the missing Duncan girl from Fort Plain

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#22 Feb 1, 2011

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#23 Feb 1, 2011
you people are twisted and should be ashamed of yourselves. how can you blame a child for having sex with an adult. mrssweet - your husband is a pedophile and should be shot. how dare you blame a young girl for what he did. i suppose you would blame your own daughter if he went after her as well. tasha is the way she is mostly because of her so called mother and abusing step father. children dont run away from good homes. if someone had helped her all of this would have been avoided. now two children's lives are ruined. one is dead and one will probably never recover, all because no one would step up and help a little girl who needed someone to put her well being first. tragic but unfortunately not surprising around here
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Clarksville, TN

#24 Feb 1, 2011
you all make me sick, maybe you should look at your great husbands who supposedly had sex with her, great husbands you must have. lol. good luck to you Natasha :) and again RIP Naomi!

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Orlando, FL

#25 Feb 1, 2011
I aint denying that Josh and Tammy are bad parents and when Tasha was getting the help they pulled her out of it.And like I said I am goin on hear say about her and my husband I asked they both deny.Maybe someone in that messed up town has a sick way of pissin people off.Do I really think my husband would sleep with a 15 year old at the age of 30 oh hell no dnt think so.

Queensbury, NY

#26 Feb 1, 2011
listen everyone i really dont know this girl. but let me tell half of u something,shes a teen who has problems if u all look back on ure life u all would think of something u did and live down, dont bash the little girl for were she lives u all live in that town too .. now her friend is dead and she has to go threw life like this and live with it and all u people do is bash a teenage girl. i hope u all get kicks out of it cause i will tell u u will all have to answer to god for ure sins as she does too so grow up and leave the little girl alone

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#27 Feb 1, 2011
did you really expect your husband to admit to it? i hope karma hits you in the face like a brick wall some day - and good lord willing, he will get what's coming to him as well.
What a Joke

Poland, NY

#28 Feb 1, 2011
All you people can say as you please about a child. Knowing what is right from wrong at the age of 15 yes you do. This girl took another and got her killed and everyone feels so sorry for a girl that got her killed what a amazing world we live in. The Duncan girl is a 15 year old girl that will slap anyone in the face that wants to help her. She will destroy anything she puts her hands on and you all think it is okay. What if it was your daughter that she took with her and got her killed would you think the same way??? I dont think so. This girl needs to put away for her wrong doing. She is just as much to blame as the boys that they were with. No angel there

Glens Falls, NY

#29 Feb 1, 2011
15 years old and gone, didn't even have a chance to live. THIS SHOULD BE A LESSON. Be involved in your children's lives, know their friends and monitor their internet and cell phone activity. Do not allow your children to run wild and do as they please, it's OKAY to say no and it's okay to enforce rules. If you choose to bring children into this world take care of them. How tragic a young girl had to loose her life.


#30 Feb 1, 2011
mrzsweet26 wrote:
No it isn't hard to raise a kid in Fort Plain I had both my kids there and the skank put herself in this situation Josh and Tammy have tried with her but she just wants to be a Wh###.I kno I dnt feel sry for her or what is about to happen to her this is pay back for all the dirt she has dun to people.I feel this is 1 way of pay back for me since she slept with my husband of 6 years.Ha Ha Ha Tasha ugot what u deserved.
May you suffer miserably for years, rotting away, in horrific pain before you finally die and go to hell. Worthless waste of a human life that you are. Does it make you feel big to bully a 15 year old that your husband violated? Here's wishing you nothing but the worst you worthless piece of shit.

Glens Falls, NY

#31 Feb 1, 2011
It's shameful that this has happened. This however is most likely only the first of many things that will occur with the "lost children" of Fort Plain. Just take a look around the streets and see the kids just hanging out. It's the same ones all of the time. 30 years ago you didn't see it like this, but it's the way FP and society is now. Sad and Shameful.

Glens Falls, NY

#32 Feb 1, 2011
All Tashas problems started the day her step father Josh Dygert sexually abused her! All he got was a slap on the wrist and a dumbass mother who married him and ALLOWED him to be near her daughters! What kind of mother would do that to thier child? A loser mother! So before everyone starts beating up on Tasha give her some time to deal! She's gonna have to carry the burden of what happened for the rest of her life and that's somewhat of a punishment for starters!! As for the two guys I hope they rot in he'll!!!

