2 people arrested in drowning of Jarr...

2 people arrested in drowning of Jarret Clark

There are 131 comments on the KJRH-TV Tulsa story from Jul 27, 2007, titled 2 people arrested in drowning of Jarret Clark. In it, KJRH-TV Tulsa reports that:

Posted By: Chris Cordt The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office confirms two people have been arrested for Jarret Clark's death. via KJRH-TV Tulsa

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Living with lies

Muskogee, OK

#107 Nov 28, 2009
Dayna, don't you think today, what would have been your little brother's birthday, is a good day to go tell the truth? No one believes your lies. I'm telling you now, life is short and one day you will realize that you are 30, then 40, then 50 and you will have lived your life as a lie. It won't matter if you get a degree, get a great job, get married and have children one day. Your life is now and will always be one big lie. Don't let another year get away from you. I don't think you realize how much the truth would mean to so many and you. Don't stand by Brandon's grave and continue to live the lie.
Tyrone H

Kent, WA

#108 Jan 4, 2010
Eric Slater Jarrets Dad wrote:
Sorry you can't see the obvious and what's wrong with this fourm? This is America and the land of free speech you should here me talk at the Elks Lodge and how I spread the word about these people! Does my opinion bother you? Well Boo Hoo.
I already told you who I am and yes I'm in the phone book so please feel free to call. We can discuss this in private.
It's funny how the perps alway say it's the victims fault.
I guess the guilty always blame the innocent.
My anger is very well managed considering the murder Brandon's family brought on mine and the injustice from the court system!
Karma already got Brandon and I heard he sreamed for hours and would pass out then wake up and scream some more before he eventually drown. Good!
I hope he had time to reflect on his actions before he got what he deserved and I'm glad he suffered. I hope the others drown too! That would really be ironic wouldn't it!
What would you do if the person that took your child to the lake beat him up and threw him in the lake and went into town bragging about it?
Brandon told Tammy on the phone what he did I guess the family doesn't want to believe how Brandon bragged about what he did.
You are obviously not very well informed go to www.jarretaustinclark.com and read the tab from Political Belle I'm sure you will find it interesting.
Sir, I just wanted to say tat the simple fact you arent in jail for killing all those invovled in the crime against your child - that alone is a Testament to your anger management. I pray I never have to go through anything close to what you have been thru, and that JUSTICE finally comes to your family
Tyrone H

Kent, WA

#109 Jan 4, 2010
Law student wrote:
Criminal minded people tell a lie enouogh they convince themselves it's the truth.
I think the investigator's believe that Brandon Hargrove initiated a fight and Tony Wallen jumped in knocking Jarret out then they both threw him into the lake knowingly killing him. They believe that Dayna Hargrove and Courtney Manzer placed Jarret's shoe and jacket in an attempt to throw off the investigation. I think they had Brandon caught in numerous lies and it is unfortunate he did not participate in the Grand Jury.
The truth is within you, why are you protecting Tony now?
yeah, you read her (Dayna's) comments and you see she's like totally cool with her role in this kid's death. Kinda sad. It's like she's saying "oh, everyone should just move on" or something like that - really pathetic.
A mom

Lobelville, TN

#110 Jan 5, 2010
Why is it lowlifes have relations in the enforcement or city council or any position within in a town or county?
Bad blood always seems to have cover..
In CT in mid 80's two young brothers were buying Xmas gifts for their family on Xmas eve. walking a winding low lit road back home.
A known scumbag, Dirt bag who beat up girls , stole cars did allot of drugs .. his father was an ex cop in the neighboring town.
The road the two young brothers took home ran between East Haven and Branford.
They were run down and both died but a witness saw an older cadillac style vehicle with vanity plates.
Well in east haven living off that road was the scumbag Armand who happen to have an old cadillac he used to attempt to run down my young son and a friend through a park one day. His car had vanity plates "Armand".
That car was never seen again after the accident.
I learned later from the local police when they finally had un-related officers that they did follow up and had found that Armand's car had been destroyed at a vehicle recycle dump.
No-one would ever have a car that may have tied him to the accident if he indeed as suspected ran the two young brothers down and left the scene to run home to his Mommy who knew all the East Haven police too well.
Oh why say this.. and mention names.. because you have to take people to court when you feel you are wronged and you need to prove the accuser wrong.. so give me a day in court. Can he deny he owned the vehivcle, can he deny he had vanity plates can he deny he frequented THAT road. can he deny when and what happened to his car and his plates at the time the two young boys were killed.. on xmas eve after shopping for their family....
Oh Armand has been in and out of jail all these years.. last I knew he was still in jail.. some blood just goes bad..
I wish this family peace and pray they will see their son again someday in a much better place..
As for the few blood relatives of that Brandon.. wow.. I believe in the spirit living on and this is the first I saw gain some solace on their own.
Mostly likely saved several people from harm from this lowlife. I wonder if the others involved all the way up to relatives and friends supporting them are wondering and looking over their shoulders and have the sweats at night or when alone... Their day is coming.. always does..

