Copenhagen Fire's Newest Officer
Marcy Flanders

Penn Yan, NY

#42 Mar 7, 2014
Just because you make multiple mistakes in life, it still doesnít mean that you can never change and be a better person. What about making the mistake of assuming you know things you donít actually know? Just because you can go read a newspaper article or look up police records or gossip with your neighbors every single day, doesnít mean you know the full story or can have an accurate take on what happened. Some of you will be making that mistake for a lifetime, I guess that petty ignorance should be the only representation of you as a person. No one has the right to determine whether or not someone else has learned their lesson or how short or long of a time period that takes. Itís contradictory to make a production out of an election within this organization, yet you come into contact with people with records and similar problems on a day to day basis and blindly put your trust in those people. What about the records and past of people within the village or town boards, school, churches, and businesses and their families that hold important roles? Letís just gossip about everyones dirty laundry on the Internet and make everyone in the whole damn town against one another. Clearly what you are trying to say is that you canít trust someone right away after making multiple mistakes that you know of, but to see that someone has changed you have to give them a chance to prove themselves. Itís not fair to treat people as though because of their past, they cannot represent themselves, their community or this organization in a positive manner. I guarantee you that each and every person posting on this forum has flaws and problems that if brought to light, would show that they arenít the most upstanding, respect-worthy, and law-abiding citizens. I think some of the members (past and present) that try to cause problems for the department forget that it is well known by others in the department and the community of their own shortcomings and records. The difference is that some people have the respect and dignity to not talk and obsess over other peoplesí lives. It is clear through this forum over time that most of you are sad representation of the Copenhagen community; a bunch of bullies that love drama and canít look at themselves in the mirror and face their own personal problems. Everyone knows that the use of this website has caused nothing but trouble and hurt for people and their families, regardless of it being used most of the time to disrupt the department. Some of you are clearly harassing and ďstirring the potĒ on this website because of the pain and problems it is bringing to the department and other people and get enjoyment out of it. How sick is that?
Oh stop

Saranac Lake, NY

#43 Mar 8, 2014
Our judicial system is not a witch hunt.

He pleaded guilty to rape.

Nothing anyone can say or due can change his past. Nothing you can say will ever justify him being or holding a position of authority

That's what rape is.. wrongfully taking authority over a individual in the utmost damaging way.

And honestly, he remains under probation. Under probation!

Is everyone understanding this?

You say everyone deserves a second chance. Well I don't believe in this case, a past criminal record that is this extensive warrants any community position that represents honor and respect.

And clearly others believe what I do.

Utica, NY

#44 Mar 8, 2014
Well it was vote for Shane or that redneck kid with the mullet. Apparently he was the lesser of the two evils.

United States

#45 Mar 8, 2014
Bystander are you kidding, hardworking kid, gainfully employed, never been in trouble with law vs. The other option. There is no comparison!
old timer

Tupper Lake, NY

#46 Mar 8, 2014
Apparently the original poster must have a record of all past and present firefighters as when some thing comes up about an officer or member he has all the answers about their past present and past. Much have too much time at a computer to get the information. Please note that there is a procedure to be followed when some one is elected to an officer's position that it must be approved by the Village Board as to qualifications . The formal process will be taking place after the April election. Give the new procedure some time to work. And to the original poster that knows all how do we know what his past ios or what skeletons he oir she have in their closet.
Oh stop

Saranac Lake, NY

#47 Mar 8, 2014
Shane Henry wrote:
Hey mad member......, look in the by laws, I dont need a license to get on a creeper and run a grease gun on them trucks, and ill bet I wouldn't miss a single grease fitting, lets see you do that..... oh wait the last time they were serviced, I did it, and the time before that, Me and aanother chief did it.......
it really isn't the grease gun that is in question... It is your greasy fingers that got you a nice mug shot and a perfect picture of NYS Drill Team Association right on the front of the shirt.

The only thing that would have made it better was the Cubs orange camo, After all "Buckets Before Beer" Unless of course your on probation.

Saranac Lake, NY

#48 Mar 8, 2014
bystander wrote:
Well it was vote for Shane or that redneck kid with the mullet. Apparently he was the lesser of the two evils.
This is what this group does every time. Target a innocent dept member in attempt to redirect the fault from the true conflict.

Soon there wont be a up to standards, OSHA and certified volunteer left.

Then the village can play Eenie Meenie Miney Moe and pick a neighboring dept to take over.

Then at least the people of our village can get a break from this crap.

