Girls gone wild: CSU sorority shut do...

Girls gone wild: CSU sorority shut down after hazing allegations

There are 24 comments on the Fox 31 KDVR story from Aug 27, 2009, titled Girls gone wild: CSU sorority shut down after hazing allegations. In it, Fox 31 KDVR reports that:

Many students returning to Colorado State University's campus this month may be reconsidering whether to rush a fraternity or sorority after news broke Thursday that one sorority lost its charter after several alleged incidents of hazing, including being deprived of food and sleep.

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Greeley, CO

#2 Aug 28, 2009
I can't even believe what I just read right now! This is CRAZY! Yeah, the people that actually put themselves through this kind of pain, I have to ask, why? But the ones that would have these kinds of expectations should be kicked out of that college and have some seriouse fines to pay. These people have done nothing but force manipulation and torcher. That's enough for me to consider that a crime.

Denver, CO

#3 Aug 28, 2009
They need to learn what hazing is, what they did was stupid. Driving in bad weather? Get a better imagination!
Area Sick

Englewood, CO

#4 Aug 28, 2009
No one forced the girls to join. They went on their own free will. This is nothing but a bunch of cry babies who couldn't hack it so tey went crying. Seems everyone wants something for nothing.
coram resident

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Aug 28, 2009
what a bunch of spoiled bitches im sure there mommy and daddys will do all they can to get their
little princess out of trouble.hazing is supposed to bring people together but shit spirials out of control and dumb spoiled bitches start acting like dumb spoiled bitches.

United States

#6 Aug 28, 2009
I am a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,Inc. This is nothing new, this happens in all sororities and fraternities every semester whether it's black or white. Unfortunately this chapter recruited the wrong group of females for this line, if they can't stand the heat in the kitchen they should have been an AKA. Nevertheless, if my soror's were ignorant enough to commit such an act to some prissy pretty girls they need to be punished, not for "hazing" but for excepting snitches into their chapter. Seriously, a raw onion, cat food, and physical conditioning? I've seen white girls do much worse PUBLICLY to their pledges, but i'm not going to call no names or point any elbows (Phi Mu). Why is that we never hear of hazing at HBCU's from BGLO's but every time word hits the street at a White University they want to write an article and "expose" BGLO's as if where the example of what not to do. tsk tsk... Z-Phi to my soror's
sympathetic in Boulder

Bloomington, IL

#7 Aug 28, 2009
hazing happens when someone pledges a frat or soroity. it's been going on for decades. If someone wants to suject themselves to this demoralizing and idiodic behavior, need i remindd you, they signed up for it. If you really want to pay for your friends and belong to a group that badly go right ahead.
now, on the other hand, i have heard of some dangerous hazing situations. Come on frats & sororities of the world you can come up with funny pranks that don't endanger someone's life! Use those brains! but just military type excercising.....come on... it's just F'ng exercise! if you needed medical attention maybe you should be working out more often!
hazing is to frats & sororities as peanut butter is to jelly. Over protective parents have givin this tradtion a bad rep.

Lincolnton, NC

#8 Aug 28, 2009
Honestly, I feel sorry for the chapter. There are so many worse things that are done by Greek organizations on every campus nationwide. Not to be funny, but what precisely is so bad about "boot camp-style exercises?" If you're out of shape, then you become winded, sweat, feel like you can't go on, etc. ALL of our military branches employ boot camp training, and recruits drop out every year b/c they can't make it; therefore, should the drill sergeants be persecuted too? In some cases, people just don't have the mental fortitude to endure through the slightest of trials.
Just my 2 cents.

Denver, CO

#9 Aug 28, 2009
This stuff is just plain dumb. This whole sorority/fraternity stuff is dumb too. I wonder why some people would want to go through with all this stuff just to join a dumb group that doesn't do nothing for your life. My advice to all you people who are thinking about joining one of these middle school clubs is to just focus on your education and forget about these middle school clubs. Pathetic how you're supposed to be in college furthering your education, but instead you decide go join a club that does things middle school kids do. Makes me laugh!

Seattle, WA

#10 Aug 28, 2009
Seriously?? They lost their charter for this crap? I can see why they were eating CAT food. CAT-a$$ pledges...

United States

#11 Aug 28, 2009
i totally agree w/ Jayce. if "boot camp-style exercises" are illegal, then drill sergeants, P.E. Teachers, EVERYONE handing out orders to do simple exercises should be punished. it's ridiculous that these GIRLS were oblivious to the possibility of doing some of kind work to get about being undetermined, weak, lazy-asses...

