ladies how many men have you "slept"...

ladies how many men have you "slept" with

Created by experienced or not on Nov 26, 2008

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just one, my husband

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United States

#133 Aug 19, 2012
Lost my virginity last year (age 20). Still dating him. Being dating for 2 yrs now. So far the sex is marvelous. I do see myself marrying him in a near future....but, sometimes I do wonder...what it'd be like with someone else. But after reading all posts...I have learned sex is just sex. Him & I make love & meaningless sex could never even begin to compare.

Boerne, TX

#134 Aug 20, 2012
Guys know your lying. If they accept the lie and you can have a life together, thats great. But in our relationship we are completely honest. I had sex with 7 girls and she had sex with 16 guys. But she told me like 5, and i knew she was lying. So i called her out and said "so you know the rule where you gotta multiply by 3 right? And she cracked because i was a pretty big dick about it but i just wanted to know. We talked about it a couple more times honestly and openly and she isnt proud of the number of people she had sex with, and i really dont think you women should be either. Also think you're setting a bad example for younger girls that read this. Should probably change your attitudes about it a bit. Because, if youre worried about your husband knowing the number, im sure you wouldnt want him to know that you think its funny or cool or impowering that you had so many dudes inside you.

Salinas, CA

#135 Aug 21, 2012
Wow wrote:
<quoted text>
I just did my list and I was wondering if I should feel bad about the 52 men Ive slept with.... Sum I do and others were to great of an experience to feel bad..... I do wana get married though.
I wouldn't marry a woman who's slept with that many men. Gross... There is a certain type of guy who doesn't care how many men you've slept with. It's the guy who's just trying to have sex with you and wants nothing more. The guy who wants a relationship and possibly marriage cares about your number.

Salt Lake City, UT

#136 Aug 23, 2012
I'm 17. I started having sex when I was in 7th grade. I had an older bf that was ready but I was too young! I regret it I wish I had someone there for me back then to help me make the right choice because I think it's the reason why I've had more sexual partners then the average 17 year old girl. I have slept with 27 guys. I barley counted today because I knew it was a big number & I didnt want to face it before but now that I have I feel a lot better & I dont consider myself a slut or whatever mean name because every guy I've slept with I've obviously liked them & made that choice to be intimate with them. Now that I have faced my number I have made the choice to not sleep with another guy until I feel like he really truely is going to be someone I am going to be with long term because I know I have more than used up my chances & I don't want to be in my 40s having some god awful number. On the std part ive never had a serious std the worst I've had was a uti that became an infection & I just got a prescription for 5 days & it went away.

Southern Pines, NC

#137 Aug 27, 2012
Rachel wrote:
I know it's hard for hubbies to accept that we have had an equal share/ more of ours too. I am 35 and married now and I think it's important to gain that experience before marriage. You know what you are entering into before marriage and sex will not sway you from selecting the right one...
I had had all my share of white, black, spanish, indian before i got married (atleast 50 so far)...every one them unique and pleasant in a certain way.
lady you are a dummy. LMAO

Laguna Hills, CA

#138 Aug 29, 2012
_yernogood- wrote:
Yes it would. Anyone that lie a w*0r3 is as pointless as a penis on a ph@q
Your grammar gives me a head ache. These girls should feel good about them selfs for admitting his kind of thing. You all seem to have a healthy sex life, and hats not a crime.
Yernogood, please do these girls a favor and, uhm, kill yourself. Judgemental prick.

Charleston, SC

#139 Aug 30, 2012
Im 23 I had sex with a total of 13 guys and had sex at 14 for the first time. I didn't have sex again until I was almost 16 and thats when I started to just have 'cut' friends and were my numbers started to add p (embarrasing) thinking it would be easier and at first it was but then I got tired of being that phone call that was jst for sex. So, lets see that is not bad for almost 10 years. I wish I would have waited but I know some people that are in the hundreds.....

Hamm, Germany

#140 Sep 1, 2012
I'm 21 and have sex for 5 years now. I always have two boyfriends and I change them every six months. 2x2=4 a year x 5= 20 men. Every month I also have sex with at least two other men. 12x2=24 a year x 5 = 120 till now. Together they make 140 different men. Give or take 10%. I dont go to bed with everyone who asks me though. I choose carefully the men I do. I'm not a whore or easy as you would think. If a man slept with many women he's cooler so why wouldn't the same go for the ladies?

New York, NY

#142 Sep 10, 2012
I was with a guy for 3 years on and off so about 2.5 years. He made me think I was the worst, he'd always tell me how fat I was and how ugly I was.. Now at the time I was 110 pounds, but not unhealthy because I'm short. But it still made me feel terrible about myself. He was big into mental abuse and really messed with my mind. I would have never had sex at 15 if it weren't for him pursuading me and almost making me. After the relationship I was so confused and messed up in the head I thought I NEEDED a boyfriend. The same thing every time, "well if you sleep with me I promise we'll date".. So my number is 9. I wish I could take all of them back. They were all pricks and I was dumb to believe their bulls**t but I'm not sleeping with anyone else. Until of course I'm engaged. Or at least think the person is the one. If either of those things are possible, considering my number at 19.
old lady

Fort Myers, FL

#143 Sep 11, 2012
hey this does not make us sluts it just says we like sex too not just men 5 or six for me im 62 now and i dont regret a thing

