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#2194 Jul 21, 2013
PopFrancis wrote:
<quoted text>
Sounds like a very very envious remark.
Envy is at the root of all evil, probably the reason they shot John Lennon.
Listen to the Rubber Soul Album, Great Great stuff Oh girl, you say she's lookin good, she acts as if it's understoo Oh Girl
Imagine there is no Heaven,
Are any of you aware what he's dreaming of ???
He's dreaming of exactly waht Heaven is really all about,
A Heaven on earth, which amy be just the case.
You can make claims that it's all about money, but you really shouldn't contradict yourself with statements that Envy'' is the root of all evil. Trying to sell a book by making doctors, and drug companies look bad, is the wrong approach to getting people to think healthy. You're just slamming the idea across with a negative image of something else in order to promote your ideas. Totally wrong! Your concern with being called a hypocrite, your not concern with the idea that organized religion, is presented as a hypocritical belief.

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#2195 Jul 21, 2013
The government is using their own system of beliefs, by using the food and drug administration as a government run part of that system to file a class action lawsuit against drug companies, in order to raise taxes because lawsuits will in fact increase tax revenue, and will justify by their own means a way of misspending taxpayer's money. Class action suits can amount to billions of dollars. Their claims of antidepressant drugs causing heart attacks, based on a study by the F.D.A. goes against the idea that type two diabetes is NOT, the major cause of heart attacks as people have been lead to believe for years but antidepressants taken by someone with diabetes. The belief that this lawsuit even exists has to be proven. Proof that the government is finding ways to waste tax money is already been an issue long enough. How many died as a result of the combination. Why was this not a major news story, or was it just missed? What actually proof would you have that this was in fact a settlement?

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#2196 Jul 21, 2013
Keeping people on antidepressant drugs, by the rules and regulations of the F.D.A. is the governments way of controlling the economy to justify the spending!

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#2197 Jul 21, 2013
Darwin did not become a scientist because of religious reasoning. Scientists are created thru their own curiosity, that serves as a motivation. Curiosity is the true motivation of necessity = that is a Charles Darwin quote. Science in any form of information that you will remotely recognize was not available to Darwin due to lack of discovery. Darwin would become a muse, to the true founder of genetic information, who was in fact Gregor Johann Mendel. As would Mendel's discoveries like separation of pea pods become useful to Darwin. God did not factor into this according to historical studies.

Spring Hill, FL

#2198 Jul 21, 2013
4 posts all in a row

come now JOE

you being a 'moe' seems your goal

think and hold your train of thought in control


do you prefer being a long boring hot wind

you can't win
florida history

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#2199 Jul 21, 2013
just a little florida good old boy history

Woodrow Wilson

United States

#2200 Jul 22, 2013
florida history wrote:
just a little florida good old boy history
The government which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of their bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy.

– Woodrow Wilson
Willies Woman

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#2201 Jul 22, 2013
Woodrow Wilson wrote:
<quoted text>
The government which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of their bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy.
– Woodrow Wilson
hadn't seen this bozo's quote since his Sec of Navy took his job

who was he?
de tour

United States

#2202 Jul 22, 2013
PopFrancis wrote:
Upon examination of the President face yesterday (July 19th 2013) as portrayed by MSN, it sort of confirms my over all suspicions that President Obama is NOT the first Black President. In my estimation, analization, and comparison to others. I strongly believe that President Obama is The First Hebrew President. My suspicions are based on the fact there is no legitimate explanation for their appearance on earth. In my assessment, Black Americans are really nothing more then Brown Americans just with a more genetic predisposition towards a deeper Brown. A deeper shade of Brown much like produce, some fruits and vegetables are simply darker then others. I have even heard the term Eggplant used. It is a color.
I was always taught in school especially Art classes that the color Black is strictly the “absence of color“. Obviously, the President of these United States (unfortunately at times we do not appear to put forth a United front nor appear to be very United to the rest of the world and in my book this is extremely Unpatriotic ) as well as all American and all human beings have some manifestation of color to them.
In my case, I am referred to as white person probably very much similar to an Albino( A White Race Horse is referred to as an Albino) Therefore referring to President Obama as the initial Black President is simply absurd, ridiculous and illogical.
President Obama in my assessment is really the first Hebrew President of these United States of America. This is based on all my limited understanding and limited study of the Life of “Jesus. Jesus Christ was a Hebrew Rabbi. In Jesus performance of his obligation to his fellow country men, Jesus went among the lepers. Jesus was about the only living soul at the time to congregate with Lepers. Jesus congregation and ministry included the lepers of his time.(A leper is someone who suffers from leprosy).
What exactly is leprosy? In my judgment, lepers were simply rejected Hebrews born with various and numerous types of birth defects. Nothing more and nothing less. The Hebrews more then likely felt these lepers with birth defects were some how exceedingly contagious and riddled with disease thusly, no one was ever allowed and more then likely frighten to walk among them. Hebrews were fearful of contracting their diseases.“Jesus” was unafraid and went among his disease riddled congregation of fellow Hebrews. Lepers were able to multiply with no restrictions. There were no such thing as an abortion back then however, they had remain quarantined in very secure restricted area. These lepers give rise to what is currently referred to quite inaccurately as the Black Race when in reality and in essence a mere extension of the Hebrew Race.
man it is a long way up a chicken's butt before you get to the egg plant!!!

