LP + Mesa = Skybeam, broadband altern...

LP + Mesa = Skybeam, broadband alternative

There are 83 comments on the Northern Colorado Business Report story from Aug 30, 2008, titled LP + Mesa = Skybeam, broadband alternative. In it, Northern Colorado Business Report reports that:

NCBR Article LP + Mesa = Skybeam, broadband alternative By Kristen Tatti August 29, 2008 -- Two of the region's largest wireless Internet service providers have joined forces.

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Loveland, CO

#21 Mar 13, 2009
Mark Brewer wrote:
Hi Everyone, I work for Skybeam as the Director of Technical Support. We appreciate your comments and feedback. There's a lot that goes into a merger and changes are never easy but we are committed to our customer experience being the absolute best and invite you to contact me @ [email protected] Regards, Mark
As a director, I want you to know I went through a solid 7 months of nonsense with your company. We left Skybeam long ago for LP because of your poor customer service and performance. We were absolutely delighted with LP until... in comes Skybeam again. As soon as your company stepped in, my internet became unstable/unusable for MONTHS. I know how/why it got fixed (I was very not nice finally) and thankfully I am a Network engineer so the stupid suggestions made by your phone techs got shut down before you had me rewiring my house/replacing hardware.
The simple facts were you over subscribed for your pipe. It was obvious, I proved it and got moved onto a decent node. That cost you a alot of money in tech time which could have been avoided by simply hiring/spending the correct money to develop infrastructure that is appropriate to your plans.
If Quest had high speed available to me, I would drop you instantly.

Erie, CO

#22 Mar 15, 2009

I'm considering dumping Skybeam as an ISP altogether. Things were working fine until the last couple of weeks and it suddenly went downhill very quickly. I just got an email back from tech support saying "we have been having network and hardware issues in your area this week, so that may be what is causing the issues this time. We did resolve all issues yesterday, and your connection itself is set to the correct speeds as well" When I first called I was told that there were no problems at all and everything was fine. I am not seeing quite so high a level of packet loss but it is the weekend now so I'll have to wait until Monday. My connection speed is still abysmal (1 Mbs down, 700 Kbs up). This is just getting to be too much hassle for the cost savings over Comcast.

Montrose, CO

#23 Mar 17, 2009
While I was with the company I witnessed ppl getting laid off with severance packages and the whole enchalada. when I got fired they took it upon themselves to change the pay rate three days before informing us, I worked one full pay period and then they told me I was not pulling my weight. It is unfortunate that Sopris Surfers got purchased. They seemed to be a company that I would have put my effort into. Now I just wish that corporate America would burn to the ground.
Sam wrote:
The employees and customers are going to regret this decision. Just watch. Once Skybeam (AKA LP Broadband) take over, their true colors will really show. Their focus is getting as many companies merged under their name to get to 100,000 customers so they can go public, and bail. They donít care about retention, employee, customer, or otherwise.
Skybeam Dropping The Ball

Castle Rock, CO

#26 Apr 22, 2009
A few years ago, I originally signed on with Southern Broadband (SBB-One) for our internet/phone service. The service was great, the price was great. Since then, they went through several name changes and are now called Skybeam. Over the last few months I've noticed a precipitous drop in my internet download/upload speed and I've gotten no adequate answer from the tech support personnel. As a matter of fact, when I mentioned to a rep that unless this problem was addressed I would be forced to look for a provider elsewhere, she then resorted to simple one word answers to all my questions.

Basically, that sealed the deal for me. I'm not paying for 1.21mbps download speeds (and that's fast...) when I can get better service and better help with Qwest.

Fort Collins, CO

#27 May 1, 2009
It's a work in progress...


Loveland, CO

#28 May 5, 2009
Funny...I've finally gotten tech support to admit there's a problem with our area. For months I've been calling and emailing them complaining about slow speeds and dropped packets and horrid connections. I got an email monday from a tech support rep saying that a "network upgrade" would be needed to fix the problems in my area. We'll see now how quick this is in actually coming.

