Why I hate hopewell va

Richmond, VA

#63 May 10, 2013
The initial problem is City Council, the major problem is the misinformed, misguided individuals that keep voting the to keep the wrong ones in office. They need to understand that the "gang" does not have the best interest of the citizens at heart. They only listen to the "few" that are actually pulling the strings of certain council members. Look at who is awarded the bids. Definitely not the lowest bidder or the one who has built the type of buildings all over the state.(Social Services Building)The person(s) awarded the last two large bids are friends of the puppetmasters. Check for yourself. This is why CLB, Buji, Gore, and Pelham need to go. A lot of unnecessary taxpayer money wasted.

Altavista, VA

#64 May 11, 2013
Its the dirty south! Good ole boys that stick together. Their justice system is a joke. It is still not who u know but u know the rest!!
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#65 May 12, 2013
Hell, Debra, it's not just the south. Look at Chicago, New York, etc. They are all crooked SOBs, it doesn't matter what part of the country.

Frederick, MD

#66 Jun 7, 2013
VN Vet, did you ever live in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia or cities outside of Virginia? If not, then you oughta to hush yourself up. I lived in Richmond, Frederick, Hopewell, DC, Philadelphia and NYC. I can compare because I lived there.

Based on my observations, I felt that NYC is the safest city, even than Hopewell. NYC has neighborhoods that is not good but NYC has MANY good neighborhoods to contradict these bad neighborhoods. Hopewell does not have that. You're right that the city council is truly messed up - I know because I do follow them for years even when I lived in other cities. In my opinion, I felt that Hopewell is similar to the southeast part of DC. AS you may know, there is an unwritten rule - you don't stop and ask someone for directions in southeast of DC, PERIOD.

One time I was driving in Hopewell near Hardee's by Miles Ave - stopped by the red light - it was hot summer morning around 11ish (Please note: It was morning, not night), I already rolled my window down earlier before I arrived at the intersection. While I wait for the red to turn green, some kid slapped my face through that window. I was stunned - I have no idea who the kid is. And he ran down the Miles Avenue along with his friends who was laughing hysterically - I knew that HPD officers tend to hang out at 7-11 next to McDonalds just down the street on Oaklawn BLVD. So I went there quickly and asked for their help. One officer laughed and said, "Can you ignore them? Don't worry about it. You're fine." I was surprised then he just turned around and chat with another officer.

It disgusted me enough to contact the Police Chief about the officers - he said he will review and let me know in few days. Few days later, he informed me that I was lying. The officers never met me at 7-11.


Hopewell has a lot of potential but HPD, City Council & folks ruined it all. So I moved to Frederick - And this town is friggin' awesome.

You are right

Powder Springs, GA

#67 Jun 8, 2013
The cops treat everyone like they are criminals. In there eyes your guilty until proven innocent. I do belive lots of them got picked on in school. And have never been in charge of anything in there life. So they get a little power and they don't know how to act. Its the courts job to determine whether your guilty. You dont see judges trying to do the police jobs the police shouldnt try to do judge's
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#68 Jun 8, 2013
Ridor9th, I have lived in some of those cities, and many more. Your idea on that matter was way off base. Just because you couldn't hack it in Hopewell doesn't mean Hopewell is bad, just that you are a coward and too afraid to try to improve the situation here. Only cowards run away from a problem. Brave people face it head on.
Little LuLu

Harrisonburg, VA

#69 Jun 10, 2013
Hopewell has changed so much over the years and all for the worse! It's all about money now, and not to make anything better here,,, but money to the city employee etc paid well. OMG how far down hill can one town continue to go? We don't even have a REAL grocery store any more. Before anyone says we have one at Cavalier Square... NO WE DON'T... hell The Dollar Tree and is more of a grocery store than that thing is. I've been up there a few times and I swear all the bread smells funny like it's a day old already... Produce is the same price as Food Lion and I've tried their knock off brands and some are down right nasty.
We have to leave town and go just over the line to get food! OMG what the hell has happened to Hopewell? And what has happened to all the dry cleaners/alterations shops? Only 1 is American owned by someone who can actually speak English!! That is a crime! So many thugs walking around at night now... geeze... this place has really gone to the rats!

