I love our area’s arts & crafts and I agree that WNC should support them.
But agreement and support does not justify ignoring unpleasant money truths and realities, or citing studies that cherry-pick economic data.
The $84 million in increased impact since 1995 that’s cited reflects the economic bubbles that we all know have since burst and which were unsustainable.

All revenue growth data from the bubble era shows jaw-dropping increases for almost any sector; heck even GM can present cherry-picked data showing America's "love" of their products increasing wildly from 1995 to say 2006. But we all know what has happened SINCE the bubbles burst.

Any business still relying on bubble data will soon be a dead business.

Will the ACT ‘see’ the not-so-fine line between independent journalism v. utter boosterism? Staying blind to new long-term economic realities won’t help WNC’s economy or artisans. There's less bubble money to spend because most bubbles have burst. That $200+ million in 'economic impact' based on a 'multiplier-effect' is history! Gone! Just as are GM impressive sales figures at the height of the bubble.

Thankfully most hard-working artisans and crafts folks realize this even if the ACT can bear to utter such truths.