Jim Oeser liveing with Annmarie Oeser...

Jim Oeser liveing with Annmarie Oeser and her STDS

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the docter

United States

#1 Oct 6, 2010
jim is back liveing on mary street,i hope he knows ann has laid with many men since he has been with megan!!!!ann doesnt care who she brings to bed as long as she has a man with her,lets see how long this will last,been back since October 3rd,jim likes a free ride so he will be replaced soon the ride will be over when he doesnt hand his check over to the whore,

United States

#2 Oct 6, 2010
we all know this annmarie has had a std for a long time,why do you think she is always at the clinic getting her shots.you cant expect to lay aroumd and now get a diease she lays with a differant boy every night

Canastota, NY

#4 Oct 6, 2010
Jim is a retard apparently...plain and simple...too ignorant to realize how trashy and how much trouble she really is. the way i see it good for him, if thats the way he wants to live then let him. he can live his life in whatever fantasy world he wants to
in the defense
#5 Oct 7, 2010
boy u people must r so pathetic sayin one minute jim is a great guy who is happy with meagan then the next he wants the free ride! grow up! annmarie doesnt have any diseases she even has her papers to prove it do any of u? you people need to look into ur own lives a little more instead of digging in this girls! i think all u morons need a reality check rather then sit on a website all nite and write about her and her life of which u obviously have no clue about! she is working now r u gonna write about that next? how much she makes or where it is? haha u people must sit and watch the soaps all day then try to make ur own series! oh wait lets brag to others how people ran up in her house and beat her and her sister up! classy! annmarie is entitled to make her own mistakes and live her own life! i really sit here to wonder why u people stress her so much or anyone here on topix u losers write about! god didnt put us all here to try and live everyone elses life but instead to live our own! it doesnt make u a good person to sit on here and bash others its very childish and shows great immaturity! leave her and her family alone look into ur own little pathetic lives and c why ur so into other peoples!

Gloversville, NY

#6 Oct 7, 2010
she is a dirty skank and she needs to grow up.Her hubby is a little bitch too.

Gloversville, NY

#7 Oct 7, 2010
ann and her sister arnt so tough after all. They are just like all the rest,COP CALLERS
i agree
#8 Oct 7, 2010
annmarie and jim r finally back together and happy leave them alone! its not ur buisness what they do! and i happen to know annmarie she is nothing like u make her out to b! this site is retarded and so r all of u sh it talkers! but i guess stalkers and haters dont know how to keep to their own! i know i dislike a lot of people but i dont need to sit here on topix and write about it! oh its cause i have a life of my own and dont need to down others to make myself feel better! i love annmarie and her kids just give it a rest already i c the last negative comment was at one in the morning wow annmarie must really b in ur head to b up all nite thinking about her and what new topic u can give her! if that isnt sick i dont know what is!
to angb
#9 Oct 7, 2010
ur a little bitchh who has to write bad about others useing a fake name! why? because if we knew who u really were we could write a lot of ur drama and tell what a skank u really r! grow up and get ur ugly asss up from behind ur computer then worry about getting urself together for the day and do something to make urself happy so u dont gotta bash others! well id love to stay home and run it on the computer all day like u angb but i got a job to go to so u enjoy ur pathetic little life! goodbye!
crazy stupid
#10 Oct 7, 2010
oh wait i gotta say to all u people get a life and stop stalking this girl im tired of hearing all this nonsence about annmarie its old already!
#11 Oct 7, 2010
hey this comment is for screen name lovely..... the only shot annmarie gets is a depo shot and to all of u who dont know what that is its birth control! she doesnt wanna b like all u baby makers !!! stop with the stories and drama! man and all u people say annmarie is drama i think u all got her beat by a long shot!

Glens Falls, NY

#12 Oct 7, 2010
I so agree with you "in the defense"! It's nobody's business what goes on in annmaries house. If you ask me I think they're stalking her. Looking at her every move. The reality is, annmarie and jim are still married. It's their business if they want to work on their marriage. I personally think it's good for both of them. Both of them made some bad choices while they were separated. But it's THEIR LIFE! And the last time I checked annmarie and her family didn't authorize any of you to publicize her life. Come on this isn't reality tv people. Get on with your life and find something constructive to do. Instead of getting on this site and bashing annmarie and her family, grab a book and read to a child.

