Review: Karri's Towing

Denver, CO

#23 Mar 15, 2012
first off karri's towing is not a scam they only do there job as they are called in for, second there is never a need for a police officer unless the OWNER of the vehicle refuses to pay the tow bill,makes threats to employees,or gets irate with employees then a police officer may be called to help the situation, the police department does not regulate tow carriers so there for they can not tell them how to do there job only assist the situation, third when a person brings a gun and drugs out of a vehicle the employees can take that as a threat and call the police to handle that situation as the driver hooks the vehicle to take it to impound, in some situations a police officer is needed but not if your gonna act like an adult and usi ng profanity such as white N***a and B**** and others is not getting you anywhere your just making your situation worse so if you be nice and act like an adult so will they

Littleton, CO

#24 Mar 19, 2012
This company sucks!! Hopefully they will get shut down.... They did not give me store hours and I do not know when I can pick up my vehicle making my pay 200$$ for less then a 24 hour stay:( crap

Denver, CO

#25 Mar 22, 2012
it wasnt us that eligally parked and trespassed we are just the tow company that got called to tow ur piece of crap vehicle when you could have paid to park in a parking garage and would have never of gotten towed and P.U.C. is the one who regulates are rates so there for it is not our fault that your tow bill was 200 its your own fault, we are just the tow company and we do our job as we are called in to do and next time your vehicle is towed off of a property we are going to advice the property management to press trespassing charges and that will cost you more then your tow bill so learn where to park its not our fault

Northbrook, IL

#26 Apr 15, 2012
Karris towing damaged my vehicle by pulling it with a wench not a flatbed...It was a 4x4! They tried to pay me off at the scene because they knew they were wrong. I tried to be civil and took the claim to my insurance company who FOUND them at fault. When my insurance sent them the letter requesting their response in the matter they called and threatened me and my family with bodily harm. I had to call the police for fear that "Hank" or whoever was coming after us. As scared as I am of posting this for fear of them retaliating, I wanted the public to know the importance of understanding what happens if you choose to use thier services. I'm sure that they will post some crazy thing in regards to this, but please understand that I want you all to be safe and not sorry.
for your info

Denver, CO

#27 Sep 22, 2012
karri's towing is no scam you must be for going at karri's towing for your own pathetic lies
Truth be told

Boulder, CO

#28 Sep 25, 2012
Both Kerri's towing and H&K (Hank and Kerri) have a reputation for bending the laws and threatening their 'customers'. Call the PUC, it's illegal for them to charge you a lot fee if they won't let you pick up your vehicle. Let your insurance company deal with them as they will threaten you with physical harm and baseless lawsuits. Scum of the earth.
lies die

Denver, CO

#29 Sep 27, 2012
that is lies that don coy of fort collins crap towing keeps saying but cant prove any of it his wife slash manager jamie coy beat a customer up at their impound for just picking there car up theres a police report call and check it there the only company besides mile high towing that will illegally charge over the puc laws fact have been proven thanx don coyfor the harrassment cant fix your own life and got to sink so low to bash others i think you need some mental help cause your still running your company in the ground thats a proven fact as well so keep making up lies and thinking you make your life well cause your not and if your wife keeps her shit up she will be right be side you in a deep whole...... Karri's towing is a good company if not they would be where fort collins crap towing is and thats just towing abandons at least they have more then that and respect our vehicles beware when fort collins crap towng tows your all wheel drive vehicles they drag your vehicles no dollies or a flat bed i bet thats why they harrass people and yet let there employees physically hit people who come get there vehicles so dont listen to this creeper don coy he owns fort collins crap towing and he thinks he owns every towing company when he doesnt
lies die

Denver, CO

#30 Sep 28, 2012
h&k also is a good company don coy went around to each of thier contracts saying he was out of business h&k towing has more contracts along with karri's towing and most customers that come and get there vehicles have had most respect because they take care of there vehicles unlike fort collins crap towing they ruin a vehicle when they tow it the only reason h&k dont have a good rating through the bbb is because they dont pay for that if they did they would have a good rating so there for stop with the bullshit these 2 good companys shouldnt have to be bashed because of them lame brain towers
Truth be told

Boulder, CO

#31 Oct 1, 2012
I wish H&K the best of luck. Treat your customers with respect and you'll do well.

Atlanta, GA

#32 Oct 2, 2012
call it as i see it

United States

#33 Oct 3, 2012
your just mad because h&k is doing there job the right way
Truth be told

Boulder, CO

#34 Oct 3, 2012
How does 'best of luck' turn into 'you're just mad'? I sincerely hope you'll find the success I have. How is that bad?
deny it

Denver, CO

#35 Oct 20, 2012
the sucess you have no thanks because at least us customers feel safe with karri's towing take your crying ass home

United States

#36 Oct 31, 2012
this company is the best i had my car towed and it was my fault but between csu and the person i talked to i found my way and was able to get my car back thanks karri's towing ive recomended you all around keep up with the good work
Concerned Driver

Longmont, CO

#37 Jan 5, 2013
I had Karri's tow truck pull out in front of me from the median along I-25. It is illegal for tow trucks to use the emergency vehicle crossings. I'm no whiz at physics but I'm sure a tow truck can not get 0-75 in less than 2 seconds. I had brake heavily to avoid a severe collision, and thankfully the car behind me also saw what happened and avoided colliding with me. I then called their business number to make them aware of this incident, but received a rude women on the phone who said that I had "ample room" in front of me when she pulled out. A while later we got a call from a person called "Hank" with threats about having us arrested if we called again. A complaint is being filed with CSP (Colorado State Patrol) and court action will most likely be taken.

Rio Linda, CA

#38 Feb 12, 2013
Karri's towing has the best tow company in town they have awesome and respectable people working for them they dont take anything that dont belong to them i would strongly recomend this company for any one wanting the job done right. Thanks again karri's towing keep up the awesome work
Interested Onlooker

Longmont, CO

#39 Feb 24, 2013
Very interesting to see that the only positive reviews are written by "people" that are quite idea how to construct a sentence. Mmmm.....of course it wouldn't be same person, would it? It wouldn't be the low life Karri or her pathetic threatening partner...of course not.
What a waste of space you both are.
city citizen

Lafayette, CO

#40 Mar 29, 2013
You seriously need to grow up and make some sence now shouldn't you? because do you honestly thinks this make's you look good (INTERESTED ONLOOKER)??
It is showing who stalks these towing carrier's and who doesn't know anything about Karri's towing. They aren't out here to be bashed there doing there job. hmmm, like maybe you should be doing!!!! get a life and grow up
Interested Onlooker

Longmont, CO

#41 Apr 23, 2013
I rest my case. Thanks for affirming my suspicions. May I suggest Karri and Hank that you go back to school and learn how to correctly spell. Your attempts at trying to defend yourselves are pathetic. Watch out,coz karma can be a bitch :)
By the way I have a proper job, not one as a vulture operating a towing truck who drives in a dangerous manner.
bill remine

Denver, CO

#42 Apr 26, 2013
what comes around goes around so quit starting drama and making up pathetic lies to think your something when your not

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