Saranac Lake, NY

#49 Mar 8, 2014
Oh stop wrote:
<quoted text>
it really isn't the grease gun that is in question... It is your greasy fingers that got you a nice mug shot and a perfect picture of NYS Drill Team Association right on the front of the shirt.
The only thing that would have made it better was the Cubs orange camo, After all "Buckets Before Beer" Unless of course your on probation.
it there a way to share his mug shot on here?

It is classic!
Been there

Saranac Lake, NY

#50 Mar 8, 2014
According to the die hard hagenhood facebook pace we should all stop bullying the poor boy. It has been very rough on him and we should all feel sorry for him. We'll boo hoo! Maybe Shane should make a public apology to he people he victimized.
Glass Houses

United States

#51 Mar 8, 2014
Peep wo liv in glass houses generally don't thro stons
mad member

Albany, NY

#52 Mar 9, 2014
huh wrote:
Bystander are you kidding, hardworking kid, gainfully employed, never been in trouble with law vs. The other option. There is no comparison!
Your right, there is no comparison, he has voiced his opinions, he wants to make the fire dept. Better, he not only shows up to functions, but he is the chairman of the tractor pulls, he makes sure the equipment on the trucks is up to snuff, and the best part is he is not a member of the drill team. Of course he can't be a chief. Jim would never allow that, it would threaten the drill team too much.
bla bla bla

Clinton, MA

#53 Mar 9, 2014
I think everyone that picking on St Henry is guilty in their own ways um is a very good kid he does what he can do to help everybody out um I can say is everybody that the negative toward Shane being a Chief and the Copenhagen fire department can either a go f*** yourself go f*** yourself or C go f*** yourself
Past member

United States

#54 Mar 10, 2014
As a past member of this department i have to look at it and wonder what has gone so wrong in the last few years. There is not supposed to be a seperation between the fire department and the drill team. You are firemen before you are drill team members never forget that. You can not survive as a department if you do not get along as a whole. This divide is killing the department and the community support behind the department. Here are some simple things to do that i think could bolster the communities respect for the department.

1. The department heads need to take control of the drill teams check book so that there is more than one person in control of it. This is not a dig at Jim or anyone else for that matter, but it holds more than one person responsible.
2. The bickering and bitching between members needs to cease in the public eye. If there are problems they need to be handled like men face to face. Not only will this stop painting a bloody picture to the public on TOPIX but it might just earn a little respect among both sides.
3. While i realize shane may have all the qualifications and I am sure he could do the Job as a chief, Given his history i think that it is a poor choice at this present point in time. He is a hard working kid who cares more for this department than most but in the publics eye he is untrustworthy and this is unfathomable.
4. Member of the department need to vote for what is best for the department not what is best for themselves or the drill team. This is for all issues that require a vote.

Dont get me wrong i am a supporter of the drill team, but i think that there needs to be a little more checks and balances involved.

Remember that everything that is said and done by the department members whether it is at the fire hall itself or away from it reflects on the department. You whether you want to be or not no matter what you say or do will represent the department.

Best wishes to all i hope that in the future you can get along for the good of the department and community.

Saranac Lake, NY

#55 Mar 11, 2014
I read all this stuff and I guess I don't understand why the family that control the majority vote would put him through this. Really? What did any of you think the community would do? Are you so desperate to keep control that you put one of your on through this? He has some good traits but right now no matter what good he does is over shadowed by the bad. If they cared for the young man they would have advised him to wait a few years. Let his future actions erase judgment. He is the only one that can correct public opinion. It certainly wont happen by attempting to force a community into forgiveness.

Albany, NY

#56 Mar 12, 2014
This is an awesome case of " you mad bro" lol quite hilarious, get over your selves..... bunch of whine asses, this ain't high school
old timer

Tupper Lake, NY

#57 Mar 13, 2014
Its about time to move on about this subject, what's done is done.

Lake Placid, NY

#58 Mar 19, 2014
Disturbing wrote:
I can list the facts according to police records if you'd like. Regardless of your training you have no right to be an officer in any organization. You know why too...
I completely agree with this statement.

Lake Placid, NY

#59 Mar 19, 2014
Underachievers wrote:
Let's face it being the second assistant chief of the copenhagen criminals club is not a great life achievement. Why does he make so many calls, probably because when he isn't with underage girls or stealing things, he has nothing better to do. The last time I checked an officer was someone would could be looked up to as a role model. If this is best the department can do the residents are in serious trouble. What happens when the department gets called to someone's home and an item comes up missing. What's the departments response going to be then.
The same response they give for everything else. " someone else did it"

United States

#60 Mar 19, 2014
It's in the village fathers hands. The decision will be made at the village board meeting tomorrow night.. We'll see who really runs the department then.

Lake Placid, NY

#61 Mar 21, 2014
So what happened at the board meeting?

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