Why are the people in Port St Lucie s...
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Port Saint Lucie, FL

#350 Apr 12, 2013
Just kidding everybody, I'm a big FAT wrinkly old douche that stole everything I own from hardworking people. I sit around and smoke cigars all day and get FATTER and FATTER. I'm also a pervert that likes the young girls that are hooked on pain pills (there are a lot of them here in PSL) I just give them a few pills and I get to do whatever I want to them.

Port Saint Lucie is a great place for lowlife scum of any age or criminal niche. You got your corrupt politicians here, your corrupt cops and desperate thugs everywhere, it's a wise guy's wet dream.

I don't know how anyone makes an honest living in PSL as there is no real corporations besides liberty and they just layed off hundreds. The digital domain deal that went sour was doomed from the beginning as our corrupt incompetent politicians here just wanted a slice, why else would they sink 50 MILLION dollars to get 300 jobs?

I could go on and, but I'm going to go smoke a cigar and look at trees because I have brain damage.
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Morganton, NC

#351 Jan 10, 2014
Jim wrote:
Hmmm, where to start? Bought a home 2 months ago here paid cash and its already back on the market. Don't even care if I eat $5,000 just to get out of here fast. The people are rude, the town is white trash, the cops are ticket hounds as they are life support for this dying town, code enforcement and permits here are INSANE, been ripped off here more in the short time I'm here than the other 47 years of my life in NJ. Jobs?? its a bad joke here unless you are willing to work for $8 buck a hour. And all these idiots that live here have to say is, " Yeah but it don't snow". It don't snow in hell either, don't mean I want to live there! Best part of all of this will be seeing it fade in the rear view mirror when I leave. Would rather live in a cardboard box back up in NJ than stay here! Its been fun, NOT! C-Ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!
Your review is on the money. Good Job on this post! You feel like that town is as close to the bottom as it gets. Its not the NYers or the New Jersians but the Native Floridian Rednecks that kill it for everyone. The ones that have never been outside the state
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Port Saint Lucie, FL

#352 Jan 13, 2014
Funny to read that many people compare the rude in PSL to the rude in other places. Haha.

They just like the rude here, in their own loud way, broadcast the knowledge they lack in their behavior. Most couldn't describe a courtesy or be any more clear in their criticism than to holler "dis". We've failed as a society to elevate our associates beyond what is so easy a putz could do it.

Newland, NC

#353 Mar 16, 2014
Its hard to believe that people settle for a place that is just in my opinion down and out depressing. Poorly located with limited things to do. Scammers and drug addicts galore here. Hard to get homeowners insurance loud neighbors who are always in yard playing with machines or trying to one up you. understaffed city departments with a host of problems. Trailers in peoples driveways everywhere. snakes all over along with ants and scorching weather. almost AN UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING DRIVING AROUND in st lucie west.
living in a card board box would have been better than buying a home in this unimpressive town

North Providence, RI

#354 Oct 24, 2014
Leftoverture wrote:
Ya'll gotta be joking? Been in FL, born & raised, and boy, the time's are a changin'!
Used to be where you actually talked to your neighbors, they'd help you out if you needed it, you could leave your doors unlocked when you went out...NOW?
Taking our precious few jobs...they speak so roughly you can't understand a darned word! I may be born and raised here but I have NO southern, lazy accent either.
And driving? They either drive like a bat outta hell, or so slowly and in both lanes you can't go around.
Yeah, I'm 46, and have completely LOST my patience with it all! IF I had one of those yankee-taken jobs I so desperately need,(and NO, I AM NOT ON PUBLIC ASSISTANCE!) I would get the hell out of my beloved state of Florida and move up north! They're aren't ANY of "them" left there anymore!
Wow....has MY attitude changed in all these years! I have since moved out of FL to RI and am now considered one of those Yankees I so desperately hated! I have matured, worked hard on myself & no longer have this horrible attitude. I was abusing opiates, and I have done a 180 with my life & am no longer this rude, ignorant person I was back in 2009!
I love New England. I still have family on the Treasure Coast and I love them, but really don't ever want to leave RI to come visit, I like it her so much, the culture, the city life..I fit right in here...now if I hear a country bumpkin, I can't understand them anymore! lol!
We have to give other cultures & people from other areas a moment of our time and a little patience. Maybe they've never driven those particular roads before...I know they gave me a minute here driving these large highways here...they don't know which lanes to get into down there, same way for me up here...
We need more patience, people...we've become too hurried, no time in the day for everything we need to do anymore...we need to slow down or we're going to become a nation like the Japanese Karoshi, who literally work themselves to death!

Since: Aug 14

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#355 Nov 21, 2014
The definitive answer to this question is....because they're people from Hutchinson Island that just happen to be visiting Port St. Lucie.

