Bobby Waldrop Resigns

Bobby Waldrop Resigns

There are 40 comments on the KOSA story from Jan 14, 2008, titled Bobby Waldrop Resigns. In it, KOSA reports that:

Kara Lee CBS 7 News Bobby Waldrop Resigns 1/13/08 Fort Stockton-FSISD Assistant Superintended of schools has resigned, effective immediately. via KOSA

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Sad News

Brownsville, TX

#3 Nov 14, 2008
nancy_k wrote:
He was pretty much forced to resign. Reports of his drinking and questionable actions that occurred on more than one occasion because of his drinking were stacked high, according to my sources. Bobby openly loves to party. I'm sorry it cost him his job and I hope he can get the help he needs. You're in my prayers, Bobby.
He's dead.
Midland Texas

Odessa, TX

#4 Nov 14, 2008
Bobby Waldrop was killed in Midland, Texas, in a 5 car motor vehicle accident at 2:31 a.m. November 14, 2008. Rest in peace, Bobby.
Fort Stockton

United States

#5 Nov 14, 2008
Midland Texas wrote:
Bobby Waldrop was killed in Midland, Texas, in a 5 car motor vehicle accident at 2:31 a.m. November 14, 2008. Rest in peace, Bobby.
Bobby will be sorely missed. He was so much part of Fort Stockton. He was very well loved.

Hawley, TX

#6 Nov 15, 2008
If anybody knows about memorial services, please leave a comment. He was a dear friend years ago.

Waco, TX

#7 Nov 16, 2008
Abilene wrote:
If anybody knows about memorial services, please leave a comment. He was a dear friend years ago.
Pending with Ellis Funeral Home
Tanya Nolen

Carlsbad, NM

#8 Nov 16, 2008
Bobby poured so much into my life my first year of teaching special education. I will never ever forget him. He will be missed by me.
Daymond Paxton

Midland, TX

#9 Nov 17, 2008
Visitations are at Ellis Funeral Home on Tues. 11/18/08 from 6:00-8:00 - Services will be at the First Christian Church (1301 W. Louisiana) on Wed. 11/19/08 at 3:00
Margie Williams

Pecos, TX

#10 Nov 17, 2008
I worked with Bobby several years ago in the Big Spring ISD. We all have very fond memories of him here. He always had a smile for anyone he met, and was always willing to jump in and help. I wish his family peace and my sympathy.

San Antonio, TX

#12 Sep 14, 2010
Sad News wrote:
<quoted text>
He's dead.
Yes, it's unfortunate that his lifestyle choices that focused upon partying and drinking ultimately lead to his demise. It's not fair and he could have offered so much to the world if he had gotten control of his drinking. He was drunk and was being driven home by a man barely out of his teens who was also drunk and claimed to be sober, all in the early morning/late night hours - and all after a night of partying. Nobody deserves to die or "asks for it" but come on. I'm angry. I wish he would have gotten control of himself.
Also, the fact that he quit his job to try and get rich in Las Vegas, of all ridiculous plans in the world, disturbs me. It was as if all the time, energy and supposed commitment to education he espoused was all a lie. I believed in him. It makes me angry and so sad.
What a waste.
former teacher

United States

#13 Sep 14, 2010
That was all lies, he was asked to step down and not for drinking. This town is so narrow minded that ppl didn't see what a contribution he was to our school system. Know your facts first he wasn't a drunk, Yeah he drank and What happened could've happened to anyone. Bobby was w loving, caring individual who would go beyond his means to help everyone. Don't try to drag his name through the mud he isn't here to defend himself. Have some respect for the dead. Bobby you will be missed
she girl

Midland, TX

#14 Sep 15, 2010
Was Bobby the guy that his mom worked at the insurance office? Was he deaf

Waterloo, Canada

#15 Sep 15, 2010
No genius he wasn't deaf... He was a great man & had a lot of school spirit he will be greatly missed...

San Antonio, TX

#16 Sep 24, 2010
Yes, actually he WAS asked to step down for his drinking and partying. That is an undeniable fact. You obviously have no clue as to what you're writing about. Ask any school board member - Bobby was asked to leave because he was an alcoholic party animal and that doesn't mesh with being a public school administrator because it's a bad role model for kids. It's a fact. I'm not a medical doctor (and neither are you, "former teacher"), but any person who gets drunk on a regular basis is - as you put it - a "drunk". He had a drinking problem. He did stupid things when he was drunk and he often did them in public. Yes, his personality was wonderful and he was a kind and caring person - but his lifestyle choices and the way he chose to behave in public overshadowed all that, and yes, when you're in a public position, it matters. If you're a teacher, you know that's true.

