The whole problem is these jam packed ballots. There is no reason for ballots to be 6-8-10 pages long. FEDERAL Elections should be kept separate from State Elections even if people are handed two ballots. Recounting and counting by hand has to be a nightmare with that many pages. One of the errors was nothing but proposal 5 being on the wrong page or omitted all together. There is no big mystery here other than too much paperwork being fed into printers and counters.

Murphy has now lost more votes than West has so what's Wests problem? He only won Palm Beach by 185 votes. Perhaps Murphy should ask for a recount on that county with votes so close. But no one is allowed to bring their biker friends with them to sit in on counting of ballots. You have a representative of both parties and lawyers from both sides, not the general public. West wanting to impound the ballot machines was just plain stupid.