Is Organo Gold legit or a scam?

Is Organo Gold legit or a scam?

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Murray, KY

#5 Jul 23, 2012
I had looked this company up..there is no one saying anything good nor bad about it... you really cant find out anything.. i had a friend invest 1500.00 into this shit..a few months ago and stillhavent made any money back..if you need extra money that bad, get a second job!!





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So Fed Up

Evansville, IN

#6 Jul 23, 2012
I have been in Organo Gold for 2 years since they started and I am fed up. They do not ship product on time. They are always out of stock. There are literally thousands of distributors who have not received their starter kits that cost them $49.95. Bernie Chua needs to look into the North American operations. They are attacking any and all of their own reps who are internet savvy trying to keep them off the internet so that their to leaders can profit. When you call them you cannot get through to someone. I have had my own downline complain over and over again. I started with Gano Excel and came to Organo Gold. I am beginning to regret it and am contemplating going back. Organo Gold does not have their act together. Shane Morand promised he would be fair and ethical accusing Gano Excel of not being so. However, its the opposite! He is not living up to the character he said he was. I sell thousands of dollar worth of Organo Gold products every single week. They are about to lose me.





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Evansville, IN

#7 Jul 23, 2012
I have had my own Organo Gold downline complain over and over again about not receiving their business kits. Organo Gold introduced the King of Coffee as organic, sold $1,000,000 of it to distributors in one weekend then told them later they can't sell it online or refer to it because the FDA has not approved it being organic. So is it organic or not? The FDA has also complained about the green tea not being organic.

Is it or not? I started with Gano Excel and came to Organo Gold. I am beginning to regret it and am contemplating going back to where I came from, Gano Excel. If you join Gano Excel you can get an extremely professional website for $20 per month or free depending on the package you get. The website is unbelievably easy to use and very very effective. here is a sample of someones site . also check out and check out .

When I had mine I got sales from it all the time. And the shipping rates were fair. Organo Gold will charge your customer $14 to ship a box of coffee!!! They distribution center is profiting off people by inflating shipping costs. Shane has an agreement with the owner of that warehouse and thats the way the guy makes money. Shane tells all reps the internet is BAD and you cant make any money on it and you will never grow that way. Its a freaken LIE!

Read anywhere online and studies will prove to you that internet sales are growing by leaps and bounds. People go there to shop and research. Dont believe it! The young generation today are using online. Shane discourages it because Organo Gold website is inferior and people dont but because of the insane charges for shipping. So, if you are new and want to sell online using Organo Golds site, you will fail. Trust me. I hear it all the time. Shane will tell you stories of how leaders are being born in Organo Gold by not using internet. The reason there are there is because they were already chosen.

They are fed by Organo Gold so that they will be an example for you guys to strive for. I been in the meetings and talked to the people. I KNOW what they do and how they got there. Shane Morands first level people are paid by Organo Gold placing people under them. All they have to do is speak in front of crowds and tell some story of how they did it.





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Big Sug

Chicago, IL

#8 Jul 25, 2012
Yeah that's another of the effed up things that happenned to me at Henderson Chevy I got conned into buying a $1000 worth of that bull,by the same peaple involved with sending me racist texts!!!! Plenty of organo gold over there !!! And they run a shady business just like organo gold!!! Anybody want this nasty crap I'm giving it away!!!!!





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Latasha Bailey

Philadelphia, PA

#9 Aug 27, 2012
La Nina wrote:
Hmmm...i'm actually looking at a pack and im wondering if this is the right decision to make to join or not to join? the whole thing sounds too good to be true, you cannot compare organo gold to MLM companies like Avon, Marykay or Tupperware, its not the same those companies are well established they are like an open book no hidden agenda, but organo gold, i need to be convinced that it is really good. pls i would like to hear comments on the pros and cons on this product before jumping the band wagon
here is my email address I have a lot of information about organo gold and it is legit.





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jz a92

Duluth, GA

#11 Sep 20, 2012
i had a friend introduce me to it and to join as a business partner i went to one of there seminars and honestly it feels like they are just brainwashing everybody intothis organo gold cult or something they try to get in your head so easily to join...think about it a real job is one that u have to seek out these holton buggs guy and the president just look like scammers they offer everything to join...its some bullshit





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Evansville, IN

#12 Sep 20, 2012
It is really like a cult and it's brainwashing so many people. There's this girl on my Facebook who I used to go school with here (who eventually moved down to Atlanta) always was apart of some get rich type scam.

One day she is trying to do Pre-Paid Legal, the next day she's trying to sell some bogus life insurance, now she's doing the Oregano Gold thing. Her statuses are always downing people who work regular jobs, but yet she encourages this get rich scheme. People have warned her many times against this with great factual proof on how it was another pyramid scheme scam, but she blows it off.

She claims she is making all this money from it, but really she is struggling trying to raise her 10 month old boy on her own. She was (probably still is) doing the Welfare/Food Stamp thing, but again claims she is a "paid business women who doesn't have to work a job like everyone else." SMH.

It's funny she says this, but she doesn't own Oregano Gold (she says she is a distributor for them and acts like its her company she started) and brags about how she is this up and coming entrepreneur and she will be a millionaire next year, but she can't even get basic things for her baby boy and was recently advertising on a Craigslist type site looking for a roommate and a place to stay for "less than $200".

It's almost always like a pattern with her statuses.

"I'm a paid business woman doing what I love, f*ck everybody who thinks this is a scam! I'm makin bank! You all are broke and working regular jobs! Get like me!"

The next day:

"Oh I need help y'all. My son needs toys and some clothes. Can someone help me out? I don't have much money and his daddy was never apart of his life....." etc, etc, etc.