New York, NY

#70 Jun 10, 2013
One word LuLu Food Lion are you the same lulu that works at Carters? The bread is not a day old at save alot it is baked the night before it's delivered.

New York, NY

#71 Jun 10, 2013
Same company that bakes CCC bread bakes there.
Little Lulu

Harrisonburg, VA

#72 Jun 21, 2013
how wrote:
One word LuLu Food Lion are you the same lulu that works at Carters? The bread is not a day old at save alot it is baked the night before it's delivered.
no... I am retired, I just picked Little Lulu remembering the olden days comic books! ;o)
Little Lulu

Harrisonburg, VA

#73 Jun 21, 2013
how wrote:
One word LuLu Food Lion are you the same lulu that works at Carters? The bread is not a day old at save alot it is baked the night before it's delivered.
I was referring to the bread at SaveALot.. it smells odd
(not Food Lion, Food Lion is over the line in Prince George
Food Lion

Powhatan, VA

#74 Jun 22, 2013
Little Lulu wrote:
<quoted text>
I was referring to the bread at SaveALot.. it smells odd
(not Food Lion, Food Lion is over the line in Prince George
I guess you forgot the one at the Crossings, on the HOPEWELL side of Rt 36.

Colonial Heights, VA

#75 Aug 12, 2013
The cash cow you refer to could use the extra money to hire more police. The only way to stop the horror that goes on on Hopewell street and Broadway is foot patrol. Constant foot patrol. These bums are harrassing customers in these little shops and making it difficult. I was going to purchase a building on Broadway and put in a upper scale salon and boutique with hand made jewelry and had the backing of a great Richmond businesses.Too bad my sister was trying to make a purchase at the Dollor General and was almost accosted IN THE STORE I MIGHT ADD.They were several on cell phones following her around trying to get her car keys. She drives a BMW sports car. Quite old. But to their ignorant eyes a prize. No...the Salon won't happen.My customers from around here and nearby would not come now if they saw that crowd that hangs around the corner grocery store.I say use that extra money for more patrol. And if your speeding you should be caught and fined. Get all the money you can. Your breaking g the law and you endangering lives.Those that don't like it...call a waaaambulance. Or someone who cares. I follow the laws. U don't ..goog for you... pay the fines.
Freedom 4 All wrote:
I don't understand why there are those who gripe sabout Hopewell. Hopewell enjoys a Sheriff who put out as high as 4 Deputies on the city's 8/10 mile stretch of I-295 to set up speed traps which steals over $140,000 monthly from unsuspecting drivers. That's $1.5 million a year. Heck, being the size that Hopewell is, the streets should be paved in gold and honey flowing into the city's gutters!! I'm sure that the city leaders are reducing proerty tax rates for the citizens as well as building outstanding city infrastructure for the citizens of Hopewell to enjoy with the ill-gotten gains from that 'thug with a badge'. So it seems that not only should there be 'hope' in the city, but high satisfaction as well. OK, so Hopewell has a high crime rate and the worst school system in the state. Who cares that the Sheriff refuses to put deputies on the city streets to help the P.D. prevent crimes. YOU GET money and that is worth much more than helping prevent citizens from being poor crime victims or illiterate from bad schools. So everyone outside of the city knows Hopewell sucks, but they can't enjoy the blessings that creepy Sheriff and his henchman bestow onto the city!! Keep that money flowing and the crime rate grown Hopewell. So LUV your hick town and don't give adamn about the reputation. YOU have a cash cow thanks to I-295!!
Billy Bob

