68% increase by baldwin county sewer ...
Give Me a Break

Gulf Shores, AL

#63 Oct 18, 2010
It's a crime when water is more expensive than electricity. We have to mine coal or drill for oil or natural gas and then send it to the power plants to burn and then the power plants have to clean up their smoke stacks so that we don't all die from a breathing attack. All the water company has to do is drill a well once every 10 years and put a little chlorine in the water and send it down the pipe to our house and they kill us with bills. The water department and the school administration are the biggest wastes of our money that there is.

Foley, AL

#64 Oct 22, 2010
Two things I'll never forget about this county.
BCSS and the optometrist that blinded me in one eye and damaged the other. I could see good prior to seeing the doctor,blind the next day.To everyone else make sure your doctor is a good one,I found out to late.
I dont really know

Mobile, AL

#65 Oct 25, 2010
Everybody would like to see new elected officials in Baldwind county, but yet the company that you are complaing about is not a public entity. BCSS is a privately owned company, and like most its primary goal is to make money. If you talk to people who have there sewer treated by one of Baldwin counties public companies you might find more comparable rates for the region.

Foley, AL

#66 Nov 10, 2010
BCSS,charges one huge price to fix the grinder pump. Was told the warrantie I bought from them was really no good, I was told wrong by the sales lady. The warranty I was issued was for five years at a cost of $481.25 expiring 2012.I can't believe the high monthly sewage fee and the outrageous repair bill with my useless warranty that paid nothing. Why do the people allow this? Where are our elected officials we vote into office. This has to stop somewhere.
leaving bc

Semmes, AL

#69 Nov 15, 2011
don't get behind in payment. We fell behind a month and did not get a disconnect notice. They cut it off the day I was going to pay it. They charge $400 reconnect fee. Four hundred dollars just to take off a cap. At the price of that fee, Clarence Burke should have enough money to pay his back taxes.

Foley, AL

#70 Nov 16, 2011
Clarenc Burke will not honor the warranty he sold or give your money back. The company is robbing the people. Remeber all your elected offials on election day. The ones we have now do nothing to help the citizens or control the outrageous sewage fees.

Foley, AL

#71 Dec 6, 2011
For all the do nothing customers of BCSS stand by for another monthly increase starting the first of the year. I had to sue them to get them to honor their warranty I was sold by the BCSS.
Sher O

Gretna, LA

#72 Oct 21, 2012
We paid $500 ($400 +$100) to have the sewer uncapped on a house we were to purchase. The sale fell through and 4 days later, we had it turned off. There was absolutely on refund of any for this 4 days of service which we did not use. To add insult to injury, we just received a bill for $119.00 for two months of service. This is insane!!! How can this be legal? They made $125 a day off of us and now want more. Really?! This is daylight robbery and it appears to be legal. They will not get another dime out of us. Furthermore, they will be getting another $500 from the new purchasers.

Kansas City, MO

#73 Dec 2, 2012
BCSS is not a public company, it is privately owned therfore electing people has nothing to do with the problems. They do all the outside areas that cities or public works will not do so basically you have no choice but to use them. Besides complaining gets you no where anyways and also we pay more expensive bills like satelite are or your cell phone bills and nobody complains about that but yet we complain to people who clean the stuff that comes out of our toilets...

Foley, AL

#74 Mar 8, 2013
I was charged a $400 reconnect fee when my sewer service was cut off. I haven't received a bill in months because of an issue with my neighbor and myself having the same address. I've tried to go online to pay and SHOCKER the site is down. This is criminal. I went to the office and was told I would have to prove I wasn't getting mail. I couldn't believe the idiocracy of the people in the office. Just how do you prove you're not getting mail??? Hello??? I'm not getting it, therefore I don't know what I'm not getting. Shame, shame, shame. I can't wait to go back to a septic tank. She that there seems to be no regulation to the amount of money that Burke can line his pockets with. I get that there might be a reconnect fee, but the $400 was more than 150% of what I owed. Shame, shame, shame.
house buyer

Corinth, MS

#75 Mar 28, 2013
what is the average Foley residents are paying for your water/sewage bills?
Bill McDaniel

Birmingham, AL

#76 May 16, 2013
Has anyone seen the link www.glenlakesfoleyal.com/html/sewer_rate_incr... ;? Looks like this association took them to task and had their $54 rate reduced to $32. Not from your area, but didn't see anyone talking about this.