Service has been terrible during the evenings. My node is so oversold that I can't even watch the MLB.TV that I subscribed to at the minimum 400k speeds. Guess spending the extra money for the premium HD package was a mistake, huh?

The thing is, where I live, Skybeam is the only option available to us (and many other's out here), so we really have no choice if we want a broadband ISP. I suspect Skybeam knows this and hence we are at the bottom of any "to do" list. For anyone considering Skybeam for internet (or phone) service, I wholly recommend someone else if you have the option. I'd have a hard time believing another provider could be worse than Skybeam is right now.

Loveland, CO

#29 Jun 2, 2009
Well, after months of trying this and that, Skybeam finally got my service closer to the 5 mbps they advertise. My connection was running below 1 mbps with times of dropouts and retries. Now it's running over 2 mbps. I won't tell you what they did but just to say that it is possible to get the service you pay for.

Cheyenne, WY

#30 Jun 7, 2009
I signed up for LP as soon as they were available. The rural phone company and dial up available were not adequate as I work from home so I packaged broadband & VoIP. Next thing I know I'm with Skybeam, no notice, no nothing I'm with Skybeam. I too have gotten every excuse under the sun including the "someone stepping on their signal". I have multiple e-mail addresses and they can't seem to get my billing to any of them. They've lost payments, turned off my service and when I complained and asked for a manager to call me they (after 4 months of complaining) had the billing manager e-mail me. They certainly managed to contact me when I didn't pay them but still had nothing to say except "we've tried to work with you and maybe you should find another provider" they also site their obligations to me stated in my contract. At the same time, I have no contract and they make a point of telling customers they don't. I continue to shop trying to find a company that will provide the DSL & VoIP in a little rural area like Burns, WY.(incidently, I'm about 5 miles from Mark Brewer in Hillsdale, WY....the technical support director).

“Always Forgive Your Enemies”

Since: Jun 09


#31 Jun 8, 2009
shaskins wrote:
It never ceases to amaze me how for every one bad thing that happens the 50 good things that have happened in the same time frame are never mentioned and usually overlooked.
Coming from one of the many companies that have been absorbed into the company, I will admit, that I was apprehensive at first, but after a couple of weeks realized that those apprehensions were unfounded.
I have never seen more talent, knowledge and experience in this industry come together. It is refreshing to have the manpower, the knowledge and the resources to make improvements, as well as fix problems, not the little bandaid fixes I have had to come to accept as the norm in the past, but long term carefully engineered solutions.
Anytime there is a merger, buyout or aquisition there will never be 100% fluency between all the different facets involved in that. I have been exceptionally impressed and have not seen that in other similiar business endeavors, where all the employees were given a new home, the roles and job might change a bit, but the unemployment line was not the immediate option. For those that did make the change, I feel that it was their option to either excel or to perish. When you bring a lot of people together who have never worked together before, the folks that could easily hide in the shadows and get by with just getting by in the past, quickly come to the top, and either quit because they are uncomfortable with the change and actually having to earn their way, or are let go because after several counseling talks for a lack of better words are let go.
This happens in every business, from the ma' and pa' corner store to the fortune 500 companies.
A book that I used to have all new employees read back in the day, a book that I had employees read when I bought a company or acquired one, as well as had everyone reread on my dime annualy was "Who moved my Cheese?" It is a short little book that I think everyone should have to read when entering any new chapter in their life.
Kat - Your problem is real, you have been told the truth about why you are having issues and I would suggest that maybe if you have the time that you take Mark Brewer up on his email offer, you might be a candidate for a hardware swap to address your problem sooner than later. This is one of those fixes that is a bit harder than many that are dealt with daily.
Darrel P - You have seen some of the bad posts, if you search the web you will find them for any company or person you can imagine. If you are seriously looking for options, remember that this path has no long term commitments/contracts. I have always been one to try it myself and form my own opinion, I am not trying to pitch a sale, just maybe counteroffer some opinions as is the purpose of Forums/Blogs.
I think that there has been a lot of emotional input put into this blog. There also has been a lot of information that is not factual and based on those emotions.
Now in the expected fashion of going against the theme or majority opinions, let the flaming begin..........
I would greatly appreciate a few moments of your time. If you could make contact through this blog or emailme at [email protected]