Did you even know Bobby? Because it seems pretty obvious to me that your relationship with him began and ended at work. I doubt you ever spent any time with him outside of school. If you did, then you would know of his drinking problem.

Also, if this town is so "narrow minded", then do something about it if it bothers you so much. But I hate to break it to you - all communities, towns, villages have degrees of supposed "narrow mindedness". I've lived all over the world, in major cities and in towns off the map, and this is a constant. By anyone's standards, Bobby had a problem. In a small town, it's just harder to hide it.

I do have respect for the dead. It's very foolish and just plain ignorant of you to assume otherwise. I respected Bobby for who he was and what he could have been...that includes acknowledging everything about a person. See, I knew Bobby. I cared about him. He was a dear, dear friend of mine. I'm angry that he's gone. I'm angry that he had a problem for years that he skirted around instead of addressing it. I'm angry that he walked out of his intervention in 2006 back when he still worked for Big Spring ISD. I'm angry that he's have no idea. He was like a brother to me.

You don't know what you're talking about. I know you miss Bobby, but don't you for one second pretend that you knew anything about him outside of a professional setting - that he foolishly walked out on MID-YEAR to pursue a half-cocked get-rich-quick Vegas scheme. You didn't know him. You didn't. Nobody is dragging his name through the mud. That's ridiculous. Acknowledging that the man had a big problem and being mad as hell that he didn't do anything about it and it ultimately resulted in his death isn't dragging his name through the mud. It's called grieving. But since you didn't know him, you obviously wouldn't understand.

And your assertion that this could have happened to anyone is RIDICULOUS. Sure, it could have happened to "anyone" who was out at 2 in the morning at some boozed-up party with people half his age. It could have happened to anyone who was drunk as a skunk, not wearing a seat belt, and getting a ride home from a drunk kid who was almost 20 years younger than he., this couldn't have happened to anyone. Get real.
a mommy

United States

#17 Sep 25, 2010
Ok Kayla obviously you have issues build a bridge get over it already he is dead has been dead go get some counseling so you can deal with your anger issues already dang girl obviously you have major issues. Why don't you let people remember for who he was at work instead of bringing the bad side of him out to the public? Let the poor man RIP already

San Antonio, TX

#18 Sep 26, 2010
Why are you constantly changing your handle?

Take your own advice, "a mommy": "let people remember for who he was". You can't have the good without the bad.

Sorry that talking about addiction and how it's senseless and it can be controlled upsets you. Let's just continue pretending that he didn't have a huge problem that cost him his job and ultimately his life. That's productive. Oh wait - it isn't. If anything, I wish his death could help those mired in addiction to finally realize they need to get help because it won't fix itself. Let me guess - you've never had a meaningful relationship with an addict? But I'll bet you've read The Secret 20 times. Thanks for your advice, "a mommy". I'll give it the consideration it deserves.

No, I don't "have issues", but I'll just chalk that up to you being inarticulate. On top of that, obviously you don't know what RIP is short for (clue: it isn't rest in peace). "Build a bridge"? Did you get that from an episode of Oprah? Displaying your ignorance much?

I am angry that my friend is dead as a result of a chronic condition. Good for you that you've never lost a loved one so senselessly as a result of his lifestyle. I hope you never know what that's like. Sorry, I'll decline your invitation to "get over it". You never get over something like this. You just deal with it the best you can and hope it isn't in vain. But you wouldn't know about that because Bobby's death was merely a blip on your radar. You didn't know him - that's for sure.
a mommy

United States

#19 Sep 26, 2010
First of all Kayla im not former teacher im so glad you seem to know so much about my life. That's fine remember Bobby for who he was to you but blasting his name on topix-does it really make you feel like a better person? Do you feel a little less angry? Does it upset you that some people only know him from work and they look up to him? Do you really have to make others see his flaws?

Wth is The Secret? Oh but since you know so much about my life I guess those trying times I went through were a figment of my imagination.

