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Fort Scott, KS

#1 Nov 26, 2007
I am a concerned and fairly new citizen of Fort Scott. I also have the pleasure of knowing several of the City workers. It has come to my attention that there is a major problem, Eric Bailey. The reason I am so concerned is that I love Fort Scott and am planning on spending the rest of my life here. As I have mentioned several of my friends that I have made since I have moved here are employeed by the City. They all enjoy what they do. However, the biggest complaint is Eric Bailey. It is really amazing what I have learn as to what the City is doing. Now Mr. Bailey is not the only problem. However he is the director over Public Works and the Water plant, two extremely important departments in the city. I could go into detail on several on the issues that I have discovered, two of which are the lack of safety equipment at the Water Department and the finding of drugs on one of the city vehicles that Bailey is in charge of, but I will not. I think a full investigation of the departments that he is in charge should be ordered, and Bailey relieved of his job. I am just really concerned about the work that this man is doing and what he is letting happened.
One in An Opinion

Fort Scott, KS

#2 Nov 27, 2007
As long as Eric Bailey notifies his bosses at city hall about the lack of safety equipment at the Water Dept. how is it now his fault? Department heads are not allowed to spend money they way they need to. It all must be approved my city hall.

And I don't see how you think he should be fired because another city worker had drugs in their vehicle. How many dozen vehicles does his department have? Was the specific employee disciplined or fired? Department heads also can not discipline or fire an employee. It ALL must be done by city hall. Was the police department notified?

Know your information before you try to ruin someone's career.
Another Opinion

Fort Scott, KS

#3 Nov 27, 2007
Concernered may not know their stuff, but they are not too far off. I am a former employee of the city and alot of problems could be solved if Bailey were gone but there are still alot of things that would need to change. The city has alot of bullshit problems that they cause for themselves.
One in An Opinion

Fort Scott, KS

#4 Nov 27, 2007
I will agree to your last sentence.
HereThereEverywh ere

Fort Scott, KS

#5 Dec 5, 2007
Does anybody know if this appeared in the newspaper, about the drugs being found in a city vehicle? I tried calling the city to verify but according to them, that would be a personnel matter which would be private - I disagree. If drugs are found in a vehicle owned by the city, that is not a private personnel matter. I have been told a lot of times that other cities have these problems - this is the reason they have them here - most of the people who have told me this have probably never lived anywhere else. It is so juvenile, like your child saying "Well, everybody else does it". It becomes all too apparent why this city does not advance as do all the other cities in the area. They need to clean up their act and think professionalism, honesty and integrity - and stop all the "secrets".

Lawson, MO

#6 Dec 19, 2007
the fact is the drugs found were not just found in a city owned truck that us under eric baileys oversite.
The fact is they were in the truck eric bailey drives himself. the police were called when the drugs were found, but the curious thing is this, if any other city employee's truck that they had been driveing and someone had found drugs in it, the first thing that would have happened is, that that employee would have had to went immediately to have a drug test done. but bailey didnt have too, guess the rules are different for the ones at the top.
HereThereEverywh ere

Fort Scott, KS

#7 Dec 26, 2007
I have tried to verify the facts on this but gotten no where. If it were a car assigned to him, he should have been immediately drug tested as well as anyone that he may have said was in the car also. Was this done? Would I be surprised if there was a double standard? Don't have to be in town long to know the rules aren't the same for everyone.
Just wondering

Springfield, MO

#8 Dec 27, 2007
Did you ever wonder if maybe he did report it?
Who says the whole world has to know everyones business. Also just remember a good boss is not necessarily a popular one.
HereThereEverywh ere

Fort Scott, KS

#9 Jan 10, 2008
Just Wondering: When we are talking about city property and employees, it is our business as citizens of Fort Scott. If there is a problem with lack of safety equipment, that would need to be fixed for the safety of the individuals and to avoid liability and yet more bad press for the city. If drugs were found in a city vehicle, that is our business. I would expect a press release to clarify the matter eventually after they finish their "investigation". If the City didn't keep so many secrets, everyone would just ignore the chatter but until they come clean on issues, well, they just have to take what comes along with that.
One In An Opinion

Fort Scott, KS

#10 Jan 10, 2008
If a police investigation was done then you may be able to get a copy of it after it has ended. I doubt they will just hand it over though.

Many news agencies in big cities subpoena information in police reports for their stories.

Girard, KS

#11 Jan 11, 2008
it makes ya wonder what else the city is not telling.

Lawson, MO

#12 Jan 12, 2008
that is the problem in this city as well as some others i suppose, the good ol boy thing runs rampede. the fact is between eric baley( director of public works), susan brown ( finance director), and bob farmer ( city attorny , and currently intrum city manager), the only things the public and the city commissiners know is what they want them to know, its a real little patin place. mr baley, is also very good at unfair hireing but its ok cause he was the hand choosen one to keep from paying a fair wage to public work employees. people who have worked for the city for several years are disscriminated against, the new hires are brought in at a higher rate than those who have worked there for several years, and the new hires are not experienced either. some of you obviously think mr bALEY IS GOOD FOR THE CITY, i strongly dissagree, he is nothing but a spoiled rotten kid that thinks he is smarter than anyone else and has no common sence. the city needs a man who actually is looking out not only for the well being and upkeep of the city, but one who appriciates his employee base that carries out the work. He thinks he is above haveing to answer to anyone, mr baley and the truck he drives which had the drugs in it, is the personal truck only he drives, and he has drove that truck for over 3 years. now weither you think he is innocent or guilty the thing is anyone of the city employees that are their, would have to go take a drug test and he is no better then they are, anyone who thinks different, needs to explain why.
Nick Graham

Fort Scott, KS

#13 Jan 23, 2008
I'll paste what I have e-mailed folks who have asked me about this:

We on the Commission were briefed on it a few months back when the anonymous post on Topix popped up. The truck, which ahs been the truck for the past three Public Works Directors, was seized from a drug operation years ago. It was having mechanical issues, and was brought into the shop to figure out what the problem was. The problem was a surprise the truck's original owners had left lodged inside (and by inside I mean up inside the innards of the truck) that after all these years had been dislodged and was interfering with the operation of the truck. As soon as the cause of the problem was discovered, it was quickly filed and locked away in the evidence room, where it still sits.

