Bucket Dad

Walnut, KS

#21 May 12, 2010
Alum90 go lay down and let your pups suck! You have to have a good pitcher to build your team around. Just wait till the now 8-7-6th great girls are all together! They will be TOTALLY AWESOME and I hope that Alvin is there to coach them!!!!

Fort Scott, KS

#22 May 12, 2010
Alum90....this is EXACTLY why your type of people come on here. You were SOOO brave before your name came out, now you have been exposed as the spineless coward you really are!!! God I've been waiting for this type of moment!!!!!


Now...lets do it with a few others and watch the negativity stop!!!!
softball mom

United States

#23 May 12, 2010
I am a mother of one of the girls playing and I am so proud of this years team. I can't believe anyone is putting down my daughter and her team when they are doing what they love. And there is not one person on the team that is more important then the other. The pitcher is not carrying this team, they are working together and i hope next year we will be a strong team. Just remember to praise them when they do good, not just point out the errors.
Get a life

Fort Scott, KS

#24 May 12, 2010
Well, Citizen I am happy to hear that I was not the only one waiting for this moment to happen. I just couldn't handle it any longer. Maybe now, the alum90 madness will stop!

Fort Scott, KS

#25 May 13, 2010
blah blah blah FORT SCOTT DRAMA at its Finest!! GROW UP ADULTS!!!! OR should I say kids....
concerned citizen

Fort Scott, KS

#26 May 13, 2010
90alum wrote:
<quoted text>
Didnt say anything about playing time.I watch all high school sports,boys,girls,track baseball basketball tennis dosent mean i have a child playin.I see what i see and hear what i hear.Not blaming any 8th graders for anything.Looks like they have some good athletes coming up,the teams will need them.
hey 90alum, if you dont have a child playing, then what are you doing watching all of the high school sports?? seems a bit creepy to me. maybe you should be sharing a cell with Abby Campbell.

United States

#27 May 14, 2010


Kansas City, MO

#28 May 14, 2010
who is coach curran?

Fort Scott, KS

#29 May 14, 2010
Fort Scott is totally consumed and obsessed with sports. Just look at the above posts - I cannot believe grown adults act like this. Yes, we all want our kids to do good and we are proud of them when they do. But, I would like to hear someone brag on their child about something that is not sports related. I think there are some other things that we should focus on to bring up some fine outstanding future adults and leaders besides how well they can throw a ball. Shame on you adults for acting like this.
Glory Day

Gardner, KS

#30 May 14, 2010
There is not much else for kids to do in Fort Scott but sports. Unless I am missing something . I guess they could read more books or something.Hummmmmmm.. No I can't think of anything in Ft. Scott for kids to do but play sports. I wish this town had more activities for the kids to do. I can't think what else to bring to Fort Scott for them to do. My kids love sports. They would be very bored and nothing to do with out the year round sport playing.

Fort Scott, KS

#31 May 14, 2010
Sadly it IS true that the kids have nothing to do in this one-horse town. Everything is geared around the old-timers. I'm not saying they shouldn't have things geared towards them, but not everyone is interested in the Fort, antiques, doctors, golf, the hospital and tourists! There should be things for the kids. Although Mr. Elliot and his family do a good job with the Keyhole, but it isn't enough. What about the Skate Park that was talked about 3 years ago? Was it really only brought up because skateboarders were "hurting" the gazebo and tables there? Don't u realize all the "kids" of today will be leaving FS if there is nothing here to keep them interested and employed? All the old-timers that keep the city going now are going to pass away and their grandkids will all be gone! Sports is a good thing for kids to do, but I agree, they need other things too; healthy outlets, modern shops, and employment are all things FS needs badly, if it wants to continue into the next decade. Anyway, if there is someone willing to teach your kids sports, don't complain about them! Just help us try and find MORE things to occupy our young people!

Fort Scott, KS

#32 May 14, 2010
I think sports are a great activity for kids!!! I, myself love each and every kind of sport there is. I just don't like the attitude of some (not all) of the parents.
My Opinion

Fort Scott, KS

#33 May 15, 2010
Everyone says there's nothing for kids to do around this town.

They're working on the skateboard park and changes to Ellis Park. Those things timat time AND MONEY. Those who are complaining, why not jump in and help out with the fundraising efforts. Donate your time to actually do some manual labor to help get these projects going rather than sit in front of your computer complaining about it. The skate park is slowly moving forward to be come a reality and when it's complete, we'll probably still be hearing people say that there's nothing for kids to do. Remember that not all kids are going to want to be involved in skating any more than they'll all want to do softball, basketball or any other sport.

Several years ago, we had some folks that took the initiative and put a movie theater in town. I see/her a lot of complaining about it rather than supporting it. The same thing could be done to put in a skating rink, miniature golf, etc but why would anyone want to put their own money in to it when all folks are going to do is complain. We had a bowling alley but it closed due to lack of support.

It just looks to me like we have people that would rather complain about things rather than trying to do something to fix the problem and make a difference in this town.

United States

#34 May 15, 2010
concerned citizen wrote:
<quoted text>
hey 90alum, if you dont have a child playing, then what are you doing watching all of the high school sports?? seems a bit creepy to me. maybe you should be sharing a cell with Abby Campbell.
hahaha, that was mature of you to say. have you heard of supporting your hometown team? its a very common thing. i hope that you're in highschool and not an adult posting something like that on here
speak up

Fort Scott, KS

#35 May 17, 2010
pitcherpride wrote:
Don't you even say that. Coach Curran is an awesome coach, who does her damn best at what she does. She is by far one of the best teachers and coaches at the high school. And if you have a problem with her, don't post stupid comments on a gossip blog about her. Especially under a screen name. That's REAL mature.

United States

#36 May 17, 2010
curren=idi*t. end of story. many people agreed. get over yourself. she's a fine example of what a coach is NOT and should not be/do. obviously she's not as bad with golf. It's not like it gets REAL intense.
speak up

United States

#37 May 18, 2010
Apparently you equal an idiot. It's CURRAN. And you want me to get over my self?? I have played for all the sports she has coached, and have learned a lot from her. And as for golf not being "intense," have you ever played the sport? Because let me tell you, it IS intense. Maybe you should take a page out of Mrs. Curran's book, and get some spirit. Because that's what she has, spirit and compassion for her athletes and students.

Since: May 10

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#38 May 18, 2010
i got spirit yes i do. i got spirit, how bout you?

United States

#39 May 19, 2010
dear speak up-

or should i said SHUT UP. you probably sat the bench for all those "sports". so of course you like her. you dont have her breathing down your neck or yelling screaming throwing kicking things/objects/balls etc at you or your team members. your just sitting on the bench sucking your thumb wish you could play. dumb.

plus, what i dont get is she smacked metcalfs daughter before. back when she played, yet NOBODY DID ANYTHING. yes your right thats a GREAT coach. i'd love to play for her. lets just say im glad i didn't play all 4 years under her. i would have hung myself!
Trixie Star

Girard, KS

#40 May 19, 2010
She took her softball team to state numerous times.....Sounds like one shitty coach

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