i went to the courthouse myself and pulled all this information and it is out of this world what i am seeing here.your police officer calvin washington agreed with this all these false charges and you all went along with this?i then went to see that family at 604 pitt lane not only to lend support but to let them know that i have seen for myself what has been going on up here for years.they cannot even come outside without being being cursed and heckled everyday by the people next door to them and you all have supported this type of behavior against these people.i see rhe dog feces thrown in their yard over that wooden fence and i also see that you have now been involv ed with these people cannot even call the police and that neighbor next door has been coming after them even more since that police officer lied on them in court.are you all crazy?these people have been fighting for their lives up here and you have deemed them crazy?wow.you all support this type of shooting at these people ,putting lies up at the courthouse,daily threats and taunts on them making other neighbors afraid,that is disgusting. what in the hell is wrong with you all?where is the radio report from all of you when this lady was suppose to be out there cursing and screaming at the greens and him?why was she not arrested?he went into court and lied on her and her family.somebody better get ready because this looks like the chief of police ,his officer calvin washington and the mayo was invoved in all of this.he came to her home under false pretense wearing the forest heights police uniform and he lied to enter her home twice because i am looking at the trancseipt and he lied over over again. even requested her suryey she wouuld not give to him he lied in court and said no he did not and that he had never enterd her home.he was in there twice.there is something wrong here very wrong and it looks like the mayor and the chief of police frank webbb knew all about this and have been given the greens the green light to do anything they want to to that family.and still do.