Flex-fuel gas station opens in Browar...

Flex-fuel gas station opens in Broward County

There are 120 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Jul 9, 2008, titled Flex-fuel gas station opens in Broward County. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

South Floridians with flex-fuel vehicles now have more options in Broward County when fueling up.

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#88 Jul 9, 2008
TOTAL BS wrote:
People please...there is no such thing. Read studies on the toyota hybrids vs. bmw...The BMW gets better gas milege.
Please show me the studies. What BMW beats a Prius? By the way, Toyota doesn't make flex-fuel vehicles.

United States

#89 Jul 9, 2008
To Late

Hollywood, FL

#90 Jul 9, 2008
Stop kramer, do oil changes for under 65.00 and tell the snap on crew to stop the up sell. and you never knew half the snap on gang was not even putting in/on the parts etc? all went in the trunk of the car. so ok not you ,Please get honest the dealerships are a cartel from the first entry in the showroom to you in the back for all your overpriced services / upsells. AGAIN,MAYBE NOT YOU. Pack a lunch work 2 jobs a night !! we got 5,ooo for a car we baught at the same dealership that 13 months ago we paid 9700 ,OOPS DONT FORGET YOUR DEALER FEE.599.00.

Hollywood, FL

#91 Jul 9, 2008
Thats true,stopped the dealership service dept. bull years ago. prices and mark ups make E85 look like a joke. last time I checked labor rate was like 85.00 an hour ? I may be off a bit but the prices will make you not able even to own a car today let alone service or fuel on up.get a life Jessy James

Salem, OR

#92 Jul 9, 2008
Umm... Why would somebody sell you gas at $2.00 per gallon, when they could sell it to somebody else at $4.00????

Because its a "gas price cap" stupid....

“Yes we did! ”

Since: Mar 08

Greenville, SC

#93 Jul 9, 2008
John: much as I'd like to see some price relief here, stop for a moment and think what a gas or heating fuel price cap would do to the rest of this economy? Why should anyone sell the stuff to us if they can get the going price somewhere else? Do you really think the oil companies would import the stuff, refine it, then sell it at a loss? A cap on a single critical commodity would blow up in our faces and almost surely spin the economy into a full-blown depression. It won't work.
Yea BiGgiEs

Bogotá, Colombia

#94 Jul 9, 2008
I have traveled to many foreign countries and I cant understand why I see smaller and more cost efficient, fuel efficient cars made by CHEVROLET and FORD but I dont see those cars in the USA... Other countries have done a very good job at mastering their expenses where as we in the US are just gluttens. There are models of Chevy, Ford and Toyota that you will never see in the USA... WHY Also in Thailand they have conversion kits for dual fuel vehicles for LPG *liquified petroleum gas I watched a taxi cab fill up for about $6 USD WHY cant we have this I believe these auto manufacturers and our government want to keep us needy and dependant on oil and fuel. Maybe you people should give up your SUVs and hummers and we need to take a few steps back to reality.

Salem, OR

#96 Jul 9, 2008
because it cost about .10 per gallon to make; that's why. I would know. nothing has changed in our economy in the past 8 years including demand for this product. so why is it so much again? Btw, I really only care about America and understand the effects of the world economy but we need to cut the strings at some point and work within. Once we are a well oiled machine, we can worry about everyone else. We pay Iraq 250 million plus a month to help rebuild. why? They should pay us in oil. Am I the only one who remembers the '70s & '80s? How about ma bell? Yes a price cap is needed and would work. The economy would grow over night not faulter.
cut all taxes

Auburn, ME

#97 Jul 9, 2008
But why did OUR Friend in DC put a high tarrif on importing alchol?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#98 Jul 9, 2008
85% ethanol and 3.75 a gallon? sooooo, whats the draw here?maybe at 2 bucks a gallon but not for a lousy quarter a gallon less?

Since: Jan 07

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#99 Jul 9, 2008
John from Boca wrote:
Yes, ethanol is not cheaper than gas and burn faster also; but think of this way: the money you spend on ethanol stay here and a lot less likely to go out of the country. It is a start.
Agreed There

Delray Beach, FL

#100 Jul 9, 2008
John wrote:
<quoted text>
The point is Einstein that we are reducing our dependence on foreign oil so even if it were the same price it would be a good thing.
Is the Amazon in the good old USA??????