Hollywood, FL

#356 Jun 24, 2015
People here in Port Saint Lucie are very nice...the stories Ive read are unfounded! I lived here 3 years and since purchased a home. The only people who are rude are the ones making unfounded comments. I woud highly recommend PSL as home for those who seek change of pace and enjoy the quiter side of life and want green space and beaches. Those who are grumpy...plz don`t come here! PSL Resident.

Since: Oct 12

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#357 Jun 24, 2015
What's up with all the crime in Port St. Lucie on the local news?

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#358 Jul 16, 2015
Eddie wrote:
Port saint lucie isn't bad....its just boring as hell.
and filled with old people
Even old people get bored here. Unless you are too old and decrepit to even care.

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#359 Jul 18, 2015
I hate this town
PSL sucks

Kissimmee, FL

#360 Jul 24, 2015
The school system here is absolutely disgusting! I've lived in Town Park for 6 years and I love it but hate PSL. The price I have to pay to live in a nice community is ridiculous. I can't wait to move to Sarasota. Thus city is beyond help.

United States

#361 Sep 12, 2015
Recently Moved to PSL FL and it not for me, I Will be moving soon. It's boring as he'll, school system sucks, and the jobs, forget about it, it's a lot of temp to hire work or seasonal work, and the pay sucks.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#363 Jul 15, 2016
i have several friends that live in psl. their main complaints are that people are rude, crude and nude. okay, well not nude, but it ryhmed

basically they say that psl consists of people with a very low IQ and over anxious hemorroids that they battle with on a daily basis. i don't like to take peoples word for anything, because most people are dopes, so I stayed at a hotel in psl for two weeks so that I can form my own decision. The following is my official report of my finds of psl. It turns out that psl is nice in some parts and kinda gross in others, I guess that is anywhere. The big problem here is that the people are butheads and doodies. their conversations pertain to the obvious elasticity of the hemisphere on a saturday night and it emits a dangerous paper weight. The paper weigh in question is green, yellow and orange and should not be confused with a coody from a siberian monkey.

i hope that resolves this issues and all other issues can be answered the same way. gotta go as my mommy is calling me. she is calling me an idiot, but I disagree, I think I am a moron that uses sarcasm and wit to make a point. so anyway, i like psl and plan to be back there never.

and trump is a poopyhead and a stupid freak and has hot cocoa installed in his coffee cup

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#364 Aug 2, 2016
did you ever wonder about PSL. Not much to do there, like no casinos', but i bought a nice home for only $525,000, and my house has inside air conditioning too. just kidding, psl is a little boring but it is somewhat peaceful, i don't have kids in the school system, so I cannot discuss that.

Ya see, you thought I would say something silly.

Since: Sep 16

Tampa, FL

#365 Sep 10, 2016
The Wife and I decided to give PSL a try a few years ago. 1st thing I remember is taking my 3 year old daughter to an easter egg hunt in Tradition. When the buzzer sounded the adults swarmed the field like looters after hurricane Katrina, grabassticly swiping up any bright shiny object they could out of the hands of crying toddlers. That incident I found to be a reflection of life on a daily basis in PSL. Extremely low IQ and Very Aggressive habitat indeed.
I would have to admit I was a bit fascinated with the behavior of the residents in this particular place, unlike any we have ever encountered, but found it was just not the place for us. Don't think we'll be moving back here anytime soon......but it is quite pretty.

Fort Pierce, FL

#366 Sep 17, 2016
I've been gone for 25 years: resided in various parts of this great country, with a few years over seas.
It has always been my experience that 90% of rudeness, inconsiderate, never a thank you or appreciation for anything is the individual themselves. That's not to invalidate the existence of hateful people, who are rude. However, the next time the rudeness rears its deplorable head, really, just look at ones self and assess ones own attitude at that very moment.(WHAT PART DID YOU PLAY TO INCITE OR DIFFUSE) IM JUST SAYING, YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF PSL.

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#367 Sep 18, 2016
What is happening here wrote:
I've been here for over 5 years and can't believe what has happened to Port St. Lucie. It seems like the people are getting more and more rude every day. I might as well just move back down south! Does anyone agree?
no it's not and i have been living here for 7 years!!!

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#368 Sep 18, 2016
and I'm pretty sure that about most of the people who live here, are satisfied with there lives.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#369 Oct 4, 2016
i picked my name and nose all by myself. Trump is a doodyhead
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Saint Petersburg, FL

#370 Oct 7, 2016
The rudest thing is that when traffic lights turn green they just sit there and hesitate like forever then take off extra stupid slow.

So what if the people behind me miss the green arrow and have to wait another 5 minutes in the sun its all about me me me so who cares about the people behind me I finished playing with my cell retard phone and made the light.

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