Las Vegas, NV

#111 Jan 19, 2010
Eric Slater wrote:
http://www.jarretaustinclark.c om/
mr. Slater, you are very angry and bitter. You should consider getting counseling, it will help. Attacking peoples families will not help. I lost someone that was murdered, spewing angry attacks at them will not bring them back and keep talking about it to your friends at the Elks Club will not help. People do not want to hear it, you must move on. it is hard, but you must, if you cannot then get professional help. I used to live in your area, I remember hearing about this. I hope your family finds peace and hoping that others involved drown or die, it is not healthy.

United States

#112 Jan 20, 2010
Guest wrote:
<quoted text>
mr. Slater, you are very angry and bitter. You should consider getting counseling, it will help. Attacking peoples families will not help. I lost someone that was murdered, spewing angry attacks at them will not bring them back and keep talking about it to your friends at the Elks Club will not help. People do not want to hear it, you must move on. it is hard, but you must, if you cannot then get professional help. I used to live in your area, I remember hearing about this. I hope your family finds peace and hoping that others involved drown or die, it is not healthy.
The person you lost... was that your child; your only child? Do you know you murdered that someone and did they get away with it? Are they walking around today still bragging about what they did to your someone?... knowing the 3 involved with Jarret Clark's murder; I'm sure that's what they're still doing. Maybe it was easy for you to move on over the loss of your someone, but for Jarret's parents it may not be that easy. They searched for 5 days for their son while the murderers were in BA bragging about it. I would not be able to move on if this happened to my son or daughter. Good for you tho; you've moved on, put it past you. Some can and some can't. And... there just may be things you're not even aware of in this case that Jarret Clark's family are aware of. How dare you tell them or anyone that has lost their only child to move on. Walk in their shoes!
Broken Arrow Lifer

Broken Arrow, OK

#113 May 28, 2011
I am so thankful for this forum. I see how dumb alot of you "Strangers" are by defending Brandon or fighting with Eric. I personally knew both of the boys and dated them both at different times in our lives. I know who Brandon was and i know who Jarret was. I'm sorry to say or i'm not but Jarret was a great guy who deserved more in this world then to be murdered by the scum of this earth (YOU) Brandon was never a good kid even through grade school. He was always stealing and cussing, Doing drugs and fighting. Now i remember Jarett when he was young to and none of those words even come close to the sweet natured boy i knew as Jarret. I'm sorry some of you think he was just as big of a druggie if not more then Brandon, but i know first hand HE WASN'T!!!!! Yes he may have at some point drank a little (didn't we all when our parents weren't around?) and yes maybe he took some pills here and there (Once Again alot of us EXPERIMENT WHEN YOUNG) But i have to say when you come to school (OR DON'T) F*CKED UP ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON its hard to be on your side especially knowing you couldn't even show your face around after you bragged to Tammy and Jarrets friends about beating him senseless and leaving him to die because he "deserved what he got" Well Cortney was and will always be a nasty slut who will get no where in life and neither will any of that family involved. I hope...Well i know we will FIGHT EACH AND EVERY DAY FOR THE JUSTICE OF WHAT HAPPENED TO JARRET. I don't think Justice has been served just because Brandon dies, but am sorry i don't feel for his family because we still have unanswered questions that burden our lives each and every day while you can get on with yours knowing that Brandon died drinking and driving with beer in the car with his friends..ATLEAST YOU KNOW! But when will we know? I hope sooner then later considering it has now been 5 years since we lost this great soul to the Heavens.
Before any of you spew anymore anger or hate towards Eric you need to get your facts straight. People will still tell you EXACTLY what happened that night that they know of. Now we still haven't heard EXACTLY what you people did to him and i'm hoping it rots your brains til you can't take it anymore and maybe even die from all the lies or maybe justice will be served when we finally get answers and Cortney along with the others are serving their life in prison. I'm sure she would love all the "freebies" the place would give her.