Foley, AL

#78 Sep 30, 2013
I bought my first home in Foley, in the three years since I have given BCSS about 4,500 dollars for a small affordable home. My grinder pump (2 years old at the time) broke as well as the box connected to it, 54.50 a month plus around 2500 for a grinder pump and repairs on their 2 year old equipment. That definitely is depressing to spend 5 grand in 3 years on an 85,000 dollar house just so your toilet can flush.

Their service should have to issue a warning for any moving into the area:(warning: 54.50 a month to flush toilet, water sold separately)

Foley, AL

#79 Sep 30, 2013
actually make that 5,000 in 3 years when you add the connection fee of 400ish.

My water bill with Riviera is usually about only 16 dollars though.
Just being honest

Fairhope, AL

#80 Jul 14, 2014
The sewer rate in Baldwin county is totally unfair to hard working families who go to work everyday to earn a decent living. I bought my house 13 years ago, and my sewer bill was $30 a month. Now I am paying $ 54 some dollars a month. I missed my bill by one month. I was disconnected. To reconnect, I have to pay a $400 recconnect fee along with I owed. This is just wrong. I am a teacher, and to pay this kind of money is robbery. I am open to any suggestions. We must do something about these rates.

Just being honest,
Give me a break

Foley, AL

#81 Jul 14, 2014
If you are a teacher, you are already leaching from the taxpayers because of the extra 1% in Sales Tax that you got. So quite crying. I'm just being honest.

Nicholson, GA

#82 Jul 14, 2014
You said exactly what I was thinking. I'd guess the only people in the county who don't have to pay the big fees are the politicians themselves.
Give me a break wrote:
If you are a teacher, you are already leaching from the taxpayers because of the extra 1% in Sales Tax that you got. So quite crying. I'm just being honest.

Ellijay, GA

#83 Jul 14, 2014
Give me a break wrote:
If you are a teacher, you are already leaching from the taxpayers because of the extra 1% in Sales Tax that you got. So quite crying. I'm just being honest.
So now public spirited employees engaged in the courageous community social service of educating young minds are LEACHES from a little 1% sales tax you obviously don't want to pay! OH "Give Me a Break" you are so stingy and filled with contempt for your fellow man (or woman) and the deserving children of your community-- you MUST BE A SOUTHERN REPUBLICAN Fat Cat wanting to keep the poor in their place and not wanting to share your success!!!!!! The South will never progress with thinking like yours (ha ha).

Thank you for proving my point once again. Look not to the speck in your neighbor's eye until you remove the plank from your own.

At least don't say one thing in Thread A and the exact opposite in Thread B. GHAB you want any piece of this?
Give Him a Brain

Foley, AL

#84 Jul 15, 2014
MountainScott wrote:
GHAB you want any piece of this?
You're doing quite well, I'm just waiting for GMaB to start his paranoid rant in which he insists everybody who doesn't share his brainwashed (and often self-contradicting) opinion, is me posting under different monikers and from different locations.

Over the years I've seen many fools who through mindless ignorance prove their adversaries point for him, but never one who does so on such a consistent basis. While it's humorous, I sometimes feel bad. It's like watching a retarded child repeatedly smack his face into a door. So sad, yet at the same time so funny...
Give me a break

Foley, AL

#85 Jul 15, 2014
"So now public spirited employees engaged in the courageous community social service of educating young minds are LEACHES from a little 1% sales tax you obviously don't want to pay! "

No, it's 1% more--not just 1%.

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