Longmont, CO

#32 Jun 12, 2009
Face it, its a management issue. Real companies care about customers. This is just a shell game focused on returning $$ to investors. For Skybeam and their investors, its all a numbers game. Pack as many cattle on the trailer (Access Point) as possible and rack in the cash for as long as possible. There is obviously no focus on growing a quality, customer-concentric company and the evidence is the growing negative postings across the Internet. Too bad, but all too common.

Just say no to Skybeam ;-)

Loveland, CO

#33 Jun 22, 2009
bummedoutonsb wrote:
Face it, its a management issue. Real companies care about customers. This is just a shell game focused on returning $$ to investors. For Skybeam and their investors, its all a numbers game. Pack as many cattle on the trailer (Access Point) as possible and rack in the cash for as long as possible. There is obviously no focus on growing a quality, customer-concentric company and the evidence is the growing negative postings across the Internet. Too bad, but all too common.
Just say no to Skybeam ;-)
This is 100% correct, and Skybeam's business model right now. Take a look at my speedtest.net results from a few minutes ago....


Maybe we can get them indicted for using the term "broadband" to describe their service?

Berthoud, CO

#34 Jun 23, 2009
Skybeam's management is incompetent and they put technically challenged people in technically challenging positions. Stay away from that company, I've had much better luck with Qwest - better prices, better service, and a better, more reliable connection. You all are correct, Skybeam has oversaturated the network and couldn't care less since they are all about number of customers, not quality of service.
Mesa Customer Since 2001

Mead, CO

#35 Jun 30, 2009
I've been a Mesa Netwoks customer since very late in 2001 and had a great rid with thier service. If I had 5 outages during the Mesa Networks days I would be surprised. Not to mention having 2 to 3 times the bandwidth. Since Skybeam came into the picture my service has been on a downward spiral just waiting to hit bottom. I get multiple 5 to 10 minute outages a day with at least 1 30 minute outage a week. It's amazing how quickly someone can take something so solid and reliable and destroy it in no time. I'm the last of everyone I knew that was using Mesa and looking to jump as it's unusable.
Any Director, CEO, etc can come on here and try to smooth this over, however the real way to fix this is to fix your network. The bandwidth and reliability is all Iím concerned with. Iíll pay more for more but do not expect to pay anything for the type of reliability I currently have. Maybe itís the fact that I spent years with Mesa and loved it hands down. Maybe if I would have been with another ISP I wouldnít be upset with this service currently as I wouldnít know any better. In the day and age of networks, bandwidth, etc getting better, faster, etc why is Skybeam falling out of the sky like a rock? The only explanation to me and apparently others is greed on upper management. If this wasnít the case they would be working to satisfy the customers that enable their existence.
I couldnít recommend Skybeam to anyone. I rely on my internet connection for my job. I have no choice but to look for an alternative. I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone with anything negative to say about MesaNetworks. Maybe as a business you should have taken notes from how they ran theirs.
Jim Carey