1. I left my sons father when he was doing drugs. Shortly after that he overdosed and was in a coma. His addiction hurt me to the core. It hurt me seeing this man I had loved be controlled by his addiction and see how vulnerable he was. Doctors said he would suffer brain damage. Luckily months later he was in better health. Sadly he still chooses drugs over his son. And no my son has no relationship with his father.

2. My ex mother in law was an alcoholic She lost her life to this addiction. She was a great woman but her addiction kept that side away. Her kidneys finally shut down. This woman drank from the moment she got up until bed time.

3. I lost 2 dear friends of mine because of drugs. One was murdered and the other Guy was his killer.

4. A close friend of mine has kidney failure from drinking and is on a transplant list. He is in and out of hospitals on dilatation and I've seen how bad this has affected his life.

But Kayla your so right I have no clue about addiction. In my life I have overcome numerous obstacles and set backs. I can stay angry about it or I can turn it into a positive lesson. I talk to my son about drinking and drugs. Im in the nursing program and I want to help people that are addicted but im not going to bash my baby daddy or my friend who murdered my other friend or my ex mother in law. Im gonna remember the good in them and what I learned. I know im on the right track cuz I would be bitter like you.

Ok so educate me what does RIP mean? And Oprah na I don't watch TV much. I work I attend my sons games I spend time with my loved ones and when I have an hour or two from not studying ill watch NCIS. and that is dvr.

How dare you think you know me obviously you don't. And to think Bobby was just a blip in my life, no he wasn't or I wouldn't care to defend him. Bobby made mistakes but im choosing to remember his caring helpful nature he's dead he can't change the past he can't come back to life and say oops im sorry. Stay angry Kayla if it helps you sleep at night but be a better person and quit bringing up his mistakes

San Antonio, TX

#20 Sep 28, 2010
"a mommy", I neither claimed to know anything about your life or remotely care about your life (including the "trying times" you're bringing up...guess what, I don't know you and I don't care - hope that clears things up, "a mommy"), so I don't know where you are getting that from. My assumption is that you're barely literate and have trouble with reading comprehension. Maybe you can get someone to read and explain this message to you.

1. I don't care about this Jerry Springer Trailer Park life story you are describing. What do you expect me to say to all that? Gee, too bad you were dumb enough to marry and spawn with a man who you knew was an addict and now you're a single mom and your child doesn't have a dad. Good job.

2. Again, don't care about your trashy life that you insist on writing about on a public forum. But wow, are you dumb. You are saying that you married an addict from a family of addicts and had a kid with him. What horrible life choices you've made. Good grief.

3. See above. I can only surmise that you love hanging around sick addicts so you can feel like a martyr, or maybe no sober person can stand to be around you. Maybe both!

4. Again, see above. Wow, your life is rough. It certainly isn't because of any of your choices, no sir. And no way does it have anything to do with your obvious lack of ability to judge the character of a person, what with your history of aligning yourself with murderers and men who walk out on their family. Gosh, you are such a *victim*. Except not.

Let me repeat myself: You obviously know NOTHING about addiction. Your track record speaks for itself. Thanks for proving my point, "a mommy".

Obviously you're proud of "overcoming" the people you choose to be around. What a hero you are. I love that you naively think that "talking to your son about drinking and drugs" magically erases the fact that you, of your own admission, constantly hang around addicts. Modeling good behavior, you are!

I'm not bitter, "a mommy". I am, however, not ignorant or deluded like you. Of course you wouldn't know the difference. I mean - look at how you've lead your life (and consider your need to publicly divulge so much personal, private information about yourself on a public forum...classy!).

RIP, my ignorant dear woman, is an acronym (I'll bet you don't know what that is either) for the Latin phrase, "Requiescat In Pace". Consider yourself educated. Hope your brain doesn't explode.

Um, and I don't care what you watch on TV or how you spend your time, but gosh, you really like giving lots and lots of information about yourself here. Geez.

Again - I never wrote that I knew you. Darned reading comprehension can be tough for some people (like you), I know. You didn't know Bobby. I promise you didn't. I'm sure you were merely acquainted with him and since you obviously don't have much of a life, you think he was a great friend. That's sweet, but it's wrong.

