Review: Gulf Coast Readers Inc
mary j

Chicago, IL

#108 Feb 19, 2012
where do I get a customer right to cancel form


“Everyone knows that!!!”

Since: Jun 11

Tell me...Does it hurt much?

#109 Feb 19, 2012
You just quit paying...the place is a SCAM!!
Totally Angry

Pittsburgh, PA

#110 Mar 16, 2012
I received a text thanking me for visiting their site over the past 2 years.
I have never heard of this company nor did I ever visit their site.
I did not order or agree to accept a single magazine subscription.
If I start getting magazines, I will cancel.
If they will not permit me to cancel, I will do
everything recommended in the blogs to stop them.

Hixson, TN

#111 Mar 19, 2012
Totally Angry wrote:
I received a text thanking me for visiting their site over the past 2 years.
I have never heard of this company nor did I ever visit their site.
I did not order or agree to accept a single magazine subscription.
If I start getting magazines, I will cancel.
If they will not permit me to cancel, I will do
everything recommended in the blogs to stop them.
Well if they don't have any credit card info...just don't worry about it!

Red Oak, IA

#112 May 8, 2012
-yernogood wrote:
So just don't pay. What’s the problem? I mean I don’t care if they do this to me I’ll call them and thank them for the good read.
Yea don't pay and have your credit ruined.They promised me a 1000.00 Walmart gift card never got it after signing up. Yep I have a problem with that and may get ahold of the better business bureau.
gulf coast reader

Cape Coral, FL

#114 Jun 27, 2012
first of all...did any of you people go to school? Yes? so then of course you know that noone can charge you anything unless YOU give out your card number! And if you can't even spell sponsor then you don't have any use for magazines anyway LOL Noone at GCR is rude or ever hangs up on anyone.....grounds for immediate termination. Oh, and GCR is a member of the BBB. The next time you want to complain about the trash GCR is selling remember this......they don't print the magazines, that is done in a big building called a PRINTER, by companies such as READERS DIGEST, TIME, FIELD & STREAM & LADIES HOME JOURNAL, and those are called MAGAZINE COMPANIES who partner with the companies offering you a giftcard, laptop etc in exchange for doing a survey. GCR is staffed by people just doing their job, and they are called HUNGRY! And in need of a job just like everyone else.

Aiken, SC

#115 Jul 1, 2012
gcr is ascam they dont care about you they care about about bilking as much money from you as possible.i took interest because of the 1,000 gift card. how much that would help out for never get the gift card ,because after you precribe to them you have precribe to two or three other things. before they even consider giving you anything,anyway,they charged up my account,my account was in the negitive i got pissed off threatend to blow up there building,that still did no good so i called my bank the claims department and told them this place was scamming me they cancled my card and retrived all my money they tried to steal.long story short call your bank cancell your card and have them send you a new one july,1,2012. i hpoe this helps.
Gulf Coast BS

Bartlett, IL

#116 Jul 10, 2012
They called me first thing in the morning, when I had been dead asleep, so for some reason I kept answering their questions and every time I tried to get off the phone, they kept talking over me. When I told them i couldn't afford that, they said that they would give me a discount, and then wouldn't listen to me after that. They are automatically charging my credit card, even though I sent in the paper to cancel my account. Is calling the BBB the only way to remove them??
Gulf Coast BS

Bartlett, IL

#117 Jul 10, 2012
_yernogood- wrote:
DON'T PAY THEM...simple as that. Why are you people paying them?
duh, most of us gave them credit card numbers, because we figured we could just use the cancellation paper they told us about to cancel the subscription like they say that we can. THen we went and sent in the paper, and they ignore it and continue charging >.>

Des Moines, IA

#118 Jul 12, 2012
I was called by this place and they said they were having reports of magazines not being delivered in my area. I was told I was supposed to be getting magazines that I didn't order and not having my bank statement to confirm that I was fast talked into ordering. I know its partly my fault for not hanging up on these jerks it's still no way to run a company! Now I downloaded a app to block companies like this one with unknown numbers.

Pinckney, MI

#119 Jul 27, 2012
Jay wrote:
I just got a call from them again trying to get me to pay $800 for the rest of what I don't remember agreeing to pay. I tried using my military deployment orders to get out of it but they weren't having it. How do I get the right to cancel paperwork? These people are serious about their money that they think they have a right to.
Tell them you will call the FBI and general attorneys office. They won't like it and hang up on you.
alyce bonura

Sherman Oaks, CA

#120 Jul 30, 2012
how do I cancel?
alyce bonura

Sherman Oaks, CA

#121 Jul 30, 2012
how can I cancel
leshia crane

United States

#123 Aug 20, 2012
I hate this place they call me all the time. I want to cancel and they try to have me make double payments. They also are very rude. A woman was just fighting with me over the phone. Dumb botched
Ron Jon

Venice, FL

#127 Sep 27, 2012
yernogoood- wrote:
You people are insane to be paying this company.
Bye Bye once again troll.

Abuse reported.
Isupportthemovem ent

United States

#128 Oct 28, 2012
This place is great, its been paying my bills for the past 3 years. Sorry if you guys didnt listen. You got sold. And we dont promise giftcards, we are one sponsor, you must complete 2-16 sponsor offers to redeem your gift, depending on the website. Soo listen up next time. This is a perfect marketing strategy, go ahead, contact the attorney general, were all legit, thanks have a good day

Cape Coral, FL

#130 Apr 29, 2013
yernogoood- wrote:
<quoted text>He stated he did NOT order anything. Did you see that part? This IS a shyster outfit and this forum let's people know that. I wish these criminals would try sending ME some of their chit and billing me. Oh what fun I would have.
well he had to order something they arent going to send magazines to someone who didnt give them there credit card info
Sarah B


#131 Oct 19, 2013
Ok. I am beyond irritated with this company. I signed up with them back in May of 2012. They initially told me that I would be receiving the magazines because of 'time owed to me' and I would be receiving them at no cost, that I would only be paying for shipping, which normally isn't bad.I realized about 5 minutes after I hung up that I was going to end up paying a lot more money than I really wanted to, almost $2000. So I called them back right away to cancel my subscription. Literally 6 minutes after I hung up. The person who took my call said that my order would be canceled, and I was relieved. However, in October I received a phone call from them about my account, they were going to take $80 out of my account for the magazines. I ripped into them over the phone, because I had canceled within minutes of ordering. They insisted that I didn't cancel in the required 7 days. So when they read me my 'information' I realized that whomever took my phone call when I canceled, didn't cancel my order at all, they just changed my address back to the old one. I have tried multiple times to get this issue resolved. And to top it all off, I checked my bank account this morning and discovered that this month, I was charged TWICE! URG! The worst part is, that I moved to South Korea, so I'm in a completely different time zone, so I can't even call right now to complain and fix my bank account, because now it's in the negative, and I'm not receiving my magazines (my family is though).
Sarah B


#132 Oct 19, 2013
yernogoood wrote:
Has anyone filed a report with the state attorney’s office? That would be the best thing to do and to definitely NOT worry about it. They will stay doing business under that name as long as they are not reported. After they are reported naturally they will go under a different name and just continue. Better yet seek them out in attempt to acquire employ with them and information gather.(We call it intelligence)
I wish I had found this forum before I moved to Korea. I don't have a local BBB here to fix this problem.

Fort Myers, FL

#133 Oct 29, 2013
Gulf Coast Readers is a great company! I ordered magazines and received all the magazines I ordered! I even received some bonus magazines. I pay a premium price for these mags just so I can change my subscription to any other magazine at any time. I will continue to do business with Gulf Coast Readers for many years to come.

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