PLEASE consider all possibilities of saving and reusing Ft. Bayard site and buildings. During a visit there several years ago, the structures appeared to be sturdy and usable. Obviously they have provided tremendous service to America which is now being called on for more, not less, conservation of resources.
My mother, Flora Ellen Ritchie Bourne, Registered Nurse, was employed there in the 1920s. Graduate of Kellogg School of Nursing, Battle Creek, Michigan, she made an amazing drive there in an automobile from New York. She and a friend nurse made the trip on poor roads across the U.S. in 1926, a remarkable accomplishment for two young women new to the art of driving an automobile.
I believe the nurses lived in brick two-story buildings that had been fort officer housing. It is a hope to come there again with grandchildren to visit Ft. Bayard and the national cemetery, acquainting them with this important history.
As a former advisor, Oklahoma, for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, I assure and expect you aolready know, the office personnel and agency will do everything possible to help.