Even as recently as April, someone was shot and killed by a suspect wearing a ski mask. Ski masks are for cold, snowy climates. Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, and Southwest Florida in general sits in a TROPICAL climate! And in a tropical climate, everyone needs to dress like they would in any warm weather event; short sleeves, shorts, and other light weight clothing. In a tropical climate area, there is one reason, and ONE reason ONLY that anyone would wear a ski mask! To conceal his/her identity so he/she can commit a violent crime (robbery, shooting, homicide, etc) and get away with it. Due to so few people out there paying attention to what people wear on their faces, including ski masks, too many killers and robbers are still on the loose, terrorizing innocent civilians of Fort Myers, especially the Dunbar area.

People really need to wake up and pay attention to what others are wearing. Cowboy hats and baseball caps are fine, but anything (other than sunglasses) that covers the face, especially in a TROPICAL climate, always spells trouble! And that expressively includes ski masks, bandannas, and hoods!