SPC Joseph Pinckley charged with mole...

SPC Joseph Pinckley charged with molesting 11 yr old girl by CID

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Flovilla, GA

#1 Mar 14, 2012
Well first he got married, beat the crap out of his 2nd wife. Has 8 kids. Not all in the right head. I am his wife. He has cheated on me from since we were dating and our entire marriage. He abused my child and me physically, mentally, emotionally, economically as well as our step daughter. I haven't talked to him in 2 yrs. He won't divorce me because he gets money from BAH. And I'm really worried to what he was doing with my child while i was working at living on base while he was caring for my child so i can finacially provide for the family. Because he has no possible way to do it because by surprise to me he actually has 8 kids. He does drugs in the army. He is an alcoholic with our without me. He put me in the er after 7 hours of beating me by military force. And after 2 yrs with his last charge with the 11 yr old, CID is reinstating the assault charge that was overlooked by his commander on purpose because his commander was too lazy to do the paperwork. Poor Poor commander, needs to get off his ass and value some morals in and out the military. Before this situation, his first wife...i mean he cheated on her and has 4 kids that he never sees, neglects, nor cares for. He doesn't care for anything not the army not anyone. He uses everyone that knows him as a stepping stone to use for his self interests. He left his wife homeless to fulfill his sexual desires with young female kids and stole his wife's money to take his friends out while giving his wife the worst of repuations for no one for her to turn to. Now it is under the microscope of CID, JAG, and civilian police. And Spc Pinckley, i'm not divorcing you until you give me my money back that you stolen from me, your wife so you could play around while your step daughter, my daughter, has to ask me if she gets to eat the next day. Spc Pinckley you are far from being a man. Man up, face your problems, pay your debts to society like everyone else does. Be an example of a husband and a soldier regardless of what situation you are in. You are old enough to know better to take the initiative in your life as well as your family to which you failed to do. You could have had your wife stand beside you for support, just hope one day you realize what you lost. If not already with this new charge you got. I'm not going to say I'm sorry to you. I'm more sorry for the 11 yr old child. I know your penis is small, but that doesn't mean that you have to go smaller in age to make your ego feel better. You are 36 yrs old. Quit hiding behind the army. Learn to live your life let alone. I have never seen a man coward away from their problems more than you Spc Pinckley. You put me through a lot and i am far more stronger because of it. Once you drop your pride because Spc Pinckley a soldier that molest an 11 yr old girl on fort knox base and as your wife. Talk about embarrassing but since i haven't been around for 2 yrs because you beat me unconscious in the fort knox barracks. And oh, I remember everything. You don't because you drank an entire bottle of brandy when i consumed nothing. So I would be the one with the mind to recall every detail. I'm here when you wanna talk because i'm not the suicidal/homicidal threat here. You are Spc Pinckley. Thing is, me, your wife, is not afraid of you and if you want help then you need to learn to listen. They army didn't raise you right and neither did your parents no fault of yours. It is your unit and your commanding authorities who i feel are overqualified for their ranks. Let me know when the army is going to help the family because as the active duty wife and our child that you abused. We have received no help from you or your unit so hopefully we get some relief on the behalf of the hell you and your unit put me and my daughter through. I will post this everywhere until I receive justice because the army. Your unit already has a bad rapport, and for me to be neglected with our child, hopefully we get help or a miracle.

Goodlettsville, TN

#2 Apr 13, 2012

So bad and not very bright of a human being.

