Dallas, TX

#9 Feb 18, 2011
W.Randall Ackerman torchered animals every time he got the chance.Also started a fire in the garage and was a pyromaniac.He is an undiagnosed psychopath.True Criminal Attorney along with the Hartnetts.They are welcome over my place anytime to break in.I have a Part time roomate that is instructed to shoot to kill ANYONE that enters my place,not invited or let in by ME.SELF DEFENSE.

They have stolen all my financial documents,trusts,wills, private information, a 50,000 bracelet, broken three printers, hacked everything.Millions of Dollars.

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