Okeechobee, FL

#101 Jul 9, 2008
It's way more than that, try 4-5 mpg..
Johnny wrote:
I keep track of my miles per gallon.
Next time you gas up, look at the side of the pump.
There is a very small sticker that says "this gas may contain up to 10% ethanol".
I've noticed that my mpg is down about 1 mpg because of the added ethanol.

Delray Beach, FL

#102 Jul 9, 2008
Dude wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you need an investor? I don't have much but I am willing to help. Every little bit helps.
Count me in and I want stock just to help rid us of parasites!

Delray Beach, FL

#103 Jul 9, 2008
Bobby wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, and the world is flat and 9/11 was a hoax.
He speaks the truth! GM bought it and it disappeared! They actually fitted several pontiacs with it but the project was abounded since gas was only 25 cents a gallon in the mid 50s!
Kiss my Arse


#104 Jul 9, 2008
BCL wrote:
<quoted text>
While I was flying over Cuba yesterday I was thinking of maybe opening up a buisness that helps liberal people to relocate there. How much do you think I could charge??
Should have dumped your butt while you were flying over Cuba, its where you belong.


#105 Jul 9, 2008
This is the biggest case of smoke and mirrios I have seen in a long time. I'm sure the tree huggers are all thrilled. I watched the story of this on Channel 6 tonight and they had some woman at the end praising what a great deal it was to be able to pay (in her words)$3.75 or $3.69 compared to $4.25.

She thinks she's getting a great deal but let me compare a vehicle. Let's take the 2008 Chevy Impala. Running regular gas, the 3.5 engine gets 29 MPG on the highway but run it on the E-85 Flexfuel and it drops down to 21 MPG.

So a 400 mile trip running on gasoline will cost you $58.60 at her higher $4.25 a gallon. Run it on the E-85 at her lower quote of $3.69 and that same trip will cost you $70.25.

I used the Impala. Go on the EPA's newest fuel mileage figures and you can punch in any car yourself.


BTW. The Channel 6 story only pointed out 1 side and didn't show the downfalls and bigger cost to run the E-85 and hug a tree. Then again it didn't surprise me since it is an NBC affiliate.

Also, most gas stations in Florida now are using a 10% Ethanol blend. I found about a 2-3 MPG reduction on the highway using this fuel. I used straight gas recently in other states and my mileage went up right to where it should've been.

And if someone can answer this. Driving has decreased 1-2%. We're now using 10% Ethanol blend meaning we're using 10% less gasoline. So why is Florida one of the highest states in the nation for gasoline cost? The only other state on the east coast paying more is New York.

Miami, FL

#106 Jul 9, 2008
Ethanol is just another way to screw the American people. Why do you think food prices are going up they are now making fuel out of FOOD and the price of this wonder fuel has to be .70 cents a gallon less than gas to be the equal energy that gas is you lose 5 to 9 miles to the gallon when you use e-85. With all the stations now using e10 in the gas my car gets about 2 miles less to the gallon. START DRILLING FOR OIL HERE DEMOCRAPS STOP USING THE FOOD CHAIN TO MAKE FUEL. WE HAVE PLENTY OF OIL HERE!!!! USE IT. The only reason Ethanol is a LITTLE cheaper than gas is because the Government SUBIDIZES it and the amount of water that must be use is emormous we will use our drinking water to make fuel when there is oil in the ground. Build cars that get higher mileage and DRILL HERE!!!!!!

Miami, FL

#107 Jul 9, 2008
Oh also they are now thinking of lowering the speed limit to 55 they must have brain damage to think you will save fuel. If you drive 200 miles at 55 mph it will take about 4 hrs,if you drive at 70 mph it will take 3 hours get out the calculator you engine at 55 will run for an hour longer which will burn the equal amount or more at 55 rather than at 70. Do these polititions have degree's to run this country???!!!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#108 Jul 9, 2008
like paying more for food at the Supermarket....keep buying this stuff...

Instead of using corn to produce food...like feed cattle for milk and beef or chickens for eggs....you're putting it in you car
Ethonol holds water...so it cannot be piped...it takes fossil fueled trucks to ship it in as well as the disel farm equipment to harvest it.
Also it does alot of harm to engine parts due to the water content.

Then corn requires more sythetic fertilizers to grow...and the result of that is nitrogen leaching into the Miss river to drain into the Gulf of Mexico creating 'dead zones' that kill off fisheries.

Not to mention the thousands of acres of forests cut down to make way for corn fields.

No viable alternative in any way.

Terrible mandate by our congress...who by the way has a 9% approval rating

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