Spring Hill, FL

#2203 Jul 22, 2013
de tour wrote:
<quoted text>
... a chicken's butt ...
my my !


Savannah, GA

#2204 Jul 24, 2013
ROOSTER wrote:
<quoted text>
my my !
Why? Do I ever inform you ever as to what you should do?
Then, Please never ever tell me what to do and I will not tell you either.

It sounds like you can't read write or understand anyones writings.

That's your problem not mine. I would also blind fold all Palestines, turned them around in circles ten times and place all them in South Miami. The crime Capital of the world.

It would be an improvement of the current culture. A vast improvement

Savannah, GA

#2205 Jul 24, 2013

I am slamming healthcare as a whole not just doctors, I've been down their path and it is the wrong path. I was very close to death because of these idiots who are all about the money$$$$$.The green with nothing else in between. Healthcare as a wwhole is ONE GIANT Rip off scheme.

The more I think about I would like to end medicare altogether. A doctors get rich program.

Visit Francis Jerry Ackerman on Facebook for more of my views on this subject.

Do more of my readings on the Forum. T.Y.

Savannah, GA

#2206 Jul 24, 2013
up and down wrote:
<quoted text>
aw - huh = awhuh
said by me
Up and Down,
This reminds me of my erroneous diagnosis of Bipolar which is nothing more then wide moods swings and the constants lowering of dopamine levels with deadly killing medication.
How many lawsuits are involved?

I came close to death, I know because of medical stupidity.
In reality, I was just experiencing diabetic comas, a trance like state of mind caused by excessive “sugar“. Sugar is the root of all headaches. Just eat some Honeydew and developed a
˝ pounder or more.

And Joseph, Why am I getting these killing medicines??
I am hospitalized three times the day after Easter, once on Valentines day and another a few days later.

Does it not indicate I eating one too many jelly beans??

And doctors have zero clue as to what is transpiring??
and bill how much in order to just kill me?

Once doctors have you in there grasp/web they hold on for all your worth in $$$$. How much they can squeeze out of you.

They make zero attempt to heal or cure you, Do they Joseph?

And with those wide mood swings, all that is necessary he/ she needs to do is balance “dopamine” by eating foods that balance or increase their levels. Extra virgin olive oil should in all likely hood help significantly.

You really think my motivation is $$$ or your health??

Explain to me, How can a medical professional even consider or prescribe Chantix full knowing that there is a very high risk of you not waking up the next day?
And furthermore Joseph, you can’t see the reason I am so miffed at the medical professionals as a whole. Then keep reading and go to my Face book pages for updates.

Thanks for you comments, extremely invalid but sort of thought provoking.

United States

#2207 Jul 24, 2013
Why don't you do a health wedsite and quit spamming this one?

Panama City, FL

#2208 Jul 24, 2013
Because he's a long winded blowhard that is too full of himself. A sexual intellectual. Or in laymen's terms a F@#king know it all.

United States

#2209 Jul 24, 2013
And your a bigoted perv.
easy does it

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#2210 Jul 24, 2013
He along with that other idiot with the spring hill ISP address ar just useful idiots for the illuminati.

The old Bush klan of the CIA created Obammy. His mammy and obummers dopted daddy Sortoro were CIA operatives in Indonesia. Bush probably had obamma cloned from a pile of chet.

He will be there as long as they want him to be there.

The sooner the common people realize the elite run this world and this country the easier the trransition to their new world order will be.
easy does it

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#2211 Jul 24, 2013
Was baby daddy tracey a cat burglar after all"

Was TrayGone a cat burglary in training?

If so RZ was right.

Tracey martin tattoos

United States

#2212 Jul 24, 2013
Martin's daddy was a Mason.
dat splains a lot

United States

#2213 Jul 24, 2013
Paul wrote:
Martin's daddy was a Mason.
That explains a lot, so is this pervert judge with the texas mudering brother that his Bush bother buddies Dubya and Jeb got out of Texas prison and free on the streets of lake County Florida to murder some more. Maybe thats why TrayC be so loved in NY and DC.

If you be talking the other kind of mason let me see his hands!!!


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