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Fort Scott, KS

#95 Feb 2, 2012
Judge of the people wrote:
Bollinger not only beat the hell out of her but choked her then set her on fire and she was still alive. Everytime the news comes on talking about how he was burned 69% of his body...well he did it to himself. No one deserved to die the way poor Brenna did. I hope the state finds him guilty and gives this unhuman man the death penalty.
So Judge of the people, was you there that night to know all this

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#96 Feb 2, 2012
wth wrote:
If he didn't have a strong case why would the ex attorney general represent him.
The current assistant attorney general is prosecuting this case along with the county attorney.
Joe Biden

Fort Scott, KS

#97 Feb 2, 2012
wth wrote:
If he didn't have a strong case why would the ex attorney general represent him.
Because someone is paying him is my guess.
Hit mine

Festus, MO

#98 Feb 2, 2012
throw away the key and be done with it. Eye for an eye!

Bisbee, AZ

#99 Feb 2, 2012
So there is nothing you people have better to do w your time than to talk shit on people? I assume the person who is his lawyer, is prob. his laywer bc he is getting paid to do so.No matter what, you all have no proof of what happened, whether he did it or not. You can speculate, and discuss rumors all you want, but you still sound stupid and hateful, because none of you know what honestly happened. Remember this thread and all you wrote on here when something bad happens to you or someone in your family or circle of friends, and some douche decides to make a thread about it on this pos site,I wonder if you will take part in the bashing of a person and family then!
its a shame

Fort Scott, KS

#100 Feb 2, 2012
He should fry for what he did to her and their son.It was no secret that he beat the shit out of her more than once and like usual nothing ever happens until something horrible like this happens.

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#101 Feb 2, 2012
Its just a matter of time before the entire story is told! Like "where" and "who" he was with the night of.
Innocent Yeah Right

Fort Scott, KS

#102 Feb 3, 2012
For the life of me, I don't understand how people can defend this murderer. And if all the "holier than thous" were so concerned about the rest of us having a life, they'd be having their own freakin' life and not on here bashing us for not thinking murder, arson, and almost killing your own child is OK.

And believe you me, it's not just "rumor". Most of this is based on fact of what was fairly well known in this small town. When domestic abuse is allowed to go on without any consequences, it usually ends in tragedy. Think of the celebrities you know who ended up that way.

Frankly, I don't care if anyone likes my opinion or not. That poor girl who had to be identified by her dental records is another Nicole Brown Simpson/Lacey Peterson/Stacy Peterson, etc., etc. She was a victim who shouldn't have died in such a horrible way at such a young age. The fact that anyone out there can defend her murderer is appalling.
You have to remember

Republic, MO

#104 Feb 3, 2012
those that love Brent are never going to think he could do something like this. However those that know what has gone on the past several years and seen the bruises he's left on Brenna and the girlfriend before her know that he is capable of losing his temper. It has been said that when a woman files for divorce and is in an abusive relationship she should not be alone in those first hours after the man is served with the papers, I guess in this case we can see why that is. It is tragic and some need to take off their rose colored glasses and look at the case objectively and look at the evidence presented. Brenna didn't have to die, and poor Bryson definitely did not have to go what he's gone through and what he will continue to go through for the rest of his life. For what? Because his dad couldn't stand to be left? Two boys lost their mom because of one man's anger and ego. I hope that they find true justice in this case. I am tired of hearing about his injuries. He did it to himself, if they want to talk about his injuries they need to start calling them self inflicted.
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#105 Feb 4, 2012
Topix has a purpose. People vent. This is a small town and in the past there have been crime unsolved. Some might say covered up. Some comments could have been said without the crudeness. I wonder how many Law Enforcement are on here. Purposefully throwing out random tid bits of information, pushing people's buttons so they will say things out of anger? Why was the original Topix pulled after Karen posted? Several others were pulled. Then the whole thread.

Green Forest, AR

#115 Feb 7, 2012
judge of the people wrote:
What a monster. Pre-meditated murder and what he did to Bryson should get Brent the death penalty. Couldnt happen to a more deserving guy. His dad shouldnt get out of it either, afterall, he knew all the times Brenna called for help....when 911 was called, who notified Brent's dad?????Why wasnt the officers sent? To all you who don't know, Brenna had smoke in her lungs, so when he set the fire she wasnt dead.
Haha learn your facts. There wasn't smoke in her lungs. The papers came back and she was dead before the fire.

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#116 Feb 7, 2012
Love you Brent...I know you did nothing wrong but have a fight with your wife...and for the previous abuse...she was arrested to.....I got you bud....

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#117 Feb 7, 2012
Yes dale bollinger is a nobody piece of dirt. He always has been, was a real wimpy kid in high school. He also has sister, Susan, another drunken dirt bag. What I can't believe is that someone actually married the fat pig. Its sad that ft scott is just full of them . They have now been exposed, its just bad someone had to die before the bollingers will be brought to justice. Btw those 911 calls will be very valuable in putting that lid away for life and dale too.

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#119 Feb 7, 2012
Can you say " murder? "
That's the subject, and that poor innocent baby.

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#120 Feb 7, 2012
Sad wrote:
Fort Scott is a prime example of why people leave small towns. People of Fort Scott, stay classy. Can anyone else spell defamatory and libelous actions?
people leave ft scott because they are ambitious and don't feel like going nowhere in life. Those who stay and never leave couldn't make it the real world. Look what has happened,its full of poor uneducated, ignorant people ... what an embarrassment ft Scott has become.
judge of the people

Wichita, KS

#121 Feb 7, 2012
"Damn" you are scary! Are you stupid? You think hes in jail because they are picking on him? Brent is being charged with premeditated murder. He killed her.

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#122 Feb 7, 2012
judge of the people wrote:
"Damn" you are scary! Are you stupid? You think hes in jail because they are picking on him? Brent is being charged with premeditated murder. He killed her.
thanks judge...amen! Id say "damn" is the loser dad, dale lol.
judge of the people

Wichita, KS

#123 Feb 7, 2012
Never thought of that. I was thinking more along the line of one of Brents girlfriends. These comments will prob disappear like the ones written about Dale, Sunday night.

Olathe, KS

#124 Feb 8, 2012
To poster "Liberty". Why do you have to attack the Bolliner family members? It seems you have a personal vendetta that you have been harboring for many years. The whole situation is tragic, for all concerned. Leave it at that.

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#125 Feb 8, 2012
No just saying none of them have any class, and the apples didn't fall from the tree. No vendettas here, just the facts. Mamy people feel the same way in town.

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