I don't wish for Bobby to come back and say "I'm sorry". Are you mentally retarded? I wanted him to get help. Big difference. But he can't. You bet your life I'm angry. It was so senseless. Not in your world, it isn't. But in mine, where people are successful, educated, and accomplished, things like this are a SHAME. I get that you don't understand that. Now go watch NCIS and fall asleep in front of the TV or whatever you do for fun. Whatever you do - don't read a book or go back to college or get a high-paying job. Pfft.

Honestly, I don't know whether to be disgusted or amused by your above life confession. You need help if you really think you're "on the right track", given the situation that you described above. Good grief, your life sounds miserable, and all because of your choices. Ugh.


United States

#21 Sep 28, 2010
Kayla, stfu already. You are nothing more than a heartless coldblooded b!+ch!!! I remember Mr. Waldrop from school, and if he was that way ok everyone makes mistakes and he didn't overcome his addiction. Why don't you just go to hell and let ppl remember him with their memories instead of trying to ruin it for those who just knew him through school and work. Kayla you are an UGLY person inside and I hope Karma finds you-careful because those you talk bad about the most, your family or loved ones may be the ones who are addicts. And yes you were judging a mommy, you stupid b!+ch. Let her be and let her remember him for who he was. If she worked with him at the school, how does that make her stupid? I bet your the one who can't hold a job. Grow the f**k up you stupid c**t. Go eat Alpo b!+ch and go to hell f**ken wh**e-oh wait I'm sure your just mad cuz Mr. Waldrop wouldn't f**k you with a ten foot pole you nasty b!+ch

San Antonio, TX

#22 Sep 29, 2010
Dear "a mommy" aka "STFU KAYLA" -

Obviously I really got to you and you're sooo mad about something that a person you don't even know wrote about on a public message board. Do you realize how moronic that is? You have been diagnosed as mentally retarded, yes?

Nobody is trying to "ruin" anything. Choosing to remember what was and not omitting very important and significant aspects of a person's life is probably why you're obviously mentally ill and choose to constantly surround yourself by murdering addicts who walk out on their family.

I don't believe in karma, thanks (nor do I believe in voo doo or ouija boards or whatever spiritual growth tool you rely on since you don't take responsibility for your actions in life, as evidenced by the sorry, sorry story you wrote about your horrible, pathetic life above).

I never wrote that I wasn't judging "a mommy". Can you read? Hey, the next time your case worker comes to your trailer, have her read my post to you. Keep a dictionary close by for any big words you don't understand.

I am all for "remembering Bobby for who he was". That's exactly my point. Dense much?

I gathered that you/"a mommy" are stupid because "a mommy"/you a) write stupid things, b) had a pathetic life full of pathetic losers, c) are big fans of delusion, c) have the grammar and punctuation skills of a kindergartner, and d) have the vocabulary of a four-year-old. Hope this clears it up. Oh, and I'm sure this isn't the first (or even fiftieth) time that you/"a mommy" has been told that they're obviously stupid and/or ignorant (there IS a you didn't know that).

P.S. Name calling isn't nice. It's also the last resort of the ignorant and inarticulate...ahem. Also, what a great, respectful post you've left on a forum for a dead man who you obviously had no clue about. He was a dear friend to me (like I wrote above - like a brother). I get that you're really into incest and you're likely the product of it yourself, but it's not for me. Gosh, no wonder you're such an obvious train wreck.

P.S.S. I can't wait to read the new handle you come up with in order to try and match wits on a public message board dedicated to someone you barely knew, with a person whose intellect and education exceeds your entire family.

Now, can this forum get back to remembering Bobby? Or are you really in need of more attention?
a mommy

United States

#23 Sep 29, 2010
Kayla stfu Kayla was not me, but since you are so wise and a know it all ok. I really hope that you have no children because you are a lousy person who thinks they are self righteous and the only way you can feel like a bigger person is by putting others down. You are in fact just a loser. Yes I was around people like that but now im married to a wonderful man who doesn't drink or smoke. I actually just got another job, ill be working for social services but im sure you have something negative to say about that. Have a nice day Ill pray you find God because you really need him in your life.

One last thing as hateful as stfu Kayla I found it amusing. Im sure they struck a nerve by how quickly you responded. My favorite part was where she told you to "go eat alpo" but I would've added "and go get f**led because you clearly need it since your obviously a hormonal woman

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