Montrose, CO

#12 Aug 28, 2009
All these girls need a spanking. Can I help!!
All of you are clueless

United States

#13 Aug 28, 2009
I am a long standing member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and I would like to clear up a couple of things. 1. Hazing is demeaning and a dishonorable act of unnecessary violence. Anyone who commits an act of hazing or allow themselves to be hazed lacks character and self worth. In my time, we pledged. And pledging did not include some of the absolutely outlandish things that I have witnessed and read. Pledging was fun and there was a lesson in all that allowed our Big Sisters to tell us to do. Not once was I made to eat raw onions or cat food. Where is the lesson in enduring such turture?
2. This is not an issue of race. This is an issue of a group of women bring dishonor to wonder and glorious organization. There is no need to disrespect our black leaders. Our president is black and you have no other choice but to deal with it. There is no need to disrespect another Sorority. We all have some of the same founding principles. There is very little that separates us all. So when you disrespect a sister organization, you are disrespecting your own. Just as much as we are proud of our beloved Sorority, so are the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. There was a time where we supported each as opposed to dumping all over each other. So I say to my very young Sorors who commented above, behavior as Finer Woman you think you are and maybe one day you will be.

Denver, CO

#14 Aug 28, 2009
I agree with you Soror, I to am a long standing member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and proud of it. I did not have to eat anything to prove myself of being worthy of finer women hood sisterly love, scholarship, and being willing to commit to my community. There was nine of us on line and 5 of us crossed. That is because there is always a choice to continue on with something if you feel fit for it, however if it is not you to suit give yourself the boot. And for the one saying that sororities and fraternities are middle school clubs. You should do a little more research on the topic before speaking. These organizations are brought together to promote and everlasting bond that has been going on for centuries. It is not about just being in a group. It is about becoming a part of a sister or brotherhood that promotes positivity like keeping your grades above average, serving in your community, having respect for one another no matter what organization you are in. Being proud of who you are and where you came from. And when you are in need for something you can count on your sister or brother of your organization to be there to help out. I am a proud member of Z phi B and its too bad that only the negative is what gets exploided. I'm glad I know the Real Deal.

Sherman Oaks, CA

#16 Aug 29, 2009
I am a memeber or Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,Inc. Back in the day it was called "Pleadging on Line". I admit pleadging is not for everybody. If the girls were smart they should have paid attention to what the prior line the semester before had done before wanting to join. Eating raw onions and driving long distances ok you did that, so what Zeta's dont "Skate".
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. is an international organization that is involved in community service and we promote sisterhood.
A BGLO Member

United States

#17 Aug 29, 2009
Are you kidding me? how is eating onions and cat food hazing especially if the people signed up for this. might as well sue the people on the fear factor tv show. Exercise never hurt anybody it made them stronger. I think this chapter of Z Phi B should have never been suspended. If you want a reward you have to expect a little bit of work to be in the way. Its obvious these females didnt do any studying on sororites.

Lincolnton, NC

#18 Aug 29, 2009
I'm sorry, but to the commenter who wrote "Pledging was fun"....LOL. That is all.

New Orleans, LA

#19 Aug 30, 2009
Wow at this subject. There is truly a difference between HAZING and PLEDGING. Thats why those laws came into effect in "1990" because dumb people lost what the meaning behind pledging was, and took it to the form of HAZING. Making someone write their term paper, hell no!!! I dont have any sympathy, per se, for those individuals who were pledging because they knew what they were getting into once they signed that "NO HAZING CLAUSE" and decided to pledge instead of going through the M.I.P. Shame on my Sorors for not finding that "FINER" Line of people, which got their chapter shut down. These younger people joining these frats and sororities need to learn something NEW and OLD at the same time. Thats just my BLU-PHI sense talking. Peace.
Politically Incorrect

United States

#20 Aug 30, 2009
Yup! I can see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson marching on this, protesting, claiming discrimination, keeping racism alive and well in America! Pillars of our community? Yeah right! More like domestic terrorists!

Huntersville, NC

#21 Aug 30, 2009
To the Ameridiots that referred to the black leaders and keeping racisms alive and well, well racism is alive and well and you're probably a racist yourself. If you get an idea in that brain of yours, it would die of lonliness. Why suspend the chapter when individuals could've been punished? Why is punishment of blacks more severe than for whites who commits the same violations? I am employed by the system and I see it everyday.

Grand Haven, MI

#22 Aug 30, 2009
All of you that constantly throw out the "racist" crap are diminishing real racism. Knock it off and grow up.

Anyone who HAS to join a sorority/frat in order to be accepted into a group, must has personal issues. Once you are grown up, get a job and start a family, it doesn't matter what group you belonged to in college.

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