Is video taping a neighbor legal or i...
Ginny Crandall

Provo, UT

#87 Feb 28, 2011
Thanks for the info, Maraty. I think it would be nerve-racking to see a neighbor pointing a video camera at me, almost as bad as if I were to catch cheating spouse! I'm glad to know that it is illegal.

Vancouver, WA

#88 Apr 1, 2011
Are you quite sure it's "illegal?"

I've a nut-job neighbor (Oregon) with a camera pointed directly at my house, and I've yet to find any STATUTE, whether federal or state, making this activity "illegal."

ADT said video recording someone else's property without their consident is "illegal." I asked them what law made it so? They said, "We don't have that information. Contact the police."

If it's not illegal, what should one expect the police to do about it?

Vancouver, WA

#89 Apr 1, 2011
Outrageous wrote:
In Florida, it is illegal to specifically video tape someone without their permission, unless by law enforcement.
Well, is videotaping a neighbor's private residence, from a camera mounted at a separate residence, legal or illegal?

The "answers" below are maddening. Legal; not legal; illegal. What's the answer to the original question? Anyone? Preferably a lawyer. Thanks
Al frost

Traverse City, MI

#91 Apr 30, 2011
Hi, my neighbor has had 3 video surveilance cameras pointed at my house and property for a year. I am in Michigan , is this legal, what can I do. thanks
Al frost

Traverse City, MI

#92 Apr 30, 2011
is it legal to have survelance cameras pointed at your neighbors home in Michigan

Fort White, FL

#93 May 5, 2011
I purchased a 1200 fps pellet rifle with a scope. Took out all of the neighbors cameras in one dark night. Cameras were taken down the next day. When law enforcement knocked on my door ti was their word against mine. Nothing could be proven. Camera problem solved for now.





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stalked by my neighbors

Green Bay, WI

#94 May 5, 2011
My neighbors video tape my house as well. I live in Wisconsin. we are involved in a very heated cival case currently over land access on an easement. They are so nosey , they actually drove by , and took down the license plate number in my neighbors driveway and researched it to find the registered owner and then called and asked them what their car was doing parked in that driveway. The police will do nothing, they have cameras pointing in my yard at my neigbors windows of their living room and kitchen. I cant believe there is nothing that can be done about these psycho people. I didnt know that i was a celebrity!! does anybody have any suggestions?

Santa Barbara, CA

#95 Jul 9, 2011
I live in california and our neighbor across the street has a video survalience camera pointing to our house.confronted him and he said that he has it towards our house is this legal?
Me too

Colorado Springs, CO

#96 Aug 1, 2011
I came to this forum looking for help but what I found was a little comfort knowing that I am not the only person in the world with crazy neighbors. My life savings went into my home that now feels more like a prison due to my neighbors 5 cameras pointing at my upstairs bedroom, front porch and over my brand new $1000.00 privacy fence that is no longer private because they moved their cameras to see over it. My children are not allowed to play outside as the neighbors scream at them and of coarse the police will not help.
They park their vehicles on the side walk so that neighborhood children can not pass on "their sidewalk" and they have electric cattle fences (in the city)so that any child that touches their property trying to retrieve a stray ball or a toddler wanting to touch a bush or rock will be hurt. They hate dogs, children and regular neighborhood life. 10 years with lawyers, police, restraining orders and nothing works but today I have comfort knowing I am not alone. Thanks to everyone who posted about their bad neighbor!
Video from inside to the

Orlando, FL

#97 Aug 10, 2011
I took some video of a very bright light from my inside my bedroom through a closed window and scanned my backyard. I have a six foot wooden fence, cannot see through it. The neighbor with the bright light has a six foot privacy plastic fence that cannot be seen through either. The light shines over the fence from its elevated position on the wall at the back of their house. There is a city ordinance against the trespass of light. Code enforcement came out and from the outside in my backyard took pictures at night with their camera. W all met at the code enforcement office and I was accused of taping them in their swimming pool. They did not know my video was taken from inside my house and shows nothing from six feet down on their house and I cannot see their pool either. We left the meeting with them looking like the fools they are. I can see outside from my bedroom with my own eyes into my own backyard and six feet up from the top of my fence. If they were to stand naked on a platform at six feet high and I could see them they would be wrong. It would not be reasonable to expect privacy standing on that platform. The stupid things people say and do without benefit of legal counsel, which I do have. God bless the sharks!
Janie Graham