El Monte, CA

#144 Sep 13, 2012
Kookie wrote:
Lost my virginity last year (age 20). Still dating him. Being dating for 2 yrs now. So far the sex is marvelous. I do see myself marrying him in a near future....but, sometimes I do wonder...what it'd be like with someone else. But after reading all posts...I have learned sex is just sex. Him & I make love & meaningless sex could never even begin to compare.
Amen to that last sentence sweetheart.I married a virgin (so was he). Been married for 20 years now. Our lovemaking is just grand. Every single time. Empty sex has nought on it! ;)
Repent b4 is too late

Clarksville, TN

#146 Oct 3, 2012
All of you clearly have no knowledge of GOD and probably don't even believe in him.
I will tell you my story only to tell you, GIRLS, you still have a chance to repent and start new, man out there clearly don't care for your feelings but your body. I don't blame any of you because this century is 100% exposed of all evil things, and I'm not here to convince you to change but for you to give yourself as a women a decent respectful place in the eyes of GOD which is the only one that is capable of your true happiness not any other man out of the believe of GOD and Jesus Christ and even some with, will fulfill your true needs in this life.
I was touched in my privates when I was only 5 years old with that it open my eyes to a sexual life, I slept with my first true love when I was 16, I made my self believe that I should go out there and explore so I slept with another 22 man, now I'm 22 years old and happier than ever, just now I have found GOD because I found myself frequently asking "there must be something more meaningful in this life than just pleasing sick man" because truly most are sick in their mind.(like you see above yernoblah...and this man who are here just to corrupt all of you in believing is a good thing to think so liberal) GOD gave me all the happiness I needed, I feel like I'm a victim saved by GOD, I feel ashamed of what I did but I believe that I was led in this path to see from my own eyes that out in this world there is nothing but sickness, adultery,mental illness and sadly most of the people got used to it. I tell you, all of you are worth more than this, and maybe you think like this because you had problems, or been abused or had bad parents but repent and I promise you, you will feel a greater happiness within and be complete not by a man but by you, respect yourselves, have faith and don't fear to stop, I'm telling you, you will be one step closer to be saved in the day of judgement. I pray for all of you to feel this message in your heart not in your head, and even thou you might say "this is absurd" even than maybe someday somehow you wont be too late. Amen
May GOD and JESUS CHRIST be with all of you, and may at least few of you who are still sane, repent like I did and start a happier way of life :).

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#147 Oct 3, 2012
I pray for you for your sins and for you to maybe someday see the light of GOD.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#148 Oct 3, 2012
Courts wrote:
I am 15, I was raped when I was 7 years old but I have had sex with 3 people. Just this year I had sex for the first time, 15th of january to be more specific, he was my 16 year old boyfriend for a year and a half. we broke up around the middle of february. I then had sex with this other boy he is 17 this happened around may that was just a one off thing. And the other day I had sex with a 19 year old who is turning 20 on thursday.. Sounds terrible I know but it just happened.
You have a chance to repent and stop being so promiscuous, you seem like a nice young girl and what you are looking for is comfort for your past, Im sorry for what happened to you and I too was a victim but you want to save yourself before judgement day comes. Sweety all you have to do is treat yourself like a goddess someone pure with no mental brainwash of this evil life. be with GOD trust in him and no one else only him will make you happy and complete, being so liberal is not the right path and I tell you because you are young I wish I had somebody who will tell me this words. GOD BLESS YOU.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#149 Oct 3, 2012
AAA wrote:
My wife and I have been married for 8 years. When we first got together, she was the only girl I had been with and she had only slept 2 other guys. She was 18 and I was 21. I was a fulltime student and worked fulltime, but we barely had money. So she suggested that she start stripping. I thought that all she would do was dance on stage. After her first night of working she asked me a question. She told me that all of the other strippers told her that the only way to make good money was by giving blowj*bs and having sex with guys in the VIP. She asked how I felt about that. I was conflicted but agreed because we were facing eviction and had no money for the next semester. After her next night working, she came home and told me about the guy she did. He gave her $500 and they had sex in the VIP, with a condom. Even though I agreed, I still felt hurt but at the same time, I realized I was incredibly turned on. She told me all the details and then we had sex till after the sun came up. It was AMAZING! Since then, we have agreed to have no secrets between us. She also allows me to have sex with other women, although it is a lot harder for a guy to convince a girl to have sex, then it is for a girl to convince a guy to have sex. We recently did a estimate of guys she's slept with, and after 8 years of stripping and counting (she still strips!), she usually does about 3 guys a week, 52 weeks a year, for 8 years. Atleast 500 guys, and that's a conservative number. She tells me about all of them, and then we have amazing sex! Some might say she is a wh*re, but I don't care. Everytime she does a guy, it turns me on and we have sex. She is insatiable! Even after having sex at work, she still wants to come home and do it more. I love it! So, they way we look at it, the more guys....the better!!!!
Sickness is upon you both.... REPENT and you'll be save.

If you really cared about her you will put your laziness with two jobs and her laziness with two jobs.

Durban, South Africa

#150 Oct 31, 2012
20 years old andhv only slept wth my fiance... and dnt plan to change tht anytime soon.

Pittsburgh, PA

#151 Nov 8, 2012
I'm 20, I just slept with #30 in less than two years.
And I feel fine! As long as you're safe, why can't we ladies have a taste at what all guys can get away with so easily?

Anderson, SC

#152 Nov 11, 2012
I wonder if most these women hover when using public toilets?From most the posted comments i've read why bother?

Colorado Springs, CO

#153 Nov 12, 2012
I'm 18. I'm at 7. But ive got a good feeling this boy is my last <3

Since: Oct 12

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#154 Nov 30, 2012
old lady wrote:
hey this does not make us sluts it just says we like sex too not just men 5 or six for me im 62 now and i dont regret a thing
Keep at it.....

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