I love you Jarret and Slater Family!!!!!!! We will never STOP OUR FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!

Dallas, TX

#114 Jan 21, 2012
First I want to say R.I.P to Brandon an Jarrett you guys will always be in our memorys .2nd no one is God to Evan be judgeing every one wants to balme Brandon cause he had a lil bit of problems well if everyone new it was him why didn't they go to jury an tell the truth huh cause y no one knows who killed Jarrett so they need to stop blaming Brandon please its not fare I grew up with Brandon's sister Brandon was like a big brother to me if I ever needed anything he was always there so I will appreciate if y'all with stop talking shit bout him he's dead an gone he can't afend him self I'm sorry for the lost of Brandon an jarretts families my prayers are for yall
compassionate girl

United States

#115 Mar 5, 2012
Those of you who are on here talking shit on Jarrett especially him being deceased should be ashamed of yourself and you should be adult enough to respect a grieving father.. who gives a fuck if they dont have the same last name why does that matter? I agree brandon got what he deserved but why dwell in the past? Im sorry to say this Eric but tony dayna and courtney have gotten so much ridicule from this which is expected but do u honestly think Jarrett would want it to be like this? I highly doubt it... But lets all act our ages please and show respect to both of the deceased.. They cant stand up for themselves or try and clear themselves now.... Ya i believe the fight for Jarretts death is important but i honestly believe Justice For Jarrett has been served... please take this into consideration... im 19 years old and am the little sister of Jarretts cousins ex husband R.I.P. Jarrett you may be gone but your not forgotten
serena read

United States

#116 Apr 15, 2012
I lived by wahoo bay when Jarret was murdered, I used to take my kids there every day in the summer time. I'm still amazed at how slow our system is in charging someone for this crime. We still have our Justice for Jarret sign up until he gets justice. Sadly I noticed Courtney has a Facebook page, since Brandon is gone why doesn't she tell the truth? I want to let more people know what happened, if anyone knows how to give me flyers, etc pls email me and let me know serena.read74@gmail.com

United States

#117 Jun 23, 2012
I moved here 10 years ago at the age of 14 i went to school at south intermediate.. i had no friends well i ended being friends with brandon because i knew nobody.. anyways brandon was the worst influence on me... with drugs an stealing an skipping school,, an i regret every bit of it... iam so much of a better person now an a very succesful business man.. i never knew jarret untill all that happend an from wat i heard he seemed like a awesome friend an wonderful son.. an sounds like a mommas boy like myself.. yes i can admit it.. theres nothing wrong with it.. anyways i feel like i could of stoped wat happend to jarret an blame myself to this day.. the reason i say that is because the day they went to the lake i got a call from brandon an he tried to get me to go to the lake with them an i told them no i didnt want to go because i no longer trusted brandon an them.. but when i look back if i would of just gone to thw lake that day i could of stoped wat happend because i would of helped jarret an stoped the fighting.. an even though i didnt know jarret but my mother raiesed me right an i would of been on jarrets side because i know how jealous brandon gets of courtney.. its sad .. anyways ill always tell myself untill the day i die that i should of went to the lake when they invited me to go... my love goes out to jarets family an even tho i didnt know him he seemed like an awesome kid an son.. i have no comment from brandons side.. it was wrong for wat he did.. an for courtney an dayna not to jump in an stop the fighting makes me sick.. i think it was a set up.. i think courtney with her slutty looks lured him in the tent.. ima jus stop with my opinon.. but i will pray an hope that justice is served..
A close friend

United States

#118 May 16, 2013
Another Stranger wrote:
Stranger - How dare you say Jarret is responsible for his own death. As a friend of Jarret - Jarret's only fault that night was being with Brandon Hargrove, Tony Wallen, Courtney Manzer and Dayna Hargrove w/o his true friends around. Everyone knows that Brandon Hargrove is bad news. Brandon was also very jealous of Jarret and Jarret was with the wrong group. Brandon and Tony murdered Jarret by drowning him - everyone knows that. If you'll recall - Jarret was only 0.04 alcohol. No telling what Brandon's and Tony's levels were. I also know several involved with this and after hearing from people who were also actually there - I know Jarret was beat up and drowned by Brandon, Tony, Courtney and Dayna. Brandon was stupid enough to tell everyone... what a thing to brag about. Courtney too. They must really be screwed up in the head. Jarret's family is only doing what any parents would do for their child - their only child. These scum bags don't even realize what they've done to this family. They have cheated and robbed Jarret and his family of the future. So, why don't you just back off Stranger. Have you walked in the family's footsteps previously? If not - shut the hell up.