Parker, CO

#36 Jul 9, 2009
Here is my .02 cents
I came across this site and I'm absolutely floored with the comments of our competition , which is bad for the wireless industry, my hope is that these companies look harder in the mirror at alternative fixes and correcting their way of doing business, The support and methods like other companies that are doing it right i.e. Directlink, LLC. Only wants the best for each customer regardless of whom he/she is subscribed to. This behavior reflects on all WISPís though out the industry.
Directlink: Now With over 75 tower sites and 9 years of Wisp experience "Jim Carey" the CEO of Directlink has Broadband and VoIP services in greater Denver , with cities like Lakewood, DTC, Englewood, Littleton, Parker, Sedalia, Castle Rock, Elizabeth, Kiowa,Franktown,Centennial, Bennet, Larkspur, Monument, Aurora, Just to name a few cities and growing at a moderate clip, as our many thousands of happy customers would agree that Directlink is good business for the WISP industry and the happy customers with services and speeds that are provided 24x7, At Directlink we pride ourselves on perfection that each tower site is maintained with good battery standbys with suffient power backup ups to with stand a three day power outage, and each tower site is subscribed with bandwidth + galore, The industry stand for battery backup is only 8 hours required by cell phone companies, we go the extra mile to provide 3 days worth, we also Route our network "Route" a dirty word that takes many years to perfect! unlike the competition we have stringent rules and have over developed our muiti-home data centers to pipe large amounts of data to each tower this allows greater redundancies and provides exceptional packet performance for VOIP customers, also we never over subscribe our tower sites and maintain that we truly do have some of the best internetwork experience to see your everyday networking task run as efficiently as it should from day one of your professional install, We don't oversell we just deliver good old fashion business principles of doing what we say were going to do! No hype no frills.
I'm sorry to see that other WISP's may not have these policies or principles in place. I've heard of the Jab guys (Names withheld) and quite frankly have never been impress with the stories of their take over attitude of diluting the WISP companies once purchased, However I do promise to all our customers today that this will never be the case with our proven reliable network, We are a sound and solid company with our core principles, and we plan to be around for many years to come. We are a family run business and have no partner debts and each decision that is needed is precise and quick with Jim Carey as my passion for this business is my number one goal and service is my number one priority, Period! Were not about the numbers, just the quality.

Fort Collins, CO

#37 Jul 9, 2009
Glad to hear there are still WISPs that have not caved to JAB; you're doing the right thing.
If you decide to come up North here and compete head on with SB look me up Jim, I would love to have another wireless job!
Jim Carey

Parker, CO

#38 Jul 13, 2009
Thanks Anon for your future support, please calls us when your ready and we can check the LOS for your specific area. as we can provide you with the options and time frame of us being able to get you hooked up.

Denver, CO

#39 Jul 16, 2009
I am a new Skybeam Customer. I hope to have a lasting relation with Skybeam, but this is condition on my own experiences. To date I have Tested the following:
1--SpeedTest at Regular Interval--Satisfied
2--Billing - Checking out but still waiting for results.
3--CustomerCare Email--Not satisfied--Since no Respond from them at all.
4--Technical Support--Email--Satisfied
5--On Time Installation--Satisfied
6--Installation--Satisfied on the outside, but Ethernet Cable runnig to my Router are not professionally done, I may have to clean it up--Not satisfifed.
7--Sales Support--Satisfied.
8--Waiting Time Technical Suppot--Satisifed
Frustrated in Frederick

Erie, CO

#40 Aug 1, 2009
I've also had Skybeam since they took over Mesa Networks, and the difference in performance has been dramatic. The slow speeds aren't so much an issue to me as the frequent dropped connections. Skybeam checked my antenna and says the problem is with my router, but I've switched between my new wireless router and an older wired router, and the results are the same. I'm going to bite my lip and jump to Comcast in a couple of weeks. I hate to do it because I prefer to deal with a smaller company, but I can't take the frustration any longer.
Loosing it in Erie

Johnstown, CO

#41 Aug 7, 2009
I also was an extremely satisfied customer of Mesa Networks, business and residential. Since Skybeam took over the service is out 3-5 times a week anywhere from a minute to half a day. They had some kind of router issue mid July and now there are numerous sites I cannot access. Same run around, we are working on it, we are ordering new equipment. Unfortunately, being in a rural location I don't have any other high speed option. But, being a property manager I have had the pleasure of steering numerous people and businesses away from signing with Skybeam. I never, never thought I would say this in a million years, Qwest is a better alternative. Skybeam - take notice, I am making it my goal to educate as many people as possible to stay away from your crappy service and non-technical staff. You obviously don't know what you are doing so how about selling out to someone who actually does.

Providence, UT

#42 Aug 21, 2009

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