Salt Lake City, UT

#98 Aug 30, 2011
If it's not illegal, then perhaps it should be. However, in the home I think it is okay to have hidden cameras in public places. For example, I found this smoke detector hidden camera on and it looks pretty good.

High Springs, FL

#99 Aug 30, 2011
I have an outdoor security camera 1000' out front pointed at my main gate. It just so happens that my neighbors entire home is in the view finder as well. What a coincidence! What you can and cannot do with a security camera depends on how clever you are. My neighbor is a law breaker and requires supervision. I watch and record every move he makes. He knows it. Doesn't like it. Can do nothing to stop it. As a result he behaves himself. The entire neighborhood benefits.





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Brandon, FL

#100 Sep 2, 2011
You are not reading the statute correctly Maraty. Interception of communications is how the statute reads. Putting up a security camera on your property ( without audio) is not intercepting anything or person. They mean wire tapping.

Maraty wrote:
If you are being video taped. Or you are video taping some one please have your lawyers start here. Its Illegal in Florida. Please notice where it says PROHIBITED..
The 2008 Florida Statutes
934.03 Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited.<--
(c) Any communication from an electronic or mechanical device which permits the tracking of the movement of a person or an object;
14) "Electronic communications system" means any wire, radio, electromagnetic, photooptical, or photoelectronic facilities for the transmission of wire or electronic communications, and any computer facilities or related electronic equipment for the electronic storage of such communications.
unhappy with neighbors

Romeoville, IL

#101 Sep 3, 2011
yesterway wrote:
I have an outdoor security camera 1000' out front pointed at my main gate. It just so happens that my neighbors entire home is in the view finder as well. What a coincidence! What you can and cannot do with a security camera depends on how clever you are. My neighbor is a law breaker and requires supervision. I watch and record every move he makes. He knows it. Doesn't like it. Can do nothing to stop it. As a result he behaves himself. The entire neighborhood benefits.
Good for you! We have "neighbors" to our left - that I KNOW are selling drugs. They (as a whole) are disrespectful - and typically "invade" the area when they so choose. It's not just the heavy traffic that now comes through our no longer peaceful area - they have "guests" over who litter on the street - including beer cans, etc. I put a stop to some of it by simply going outside EVERY time I heard a loud-music playing car pull up to their house - and simply stared - taking down plate numbers, etc. I would also pick up the beer cans and assorted trash and set it on their doorstep - or pick it up right in front of them.

No one in the neighborhood really knows who lives there. Various people move in and out of the house all the time. Sometimes kids are there. I read some of the above comments about kids. I don't know if yours are like these kids - but if they are - I certainly don't blame your neighbor for the extreme measures he/she has taken! These kids go out onto the cul-de-sac - whooping and hollering - disturbing the entire neighborhood. I raised my kids here - and if they EVER had been as obnoxious as these brats - I would've put a stop to it! No one else's kids are like these - on this block. They ALSO take after the adults at this house - and litter - throw rocks (large ones)- and trash right into the street. I've told them to pick up their trash, etc.- and this tiny pint-sized maybe 6 or 7 year old puts her hand on her hip and lies (with a straight face)- KNOWING that I saw her do it - stating, "I ain't been throwing no rocks in the street" or littering or whatever. lol

Oh - and they hang out in the driveway and/or garage! HUGE backyard - tiny front yard - yet they choose to hang out in the freaking garage! WHO DOES THAT????? I hear the "BOOM BA BOOM BOOM" music IN MY HOUSE WITH MY DOOR CLOSED!"