United States

#3 Apr 24, 2012
Oh My ,Stephanie,Stephanie,Stephanie .Give it a rest 1)He has 6 children noy 8 2)According to the MP's there was never any evidence of abuse on you by him 3)He NEVER abused your child ( He felt sorry for her ) 4) You NEVER provided financially for the 'famil'.He helped you get a college degree...oh wait ,were you talking about your brief stint @ Domino's Pizza?? 5) He put you in ER after 7 hours of beating you with military force?? do you even realize how silly that sounds?(by the by ,I personally checked w/ ex wife & 2 ex girlfriends & they all said he'd NEVER laid a hand on them...Hmmmm 6)Left his wife homeless ?? You went to your Mothers when he was told by his superiors that due to your behavior your presence would 'no longer be tolerated' on base & it was either you leave or him be discharged.,and took your $$$$? you had none when he met you ( according to YOU ,you were losing your house to forclosure when he met you. 7) last i heard you were with your family & was dating ,or @ least that's what you told him.8)He beat you unconcious in the Ft Knox BARRACKS ?? You LIVED in base housing?! Get Real 9) You are saying 'our child' I think you mean 'your' child... just for the record 10) and the 'charge' of molestation' on an 11 year old ? it is an investigation,no charges have been filed. AND this disturbed child has made similar allegations in the past,on other men. Stephanie it's been over 2 years that He has been trying ti divorce you.and let's not forget ,YOU benefit financially from being legally wed to him ,monetarially and by having military insurance on you and your child. Guess you keep trying to fight a divorce cause you don't want to lose your 'sugar tit'( sorry for being crude ) SIGH!

Franklin, TN

#4 May 31, 2012
keep watching....it's not over yet. And no I don't rest it will fought all the way to justice of a jury trial. I have two attorney's on it. So back the fuck off and let me do what i need to. And it wasn't the child that was disturbed...I know that for a fact. You weren't there and yes it was caught on survellience and CID i speak with once a week. If you want to say this shit to my face i will make sure you have a bad day that day especially in the county in which i reside. When i say back off it is none of your business. yes he has 8 and no you didn't do your research. And 2 ex girlfriends.....omg....please. ...your time will come with him. It's a physcholgical cycle for him. You can talk to whom ever you want. The more you do the more evidence i have in harrasment charges against him. There will not be a divorce, until he gives me and my daughter's money back. Stay out of my situation of my life because i am well aware of everything and so does all of Fort Campbell. Nope didn't go to my mother's i don't live there. Far from it. I don't have to explain....all i have to say to you is "just wait" his time is coming on the justice side. I won't back down, and i don't. I don't easily give up on something as what he did. yes i will be on his insurance or i can get him for alimony either way he wants to work it. I don't care if you think i'm crude. Call me more of a direct person in doing what I say like all of Campbell and all legal superiors at Campbell, his time is coming. I don't benefit for shit on his insurance, but i will make him pay and so will my team of lawyers and doctors are after him as well. I did what you did trying to think he is innocent....like i said "just wait". Whatever you hear is just hear say nothing more. Whatever i have is actual evidence of all the taps of survellience, medical records, police reports....you just don't have a clue and he will make sure you are blind sighted....however, i'm not so easily stupid at this point. I am as real as i'm going to be with you. And for you idiots to stalk my facebook call me a skank whore...whatever... lol i'm not the one molesting 11 yrs olds and going every two years finding new girls to fuck.....just saying....have a great day.

Goodlettsville, TN

#5 May 31, 2012
and that retard for the record....never helped me with my college degree, he wasn't around for an entire 6 yrs...do your math....jesus all your information is so wrong and of course it would be coming from that habitual retard.

San Marcos, TX

#6 Jul 28, 2012
im a dear friend of pink and i dont believe a fn word ur saying ab him.beat u yea right im more violent.
yeah he might have a lot of kids but he loves and cares for all of them y do u think he stayed in the military so kids could get what they need in life and since u started all this drama you've changed the man he was a happy fun person to be around but u know what bitch he still is so just shut fuck up already take your fn meds and go on with your pathetic life please!
To Vinny

Gallatin, TN

#7 Aug 1, 2012
I'm sure you're a "dear" friend. I don't care if you believe me or him at all. It's all irrelevant. Bring your violence and if you even have a noodle inside of your head, you know exactly what would come to you. He doesn't know how to love but again irrelevant in your case. You want to blame me, go right ahead because I really don't care. And you're right "stayed" and no longer in it. Bitch, yep you're right. And what are you considered a moron that believe everything everyone tells you? Give me a break. LOL Nice comment though. Good luck with that.
Good Friend