The next day:

"I'm so happy I work for Oregano Gold. You gotta give money to make money here and I stayed paid. Shame on y'all who are broke and work regular jobs."

The irony is sad and hilarious, but again you can't tell her nothing even when are right. She will learn the hard way though.





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Daughter of A Sucker

Garden City, MI

#14 Sep 28, 2012
Now my dad moved to Atlanta about 4 years ago and just this year he been into these too good to be true schemes (he just ran in an encounter with one in May) And now he's all excited about this random ass Oregano Gold shit and now I'm hearing about it. Now he already paid that 50.00 and he saying they got him in hotels and having orientations accompanied by gotdamn fireworks and *sigh* I just need a way to bring some type of precaution to him before he get too deep in this potential mess.
Coincidentally, I started working in just a regular ass neighborhood coffee shop when he told me about this, but now I'm just concerned about him being assed out cause he cannot afford to fall prey under false doings
DontBelieveTheHy pe

United States

#16 Sep 29, 2012
I sat through a coffee/jazz mixer just to support a friend. It's a scam. The presentation is full of questionable or unverifiable information. They make you buy in ahead of time and place you on an automatic order schedule, so you are either pressured to sell or end up with a huge inventory of product that tastes no better than Maxwell House instant coffee or Lipton tea.

Visalia, CA

#18 Oct 1, 2012
Hello Terri, well i just want to let you know that Gano Excel is growing at an unbelievable speed, I live in California and i saw your comment, just letting you know if you want to join Gano Excel again and you dont have someone to go back to, we can make a team, I am part of the Central Valley's team, with the only double diamond in America Alma Zaragoza, we are also a big part of Llecenia Robles and David Gonzalez organization, 2 of the 4 crown diamonds in Gano Excel North America..we have the team with the most diamonds in our organization, I am Gold, if you would like we can make a strong team here and also there where you leave.. thanks and I'll be waiting for your answer
MLM the new proffesion

Visalia, CA

#19 Oct 1, 2012
@daughter of a sucker

you can check on internet, the best way to earn a good living is by joining MLM
but now you cant just go sign up at any company, you need to know which one to join
youre dad messed up when he joined Organo Gold because its a company that has had a lot of
trouble getting permits and has tried to fooled the government to get in faster than any other company.. and also has lied to the people...
He should try to join another company I would recommend him Gano Excel...
If he wants to communicate to people from Gano Excel i can give you some numbers
I've studied some companies and their potential and I see Gano Excel as the best option as of now.

United States

#20 Oct 1, 2012
This shit is a scam. Company's like this thrive off finding people don't have jobs or much going on and scam them into this shit. Making them believe there gonna get rich off this! Come on people get real who in there right mind would buy coffee off some punk?
mariam- NYC

New York, NY

#21 Oct 4, 2012
my problem is that they said that is organic and healthy coffee there is nothing about it it loaded with sugar and other ingredients and ganoderma is the last item in the coffee. It is a scam there is another company that just break away from them.

Evansville, IN

#22 Oct 4, 2012
A college friend has been applying the pressure on me despite the fact that I've repeatedly told her I'm not interested and don't do MLM. I think they feel as if they can wear you down if they ignore your refusals and keep bringing it up. They don't get that no is no and continuing to hammer away at you is disrespectful and a total turn-off.

The coffee is good but, it's like other MLMs (Amway, anyone?), a pyramid scheme. Get rich quick schemes don't work, but those who buy into MLMs don't get that. What they do get is a lot of product that they can't move.
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#24 Oct 4, 2012
Volatility markets contributed to the tumultuous finish to Bush administration. 2008 with reckless policies and omissions, created the perfect storm. Bush entered office with DOW at 10,587; left office with the Dow at 7,949 producing a negative market loss through out his tenure. Last 17 months stock markets experienced an historical loss of 58%! This was worst than any 17month rolling cycle of the Great Depression.

Evansville, IN

#25 Oct 5, 2012
Don't get me started on these damn scams. I can't stand when folks I know fall for this and then say "hey can I have 1 hour of your time, I want to present something to you" Then they know I work around some folks who have pretty good stable jobs and tell me I can put them on and get a bonus. Pla-lease! I'm not introducing my co-workers with that crap so my credibility can tank.Are you serious! I had an old friend contact me and asked me how was my job going and I said "right now I'm hating it but I go through cycles (everyone does) this fool says the imfamous line "Tomorrow can my friend call you for an opportunity?" I said "Et Tu Brute?"

Apopka, FL

#26 Oct 5, 2012
I'll take your coffee if you don't want it .email me

Monroe, NC

#27 Oct 5, 2012
Big Sug wrote:
Yeah that's another of the effed up things that happenned to me at Henderson Chevy I got conned into buying a $1000 worth of that bull,by the same peaple involved with sending me racist texts!!!! Plenty of organo gold over there !!! And they run a shady business just like organo gold!!! Anybody want this nasty crap I'm giving it away!!!!!
If you want to give it away I'll take it off if your hands
eddie rod

Crosby, TX

#28 Oct 5, 2012
Big Sug wrote:
Yeah that's another of the effed up things that happenned to me at Henderson Chevy I got conned into buying a $1000 worth of that bull,by the same peaple involved with sending me racist texts!!!! Plenty of organo gold over there !!! And they run a shady business just like organo gold!!! Anybody want this nasty crap I'm giving it away!!!!!
/ send it to me i love any coffe!!!!!!!!!! and right know i am broke and i drink like 5 cups a day please send it to me. my address id 103 new bedford ct crosby tx 77532
eddie rod

Crosby, TX

#29 Oct 5, 2012

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