So I recently saw a Dr at an Urgent Care facility in Westminster due to a sudden, abnormal spot on my skin. I was so scared to get any kind of results from him, since there was a chance of it being Melnoma, a type of skin cancer, I believe. Well, he had told me he would send out a couple different tests, but not to worry about it, unless it hasn't gone away after 2 weeks from my visit, in which case I should make an appt with a dermatologist. I felt a big amount of relief, but still had that small doubt in the back of my mind. Well, it's almost been 3 weeks now, and the spot has only gotten larger. Not a significant change, but still, larger!!??!? Just my luck. So I've been looking for a Dermatologist that accepts Medicaid for almost the past week, and have only been lucky enough to get an appt with one from Denver Health.....IN APRIL! I have called many offices that I found online that said they accepted Medicaid, but it turns out that none of them actually do accept it. So I was talking to someone about how I wasn't sure if I'd be able to take the anxiety that not knowing will cause for the next 3 months, and they had informed me that Melanoma is very serious, and speads very quickly and that I should be seen ASAP, or certainly within the next week or two, to determine if this spot is cancerous or not.
So here I am, asking for anyone and everyone's help finding a Dermatologist that accepts Medicaid Health Insurance in and around the Denver Metro area. I live in Thornton, CO and currently do not have transportation, so I'm hoping to find someone who isn't too far...but I will also take suggestions for Dermatologisits that aren't so close. Please, help me out with this issue!! I'm so darn scared...and my anxiety is only getting worse by day.
Thank you for anyones time and help,
-Hopefully Healthy