At any rate - I've been considering surveillance cameras - pointing DIRECTLY at their driveway - in order to stop the selling of drugs next door. And also to keep the rotten kids in check! If they KNOW they are being taped - perhaps they'll think twice about ramming into my mailbox practically knocking it over when they are outside "playing".

I don't know any of you. But maybe - your neighbors have a GOOD reason to be "watching" you!(with the exception of the young lady who has been broken into - probably because of the cameras)

Wow! That sure felt good to vent!

Morganville, NJ

#102 Sep 3, 2011
In the state of New Jersey it is legal to have cameras for video survellience on your property and can extend over the property line if necessary to capture your property. I have cameras all around my property without audio because I have a neighboe who is obsessed with my husband and will not leave him alone. I find this is my best line of defense however she filed charges against us and she is the one who has provoked the cameras to go up in the first place. Sometimes it is necessary to keep the eye in the sky on your own property. It is not on her property at all. I own the home , I bought the cameras, and I had them put up. Go figure and she blamed my husband. It is her right to fing out through the city who owns the house and she decided to take it out on him because he ignored her advances. This is why some of us have to protect ourselves. If you didn't do anything wrong, what do you have to hide. Every place you go you are on camera in this day and time not sure what your circumstances are but I know what mine are and I am protecting myself no matter what happens, oh by the way a police officer owns the home (pure corruption). He is definitely involved and told her to do it because he and my husband had words with each other. They all sleep in one bed. Good luck with your issue hope you get it resolved.

High Springs, FL

#103 Sep 3, 2011
People like you are describing are becoming common place. It's a dysfunctional generation and many more generations are on the way. I am convinced that the only way to deal with these people is to play to win from the beginning. Know the laws and use current technology to gather your data and make your case. Law enforcement and the court system recognizes the value of video taped evidence and will render fast and quick punishments when they have good evidence. I especially identify with you in how people as you describe can "trash" a good neighborhood with their lack of morals and inconsiderate lifestyles. I hate litter and have devised a very effective means to discourage it in my neighborhood. I can spot the dysfunctional types immediately and waste no time attempting to be a friend or neighbor to them. I make it obvious from the get-go that they have made a big mistake moving into my neighborhood. This is MY neighborhood and I will not tolerate the likes of you or anyone else to degrade it. I am especially hard on the teens. This one teen began to show signs of rebellion and other destructive behavior. I pulled up along side of him as he was walking home from the school bus. I told him that if you or any of your cronies ever come on my property with evil intentions I will put a .38 hole right between your eyes. I pulled my .38 out and pressed it into his forehead leaving a barrel hole impression indicating where the hole would be. He was peeing down his leg.He and his cronies will not even go near my property line or look in my direction.It is unfortunate to have to deal like this but it's the only language they respect. If you don't believe me listen to their music.

Lexington, KY

#104 Sep 16, 2011
i live in a duplex in the state of kentucky where my neighbor has several surveliance videos with audio in OUR backyard that we share.. so i cant even go on my back porch without me being watched or listened to from inside his house.. is this legal?

York, PA

#106 Sep 29, 2011
Dawn wrote:
Is it legal for a neighbor to have a camera facing directly into your yard in Ohio? Isnít this an invasion of privacy? I just donít see how this isnít! And I know the police will not do anything about it! Can anyone help me? PLEASE!
Dawn, you have to go to an attorney and get a restraining order so, the police can do something about it. i am having the same issues and I am seeking my attorney for it. Hope it helped you. Good luck!

High Springs, FL

#107 Sep 30, 2011
tiffanys wrote:
i live in a duplex in the state of kentucky where my neighbor has several surveliance videos with audio in OUR backyard that we share.. so i cant even go on my back porch without me being watched or listened to from inside his house.. is this legal?
Tiffany, it would be cheaper and healthier for you to simply move as soon as your contract allows it. Next time investigate your new surroundings BEFORE signing any binding contracts. It is not hard to spot potential trouble such as camera's, dogs, kids etc.
Shane m

Harbor City, CA

#108 Oct 28, 2011
I am obsessed with watching my neighor, we are jealous of them .

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