U.S army or marine throws puppy off c...

U.S army or marine throws puppy off cliff.

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Indianapolis Indiana

#1 Mar 5, 2008
This is highly disturbing. If you are an animal lover please do not watch. This story is also being investigated by the military. Some say it is fake, others not too sure. If this is real, i hope that guy goes to jail and does some time.

What do you all think? How could he do that?

America's shame 1: Video captures grinning U.S. Marine throwing yelping puppy off cliff in Iraq | the Daily Mail
roger who

Tyrone, GA

#2 Mar 6, 2008
support the troops? not these guys
they need to go to jail

Hamburg, Germany

#3 Mar 7, 2008
This guy should get killed or someone should cut off his balls !!

Ann Arbor, MI

#4 Sep 19, 2008
German wrote:
This guy should get killed or someone should cut off his balls !!
Personally, I thought it was pretty funny. I enjoyed seeing it bounce on sharp rocks.
Florida Mom

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#5 Sep 22, 2008
roger who wrote:
support the troops? not these guys
they need to go to jail
Thats like saying dont support doctors because one comits malpractice. Idiot.

Chipley, FL

#6 Oct 11, 2008
Don't jump too quickly, you all! Ever hear of propaganda? I'd be interested in the results of the investigation, FOR SURE!

Philadelphia, PA

#7 Aug 25, 2009
who in their right mind would throw an innocent little puppy off a cliff? especially an american soldier. stuff like this makes me sick. i am not proud to be an american, if this is the type... of stuff that we are going to be known for. I don't want to live here anymore. i fucking hate this country.

Niceville, FL

#8 Aug 28, 2009
I hate you, I hate every one of you that said something negative about any solider, sailor, marine, or airman. None of you know what it's like. None of you know what's it's like to get shit on everyday for 15 months strait. All you bastards can sit back here on your high horse, safe from everything evil in the world. You want up to be kind loving killers? War is hell and you only see what you want. FU all.

Norfolk, VA

#10 Sep 15, 2009
"I hate you, I hate every one of you that said something negative about any solider, sailor, marine, or airman."

Wow. Hate?? Really? You need a chill pill man.

Austin, TX

#11 Dec 6, 2009
Thats really sick and dispicable. I'm sorry for the harm caused to the dog and also sad about the incredible amount of harm this does to the support for our military troops around the world by everyone around the world. This is damaging to our fragile reputation of being honorable, in the right, and self sacrificing for others. The stories you hear about adopted dogs by our soldiers, or starving kids fed, or charities that troops do for the less for fortunate sadly do get out shown by horrible stories like this and that's the not so obvious damage done by this act.

Wichita, KS

#12 Jan 11, 2010
that dick needs to be thrown off cliff.

Since: Jan 10

Location hidden

#13 Feb 12, 2010

I hate for people to find out that Americans have raped and killed Iraqi civilians too.

doesnt matter

Norfolk, VA

#14 Feb 27, 2010
[email protected]

tough shit to all the animal lovers whos lives were ruined by watching these soldiers throw a puppy off a cliff.. that goes especially to the person who says they hate this country because of it, leave then bitch!! i doubt anyone here can justify why they have the right to judge these soldiers. that means if ur a civilian you can automatically shut the fuck up. these soldiers are among a group of people who are over there sacrificing their life everyday!! probably not even old enough to enjoy an alcoholic beverage yet but yet we have you ignorant assholes who some how manage to find the audacity to say someone should be put to "death!!" because them throwing a puppy off a cliff hurt your feelings?! grow the fuck up!! now i agree that it shouldnt have happened and all.. but honestly..... if you dont have an "ACTIVE" hand in fighting this war, then you have better things to be worried about!! so keep your mouth closed.. and with that being said thats my email at the top if you feel like you have some "2-cents" that might matter to me...
over and out...

Pensacola, FL

#15 Mar 16, 2010
What does that puppy have to do with the war. What you are saying is give him a beer and he can do whatever he pleases because he is in the military. bullshit buddy, thats like him throwing one of his on kids off that cliff. That was a puppy, now with no life because of a drunk. Remember dude what goes around comes around. God will get him!!

Oak Grove, KY

#16 Mar 17, 2010
Too bad people care more about animals then people. Person kill or injure an animal, go to jail; animal injure or kill a person, well the person must have did something to upset the poor helpless animal. I say the dog should learn to fly.
doesnt matter

Norfolk, VA

#17 Mar 23, 2010
thank you mr. no2peta.. mr lockb is a fucking idiot. just like the rest of them. he's obvious too ignorant to catch what i said the 1st time so let me see if i can break down for him...
1st i see that you compared him throwing a puppy off a cliff and him throwning his own child off a cliff. big no no!! lol if you want to compare yourself to a dog then you go ahead and keep acting like a bitch!! what i said the 1st time was.... in this country we have the nerve to tell someone that @ 18 they're old and responsible enough to make decision of whether or not they want to put they're life on line everyday, but then say but you cant drink because according to your age ur not mature enough to be accountable for your own actions. so just in case you didnt get all that num nut, the moral of the story was level the playin field and walk in somebody elses shoes before yall decide to cast such a harsh judgement.
in the previous msg i also that you were right and that they deserve to be punished. but dont dare somethin as disrespectful as they should be put to death!! thats borderline blasphemy!! those individuals are over there puttin there lives on the line EVERYDAY!! and just cause they throw a puppy off a cliff you say they should be put to death?! bitch them throwing a fuckin puppy off a cliff will never amount to what they do for EVERYONE EVERY FUCKIN DAY!! no one said anything about treating the military special just cause they're military.. WE DONT ASK TO BE TREATED SPECIAL!! we ask to be RESPECTED!! and when people say such ignorant things or respond the way you did it shows your lack of appreciation. and people who drag the name of the military through the mud over things so petty so be exiled or executed!! which is why i also said in my previous post if you dont have an active hand in the war, KEEP YA MOUTH CLOSED!!
now with that being said, AGAIN. if there's anyone who feels that they have somethin valid to say(unlike LOCKB) then feel free to respond. or my emails still up there. im not mean in the least, i just despise ignorance with a deadly passion..
thanx again No2PETA..

Pickering, Canada

#18 Sep 21, 2011
i hope that guy gets blown up by a bomb or kidnapped by taliban an publicly beheaded

Kearny, NJ

#19 Dec 26, 2011
Would be nice to see that psychotic bastard experience a violent and painful end at the hands of a merciless grinning killer, like himself.

Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#20 Jan 15, 2013
OMG That is so horrible, he needs his ass beat and court marshall. People have just gone crazy

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