Gallatin, TN

#8 Jan 22, 2013
Sounds like this poor guy got involved with a crazy women.If he done all you say then you would be to ashamed to post it.
Friend of a Friend

Gallatin, TN

#9 Feb 27, 2013
vinny wrote:
im a dear friend of pink and i dont believe a fn word ur saying ab him.beat u yea right im more violent.
yeah he might have a lot of kids but he loves and cares for all of them y do u think he stayed in the military so kids could get what they need in life and since u started all this drama you've changed the man he was a happy fun person to be around but u know what bitch he still is so just shut fuck up already take your fn meds and go on with your pathetic life please!
I think I can help Joseh Pinckley with the lies this woman is telling.I need emailor something so I can talk with you .Or leave attorney Info I will contact attorney for Joseph and can help a lot.
some random guy

Louisville, KY

#10 Mar 24, 2013
I dont even know the situation but after reading this even i can tell that.the original poster is full of shit. You claim he molests ur daughter but u r still willing to talk to him???? Please
Concerned citizen

Goodlettsville, TN

#11 Mar 27, 2013
I feel sorry for this poor guy.......I would love to help him out all I can,could somebody please post an attorney or something for me to contact...I promise this will help him .....she is crazy....
rubber necker

Clontarf, Australia

#12 May 2, 2013
seek legal council

Chicago, IL

#13 May 31, 2013
Speak with an attorney before you post. These posts cam be used in court to establish many things to include misappropriated funds for healthcare benefits, defamation of character, challenge mental stability. All on the poster not necessarily on the Target.

Since: Jul 13

Portland, TN

#14 Jul 12, 2013
Wow sounds like a nightmare.Good Luck to all
Pauls baby momma Tx

Aurora, CO

#15 Apr 1, 2014
Lmfao! Crazy!! Crazy!! Crazy!!

I don't believe any of this nonsense.

Let the past go, fall on your ass ,stand up with pride.
Move on let the anger go already.

United States

#16 Jan 31, 2015
Stephanie Pinckey is a piece of crap horrible human being she makes false accusations that guys have raped her. She was involved in a nursed and has 5 pending warrants for her erest. Guys need to be careful with her or around her. She is very mentally unstable and I fear for her daughter being around a person like that. She needs to be put behind bars and executed for her bs
stephanie pinkisadouche

United States

#17 Jan 31, 2015
Stephanie pinckley lives in a trailer park with her parents I saw the trailer it's nasty I'm suprised the state of TN hasn't taken her kid. she's in POF and other dating sites trying to hook up with soldiers or any other poor sap's. she's nasty, cray cray. He's over weight really like, beyond extremely fatt
Look on pof for missninja or on her Facebook stephanie pinckley I'll see how Farr she is and how many people want to bash her brains in
stephanie mustdie

United States

#18 Jan 31, 2015
Stephanie Pinckley is a piece of shit. Pardon my strong language. She claims that she was an army medic which hello!!!! STOLEN VALOR. She needs to be in jail or Capitol punishment for her bs, crimes that she has pending. Her child never got hurt physically or on a sexual level. she put her husband ex.....ect..... She cheated on him while he was deployed with a drug dealer in ELIZABETH TOWN, KY. Please do not believe her. She's broke, poor and full of shit.

United States

#19 Oct 24, 2015
Stephanie Ralph is what you are going by now.... hmmmm your a lying pathetic ass person you claim your a veteran but as I see your so full of shit pathetic ass
Concerned Citizen

Antioch, TN

#20 Oct 25, 2015
This woman is extremely sick in the head and needs some serious help. She is on local "buy,sell,trade" sites on facebook and is claiming to be a disabled VET. The community offered to do a "community baby shower" for her baby she is "scheduled" to have on Christmas Day, and when people began telling her they would not dish out $$ she went postal and then coincidentally didn't want the baby shower. She is messaging people crazy nonsense about how they broke promises to her for not dishing out cash even though the baby shower was set in place to help her get all the necessary items needed for a baby. After her life comments and messages to people we began doing research and found a long criminal history. This woman needs her family to step up and have her committed into a looney bin... Like yesterday!

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