Caldwell, NJ

#33 Feb 2, 2011
She was having sex with david ostander didny want him to go to jail so she blame it on josh ...this girl needs server help an punishment for that young girls death!
concerned saratoga

Saratoga Springs, NY

#34 Feb 2, 2011
Questioning wrote:
Didn't she have sex with her step father? I've seen her parents and wherever she is I hope she's safe and in a better place! Her parents are fat lazy and dirty! None of them work because they rather collect welfare! Maybe Tasha left cause she was embarrassed by them! Her step father is a pedifile and her mother allows him around those girls! Sick sick sick!!
Tasha wherever u r stay strong safe and sometime soon things will get better!!
How all I hear about west NY is that the Family members are having sex with there family members. Where is CPS in all of this. People on welfare should be investagate relentlessly because this is all I hear. Sounds like there is some common ground here. Another note is this girl involvede with Naomi, if so, wake up this is usally whats happens. It could be your kid.
concerned saratoga

Saratoga Springs, NY

#35 Feb 2, 2011
kristie_skip wrote:
listen everyone i really dont know this girl. but let me tell half of u something,shes a teen who has problems if u all look back on ure life u all would think of something u did and live down, dont bash the little girl for were she lives u all live in that town too .. now her friend is dead and she has to go threw life like this and live with it and all u people do is bash a teenage girl. i hope u all get kicks out of it cause i will tell u u will all have to answer to god for ure sins as she does too so grow up and leave the little girl alone
Agreed, this is the mentallity of this town.

Queensbury, NY

#36 Feb 2, 2011
Well, I work with someone who lives in Fort Plain. He's always telling us here at work how nasty and classless his fellow Fort Plain residents are. To prove his point, he told me to come onto this message board and have a look-see for myself at postings left here. Boy, was he SO not kidding! Honestly, I couldn't care less because I don't live there. But, I must say, my fellow employees and I are having quite a time reading the thoughtless, trashy and hick-type posting here. Keep it up!
Fort Plain is looking GOOD!

Queensbury, NY

#37 Feb 2, 2011
a child lost her life i can not believe, what kind of low lifw coward dirt bags live in this down hiding on a screen name leave the child that died alone show respect for the parents, at that age you dont think all you see is an adventure from you dull teen life. you dont think you can die at that age for all you popping of or who are about to talk smak thin if it was you child nice nephew little sister/brother gran child before you talk. prove you are not the real dirtbag show some repect for the dead.

Plattsburgh, NY

#38 Feb 3, 2011
Bill that's what I was saying for the other thread, this poor 15 year old is gone. and the other 15 year old has to live with what she saw!! That may be punishment enough for that girl. enough is enough let this child rest in piece...

Gloversville, NY

#39 Feb 4, 2011
but wrote:
Exactally. No one deserves to be hurt or unsafe wether things have been rough or not. People make mistakes tiny or big ones they ARE mistakes. Were all people and we can change. Some of the best people have been introuble before. Natasha can be a sweet girl and I hope she's okay.
how can there be so many ignoant and uncaring people in Fort Plain, God help the the better than thou jerks, how can you bad mouth a child that is missing, keep your filthy remarks to yourself. to the family, God be with you

Gloversville, NY

#40 Feb 4, 2011
I heard that the poor girl got shot, how sad is that,? I hope all the jerks that talked bad about her and her family feel super guilty, She is now safe with the LORD, you can hurt her anymore, think about what you say and how many people you hurt, ick, you people make me sick, grow up.

Syracuse, NY

#41 Feb 4, 2011 didn't have much of a life here on earth. The love you craved was never to be found. I hope your friend will step up to the plate and tell the truth about what really happened that night. Should she do this, she will be a better person for it. I also hope she gets away from her family and see that she has a whole life time ahead of her to make something of herself. I hope she has a relative she can trust and will help her from ever having something like this happen again. Naomi had a relative, had she gone to him, I know she would be alive today and happy. She would have put some miles between her and these people. As I said, " You didn't have much of a life on earth, but I am positive you will cherish your life with God."
Rest in peace one will ever hurt you again

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