We didn't release a statement because we as a group decided we didn't want to dignify what was obviously someone trying to take a shot at one of our employees, and thus make an issue out of a non-issue. The kicker is that whoever posted that on Topix was so concerned that they never even attempted to contact anyone on the Commission or staff, even anonymously - they just conveniently posted it on the web and were never heard from again.

Kind of a crappy deal all around.
HereThereEveryWh ere

Fort Scott, KS

#14 Jan 24, 2008
Still the issue is that the City tries to hide these things in the first place. If it wasn't a big deal, then do a press release and answer questions - personnel matter I was told originally. Also, I have not heard that Eric Bailey was drug-tested. This would have been necessary as to not show what everyone is talking about as rules don't apply to everyone. I know the employees are too afraid to say things because of fear of losing their jobs and I don't blame them. Nearly everyone has lost trust in the City and this incident...well, this is not the way to build trust. And yes, imagine what else you haven't been told.

Lawson, MO

#15 Jan 26, 2008
as usual we get the same old rederic, our city commissioners seem to think they are only there to protect their own interestest, as usuall, therefore dont expect there to be any kind of fair associated with the city. Mr. Graham is following the same path the past city commissioners have which is the public is on a need to know basis, dont make waves so they can keep there potition on the commission and no one will be the wiser.
what people need to know is everything that takes place in our city is suppose to be a matter of public record, and everything needs to be disclosed to the public who elected you commissioners, but instead of this happeneing we keep things quiet so everyone at the top can go on have their fun at the taxpayers expence, what a crock! here is a novel idea, why dont you public servants try something new, like telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Its such a crazy idea it might just give the tax payers of fort scott a reason to believe your actually looking out for the publics best interest.
you mr. graham , are no better than eric baley , bob farmer, susan brown or any other city official, you all need to realise that the citizens of fort scott are not as stupid as you all try and make them out to be.
upper management in the city of fort scott are over paid, and I dont think many of the citizens would approve of things that happen in the city office if they were to know either, but no worries the public will be kept in the dark it seems, especially if the citizens keep electing commissioners like mr graham. coverup seems to be ok with him as he has stated on his post here.

Mulberry, KS

#16 Jan 27, 2008
mr graham, it seems odd to me that the truck was seized and not totally searched like the rest of the vehicles. if it wasn't in working order when it was on the sale block, then why was it even bought. even so, why wasn't it checked out immediately? that's what most people would have done. three years of inoperable use seems rather intolerable. should we as a people decide what vehicles to be purchased? it seems that those of you in the city can't seem to make decent decisions for vehicle purchases. if these problem vehicles are being bought for use, there is a definate problem. and i also see that you fail to mention exactly where the drugs were located. your message indicates to me (and others as well, i'm sure) that you are part of the cover-up as well. and what of the drug test? if he was innocent of this incident, there should have been no problem with him passing...hmmm. seems rather fishy to me.
HereThereEverywh ere

Fort Scott, KS

#17 Jan 28, 2008
The City seems to not be able to learn from their prior mistakes. Also, on City hiring, I was told that when someone is interviewed that three people are supposed to be doing the interview but I know of someone who interviewed and that was not the case. I am thinking there are many exceptions to the rules for hiring as well as everything else???

United States

#18 Jan 28, 2008
If Eric Bailey wasnt drug tested then the city should redo their drug policy on all employees. Just as well have meth heads cutting the grass as well as being the director of public works and water. Nick Graham come out of your upper middle class pipe dream and quit covering it all up, man up!

Baldwin City, KS

#19 Jan 29, 2008
Well, as I'm no longer a "local" but have read this thread through, I believe I'll give a little input from the outside looking in.

Mr Graham's explanation makes perfect sense to me. If they've had the truck for three yrs it took that long for there to be a problem. I didn't read anywhere, nor did I get the impression, that they bought a truck that was not running and has not run since it's been in the city's possession, as someone above stated. Good grief, even this city commission isn't that dumb. Don't get me wrong, I've never had much good to say about the folks running Ft Scott and it would appear that things haven't changed at all over the yrs. My point is, yes, sometimes the feds do miss things when they check over their seized vehicles before sending them to auction. Haven't you read or seen on the news any of the stories about people finding money etc in strange places of their cars after they've bought them from auction? I have. It seems to me that this would have made an entertaining story for the Tribune. The citys mistake was not calling them and releasing the story. Now they have yet another black mark by all of the conspiracy theorists in their community.
One in An Opinion

Fort Scott, KS

#20 Jan 29, 2008
The truck was not seized by the feds. It was seized by the local police department and then given to the public works department to be used there.

and don't get too bent out of shape when someone assumed the city was holding onto a vehicle that hadn't run in some time. The police department owns a police motorcycle that hasn't run in about 10 years but they still have it and put current tags on it every year. So please don't act like they aren't "that dumb" because here is an instance where they are that dumb.

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