Your an idiot that needs to get their facts straight,! It's was jaretts fault. Like the last person said. Jaret was responsible and his parents need to learn to except that there "insicent chil" wasn't so inicent

United States

#119 Feb 25, 2014
Why don't they go after Courtney Manzer? She recently deactivated her fb because of this.

Tulsa, OK

#120 Feb 28, 2014
Courtney manzer arrested and charged for first degree murder in the case. Glad that something is finally being done!

Broken Arrow, OK

#121 Feb 28, 2014
Tuh wrote:
Why don't they go after Courtney Manzer? She recently deactivated her fb because of this.
Good eye! Bet she shitting bricks now, Behind bars.
justice finally to the Clark Family!
sadly my name is courtney

Tulsa, OK

#122 Mar 4, 2014
BUT I AM HAPPY TO ADD TO ALL THIS CRAZY BULL$H!* that Courtney manzer has be arrested AND iS BEING CHARGED IN THE DEATH OF JARRETT CLARK ....... now I know this is several years later but it will be served!!! bradon got his karma hit hard when he crashed and died in 2 in of water running in a stream... people will always be mean a cruel in many different ways but this time everyone has lost someone and people are finally getting what the deserve. Courtney will never know her kids and Brandon is already gone their accomplishes will lose out on the rest of good living as they are already mid 20 late 20's ish .. all we can do now is pray for jarretts mom and step dad and everyone around for justice is about to be served they way it should have been 8 years ago...
# god deals with things in tremendous ways if your good he will let you watch. so always count your blessings for they've already been granted to you before you even knew it..
miss smith

United States

#123 Mar 9, 2014
Yet Another Stranger wrote:
What did Jarret do that was so bad? You seem to know the truth and are with holding it from authorities pussy! How sick can you be stranger? Purely white trash, low life scum!! Blaming Jarret for his own death? What did he do that deserves the death penalty imposed by these four. Who are they to to be Judge, Jury and executioner? This comment proves that you know they are guilty of murder.
how do u know "stranger" is white trash?? might not be white at all b4 u go throwing white folks under the bus!!!
miss smith

United States

#124 Mar 9, 2014
KARMA wrote:
Oh and 1 more thing I might add. Why would anyone want to argue over a HOE like Courtney M. who has been with every guy in BA? Dang I wish Jarrett's real friends would have been there that night. Then that would have not been possible! Maybe KARMA will meet up with all the rest who were responsible for this SENSELESS death. If it were my son, sad to say but noone would be able to restrain me if I saw those scumbags. But anyways, K A R M A. Like it or not!
I get so sick of hearing ppl like u call woman whores for being with a lot of men. what about the men that are with a lot of women? I just call them ho's toobc I do not believe in that double standard. I do not want my girls to sleep around and I hold the same standard for my boys.
youwill know soon enough

Broken Arrow, OK

#127 Mar 28, 2014
Stranger wrote:
I know several involved with this & after hearing from people who were actually there I don't think anyone is responsible except Jarret. His family just cannot & will not accept it. They want to see someone held responsible so "they" can feel batter about it all. There is a reason it already went to court & no one is in prison for it. Some things in life are just hard to swallow & this happens to be one of them.
I was there that night and you are wrong the truth will come out!!!! I cant wait to see everyone who have said these things eat there words. God will deal with all involved, and those who judged no matter what so I would watch it.

Albuquerque, NM

#128 May 3, 2014
miss smith wrote:
<quoted text> I get so sick of hearing ppl like u call woman whores for being with a lot of men. what about the men that are with a lot of women? I just call them ho's toobc I do not believe in that double standard. I do not want my girls to sleep around and I hold the same standard for my boys.
Is your name carol ?Did you live in NM at one point in your life ?

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