What is to refute by the city of Cape Coral, Fl.
They have only added Tax upon Tax upon Tax.
Added Taxes before they knew what the increase in property valuation would be. It increased 5.6%
This brought in additional revenue under the normal method.
They added a Utility Tax 7% on the killowatt Hours of electricity used. Yhis tax can be increased and the chance of it ever going away is nil.
The Fire Department budget always figured into real estate tax was increased from $25 million 2 years ago, to $29 million last year, to $33.4 million this year. Then they took 62% of this figure and are presenting primarily home owners a separate bill for 2 sizes of homes. Small $97 and $230 large homes both based on square footage of the homes.
They say they are going to reduce the milage rate first it was 2 points out of a 10 point cap which is state law and then reduced it to 1 point.
The millage rate is as we speak 9.745. Not much room to tax, thus the reduction of 1 point to keep the State of Florida out of city's way.
Don't build here, don't invest here don't vacation here until this municipal government makes it attractive to do so.
The place is full of empty land, now rental homes, and poor quality jobs unless you work for the city.
As time goes on Cape Coral will not be able to even meet the give away base wages, overtime, special pay, bonus pay and PENSIONS for their staff.
Oh yes the city has nothing to refute! God save the homeowners who's housing investment are way below the National, state and county values!
You want to go broke then come buy or build!