United States

#13 Oct 7, 2010
i agree with many above annmarie is a scum always has will never be able to bring herself to the top,she isnt working at all hasnt worked in a long time she likes the free way of life,have you ever wonder how we all know her buisness she is the one who runs her trashy mouth telling everyone,does jimmy know she has slept with RUSTY DUNKIN NICK EARL AN PETE??IM SURE IF HE KNEW SHE HAD THAT MANY MEN HE WOULDNT BE BACK HE WILL KNOW IM TELLING HIM MY SELF WHEN I SEE HIM,why would she want to bring jimmy into her house when she went around telling he was a crack head with his mom?is this what she does to every person she hangs with talk shit if she dont get what drama she is trying to start?i know jimmy wont be there for long he just had a disagreement with meg he will be back with meg,
notgooingtohappe n

Gloversville, NY

#14 Oct 7, 2010
I am here to tell you I agree with you crazy66 annmarie is nasty and plain white trash and as far as jimmy oeser is concerned the two make a good pair and as far as meg is concerned she will never get back with jimmy she knows he is a worthless piece of s*** like ann and they are better off together and she and her girls deserve so much more. Know this you two meg s fine and is glad to be rid of you both and wishes you both the best and wants nothing to do with either of you..move on you two just like she has. Good riddance to bad rubbish! I don't care about them all I care about is the 3 innocent kids these two have and are emotionally, mentally and with ann's 2 physically harming...Grown up stop the drama and take care of your kids off the system get up and go to work everyday..I mean more than 2/3 days a week jimmy!

United States

#15 Oct 7, 2010
jimmy and annmarie are white trash,meg was just mixed up at a time in her life we all been there made mistakes,i hope she never goes around jimmy after he has been with the whore annie,she does carry a std dont let her say she doesnt,as for her takeing care of her kids she doesnt the neighbors cook every night for her kids,we dont need to stalk annmarie she tells her buisness to everyone,her son went to theresa logans last week asking for kool aid at midnight so mommy could have a mix drink she got a mix drink and time in jail ,i hope the whore goes back to jail i know it doesnt look good for her,please tell meg if this whore annmarie gives her any trouble to let anns best friend TUESDAY GRAY know about her harrassing her im sure Tuesday would love to finish what has been started,the cps was at annmaries kids school asking questions oops the stories arent matching up,looks like little olorphan annie is gonna be in trouble,,,,,,,keep calling cps every day she will have her kids placed they dont need to live in this house with broken furniture no tv to watch there is nothing for these kids to do but watch mommy get drunk and falll down,,,
#16 Oct 7, 2010
well u people need a reality check..... annmarie has never done drugs she is a good girl who has went thru a very rough patch in her life! duncan too controlling....joe k too immature and a cheater.... then last but not least nick yager woman beater, cheater, user ,and druggie.... well this girl tried to have something solid but these guys didnt come with warning labels so u just gotta take a chance! now she relizes she should give jim the chance he has been longing for and i think they will b ok now they both know their faults and r willing to work on them dont hate get a life and stop being so involved in hers! if ur not jelous then dont keep writing about her! end of story..........
sick of the drama

United States

#17 Oct 9, 2010
WOW U (i was going to say people) but u all sound
like trailor park trash. I can only say to Annie
keep going Annie because every body is so jealous
they can't stop talking about u. Isn't Nick the
one who didn't want his baby, said the HOE wanted her
let her keep her, HIS WORDS. He didn't even want the
kid around so the hoe could go out, and she tried to
get NICKY (girls name) to watch his daughter so she
could go out. I feel sorry for that baby maybe daddy
NICKY won't abuse her the way he likes to abuse the
opposite sex. By the way did NICKY FINALLY get a job
or is he living off his kids benefits? Got to go
By the way is anyone calling the hospital where Toni
works, HIPPA compliance and all of that, maybe Toni
needs to be called out on the carpet, does the hospital
know she got arrested and what the charges were for? Hang on Toni for a great ride. I'll talk with u trailor park losers some other time, right now I think
I need to wash my hands, u all make me feel dirty.

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