up in here

Queensbury, NY

#1 Jul 19, 2010

Poland, NY

#2 Jul 19, 2010
thats not nice
oh fuckoff

Miami, FL

#3 Jul 19, 2010
oh we kinow who knowforsure is..... hi fran wanna come dowm to the FRONT row instead of the crappy seats..oh yeah, we forgot, u can't relate to people.... Not your family or your brother and his celebritty friends from Miami!
fire starter

Queensbury, NY

#4 Jul 19, 2010
she is a fat slob that no body likes except for her new who*e friend kathrine Holloway..lol
fire poker

Queensbury, NY

#7 Jul 20, 2010
who are you fire starter cause you say on kathrines other page you have banged her boyfriend more then one time if you are talkin about her last boyfriend she just broke up with a month ago go find him cause he would love to do it again

Glens Falls, NY

#8 Jul 20, 2010
Stupid chick... is shannon ponte
hey you

Saratoga Springs, NY

#9 Jul 20, 2010
Yea Fort Plain sent their trash to St. Johnsville, not that we don't have enough of our own trash here. Lets see. She had a boy friend Dave got him to fall in love with her and his son called her mommy, then she set her sight on a guy Corey while she was playing house with Dave and was Fu*#ing both of them. Dumped Dave and the little boy that called her mommy, and now their was Corey. They lived togather for awhile untill she got bored and found another Corey. That way when she was having sex with one of them and yelled the name Corey neither of them would know their was another man. Got herself knocked up (oh my God whos the Daddy) while Fu*#ing both of them. Now she is living in STJ housing with the second Corey and their child. Guess what she is doing the same thing to this Corey that she did to Dave and the first Corey. While he is hard at work or in his little bed sleeping she is fu*#ing at least two other people that I know of. That is one gross PIG. No let me correct that, PIGS only F*#k one male pig at a time. I don't want to insult the animal pigs thats not fair to them...
Only me

Queensbury, NY

#10 Jul 20, 2010
Last time I knew Shannon was skinny. And this was just a couple of weeks ago. If she got fat in those couple of weeks then damn. But how can she be a fat slob if she is skinny?

Glens Falls, NY

#11 Jul 20, 2010
Only me wrote:
Last time I knew Shannon was skinny. And this was just a couple of weeks ago. If she got fat in those couple of weeks then damn. But how can she be a fat slob if she is skinny?
She is only skinny because she had her stomache stapled. She can stay in St. Johnsvile, that girl is nasty her brother is a queer

Northville, NY

#12 Jul 20, 2010
Isnt it wonderful how none of you low life people have anything else to do but sit on a computer hiding behind some wack ass names, talkin nothin but shit!!! She is a great mother and takes care of her family, unlike the rest of you im sure!! If you are all soooo tuff and have that big of a problem with Shannon why dont you grow balls and say it to her face instead of on some bullshit site?? HMMMM.....Probably because your all true Montgomery County NATIVES!! NOTHIN BUT BITCHES!!!
rat fink

Eagle Bay, NY

#13 Jul 20, 2010
well it is true but there is 2 wh*res know

Queensbury, NY

#14 Jul 20, 2010
im so glad that all you poeple are such little angles and that god picked you to decide who's life to ruin....... dont talk shit about poeple when you know nothing about then shan is a good person and a good mother ........oh and let me guess no one on here ever made any mistakes in their life and who the hell really cares about who's dick shan is touching ....... if it is that big of a deal you need to get off the computer and go find your own dick to touch
Only me

Queensbury, NY

#15 Jul 21, 2010
tupe wrote:
<quoted text>She is only skinny because she had her stomache stapled. She can stay in St. Johnsvile, that girl is nasty her brother is a queer
So what if she had her stomach stapled who really cares. Are you jealous because you can't afford to have yours done? Shannon is a great mom. At least she decided to get skinny instead of wanting to be over weight all her life like you probably are. Grow the hell up.
You can't even spell what are you like 12? Stop hating and being so damn jealous for once in your life.

Since: Feb 08

Glens Falls, NY

#16 Jul 21, 2010
She must have really changed.....when I knew her she was a decent person....or at least appeared to be

Glens Falls, NY

#17 Jul 21, 2010
she comes from a long line of filth
Only me

Queensbury, NY

#18 Jul 21, 2010
Energie wrote:
she comes from a long line of filth
I know Shannon real well. Just because her family is filth doesn't mean she is. Shannon is a very good person and a very good mother. She has always been good to me and I have know Shannon my whole life. You apparently come from a line of filth if you were brought up to sit and talk shit about some one over a f-ing computer and not confront her. Because everyone of you know Shannon would f*** you up.

Albany, NY

#19 Jul 21, 2010
hi there... shan has been really close to my family for a long time... you guys talking shit obvioulsy dont know what your talking about... she is a great mom and a great friend... she could care less what you dirt balls have to say about her... but i think its pathetic... man up, get off your fucking computer and tell her how you feel or shut your mouth... how can you sit there feeling good about yourselves when you can't even spell insults correctly... give me a break...

Since: Jul 10

Keeseville, NY

#21 Jul 22, 2010
unlike all of you "aint got no" job/life/future/education/self respect or intelligence m-f idiots, Shan is one of the few decent humans left on this planet. First of all. IF she would quit polluting her life with useless mamma- boy children, she may have room for a real man who knows what a real woman is and is capable of maintaining his half of a relationship. someone not looking to replace mommy's cooking/ cleaning/ laundry/etc. Shan is THE BEST stepmom anywhere. I know cause she's my kids stepmom and now all of you hiding behind user names have pissed my 5 kids off. Show your real name I DARE YOU. I know what a good mother is and if Shan were'nt in my crew's life they would be less for it. I'm a foster parent and safe-house for neglected children so when the county comes into your nasty life to put your kids in a clean, decent home just know that i"ll take good care of them. Get off your computer and clean your house, bathe your kids, and spend time being a human. Shan could give lessons. She's awesome at it.In case the user name is cofusing this is Ellen Bleja and ALL of her AND Shan's kids

Gloversville, NY

#22 Aug 22, 2010
It really sucks that ppl feel so low about themselfs that they feel the need to talk about good ppl. yes like many ppl in this world shannon has may mistakes but she will be the 1st person to tell you that she has. i have known shannon for a VERY long time and have nothing bad 2 say about her yes she had her stomach stapled so what she did it to better herself does that really make her a bad person? i think not! look in the mirror!

United States

#23 Aug 25, 2010
you all need a life this site isnt for this gossip,,,,grow up make sure your porch is swept off good babydoll.im sure your not perfect either,,,enjoy your self,

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