Hopewell, VA

#76 Aug 12, 2013
Craftycann, I am sorry that you weren't able to open your salon on Broadway but I really can't blame you one bit. The people who hang around downtown are keepiing any hope of revitalization from ever coming to reality. We have old bearded Hardy who hangs out by the Asian restaurant and is just plain crazy. Then there is the crowd from the apartment building for disabled and mentally challenged people. I am not intimidated by much but I don't feel safe going down there. I hope that the revitalization group trying to get the downtown off the launch pad succeeds but until the people who hang around down there are gone it will be all but impossible. I don't have any solution for the situation to suggest but it does need to be resolved. I think that the downtown area could be a cool, quirky place to shop, eat, and even to live but until the locals are out of there it just won't happen. I do hope businesses will keep trying, though--I want to see it succeed.
Its your fault

Chesterfield, VA

#77 Aug 15, 2013
It's not Hopewell you hate; it's the culture of its people.

It's a lower to slightly middle class town that is only 11 square miles.

You cannot earn a decent living here because there are no good paying jobs.

There are no good paying jobs because for 50 years Hopewell is well known as a very business unfriendly city.

Big business avoids Hopewell at all cost. Instead they go to Prince George where you have competent business men running the county and indisputably very well.

Taxes are much lower in Prince George compared to Hopewell and they have always been very business friendly.

The best you can hope for in Hopewell is to get hired at one of the few remaining plants.

Not exactly appealing to a young 20 something with big dreams and high aspirations for their life.

The intelligent well educated young people move way as soon as the opportunity arises.

The population of Hopewell is getting older, the educated young are moving away and the ones that remain become more and more dependent upon government cradle to grave freebees destroying ambition and the will to succeed.

Local Government is incompetent. Not stupid, just incompetent.
You could have a new City Council election every 6 months and it wouldn’t make any difference because the only thing that changes is the name on the placard in front of the newly elected official’s seat in the council chamber.

The reason for this; the talent pool is very small in Hopewell’s current population.

So, you end up with school teachers, retired plant workers and preachers trying to decide on how to allocate Hopewell’s annual budget of $123,000,000 each and every year.

The current council and all past councils for the last 50 years are about as qualified for this job as I am becoming a test pilot for NASA.

Again, voting them out solves nothing. You just end up with another incompetent council person.
The talent pool is small. Only the names change.

Modern politics local, state and Federal has evolved into nothing more than a popularity contest.

The requirements of talent and proven track records of success are a thing of the past.

Hopewell’s continuous and gradual demise is one that you have created. You are reaping what you have sowed.

In order to change the course of Hopewell’s destruction around two things must happen:

1. You have to abolish the ward system of Hopewell whereas all citizens can run for council and not just to represent a pre determined ward.

2. You have to start voting for people that have a proven track record of success and stop voting for people because their your friend or your friends friend or they had more signs out than they next guy or a group of women showed up at your doorstep and ask you to vote for their candidate.

If you want more a more intelligent City government, you will have to start voting more intelligent.
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#78 Aug 15, 2013
It's Your Fault, for the most part, you are spot on. But the places you are wrong, is we do and did have smart qualified people on council. Just not enough to defeat the puppets put on by the GOBs. Hopewell does not have a monopoly on corrupt or incompetent people in government. Look at Petersburg, Richmond, D.C., the state and federal government. Only when voters start getting educated on the facts and backgrounds of candidates, will we get a better crop of people in power. But alas, the uneducated, and uninterested could care less about quality and only want the free-bees that are promised to them by the low-lifes in power now.

Alexandria, VA

#79 Aug 15, 2013
And just who would those smart people be?

Waldorf, MD

#80 Aug 16, 2013
Hello..........Vn vet. Who are the smart people?
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#81 Aug 16, 2013
Excuse me for not living on here like you, curious. J.S. for one is very smart. But you could never know that, because you never go to council meetings.
There you go

Port Republic, MD

#82 Aug 17, 2013
There you go.

Better to remain silent a be thought of as a fool than to open you mouth and remove all doubt.

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