Is video taping a neighbor legal or i...


#65 May 20, 2010
Maraty wrote:
If the video camera is hidden.. NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.. It is ilegal.
Stores ect are not under this.. And they usually are not hidden.
However a person can put a video camera on their property and point it in any direction over the property and this is totally legal..
However,, Cameras, mic ect pointed into or intentionaly pointed into some one elses property is illegal.(this part of the law is not state by state but regulated by the goverment).
I will look this up. and place it here..
i have a neighbor who just walked by my house with a video recorder,tapeing my house {cause i'm home}.can you believe?i've done nothing to this lady and her husband is just as bad.

Akron, OH

#66 May 24, 2010
Is it legal for a neighbor to have a camera facing directly into your yard in Ohio? Isnít this an invasion of privacy? I just donít see how this isnít! And I know the police will not do anything about it! Can anyone help me? PLEASE!

Gainesville, FL

#67 May 29, 2010
Maraty wrote:
iM VERY SORRY.. I Thought the people having the problem were in Florida.. The state..
I will go back to the books and look up the other states...
sorry about that...
I don't think you're right about Florida law either. The statute you quote does not make it illegal to VIDEOTAPE a person walking around. It only addresses intercepting (e.g. taping) oral or electronic COMMUNICATIONS.

Pittsburgh, PA

#68 Jun 17, 2010
It is a federal offense to tape people without their permission, unless it is in a public place. People in the US have the constitutional right to privacy.

If your neighbor records you without your permission, it is illegal.
Pennsylvania has the toughest wiretapping laws in the country.

Bryan, TX

#69 Jun 25, 2010
Have you found anything out on your neighbor video taping you?
I also live in Texas and have three children 6 and under and our neighbor has started videotapping us he just put up a camera on his porch that is pointed dirrectly at our house. the police say nothing can be done about it.

Humble, TX

#70 Jun 28, 2010
Maraty wrote:
If the video camera is hidden.. NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.. It is ilegal.
Stores ect are not under this.. And they usually are not hidden.
However a person can put a video camera on their property and point it in any direction over the property and this is totally legal..
However,, Cameras, mic ect pointed into or intentionaly pointed into some one elses property is illegal.(this part of the law is not state by state but regulated by the goverment).
I will look this up. and place it here..
can you see what the law exactly says. i live in texas and my neighbor has 3 cameras pointing into my yard at my house. but the dumb people have hand written signs on their door saying this property is being videotaped 24 hr survelience. how is it their property. its mine that is being watched.

Humble, TX

#71 Jun 28, 2010
can you please help me with this. where do i find that government law about this. i want to stop these people.
Belinda Langley

United States

#72 Jul 8, 2010
what about nanny cams. People put them in the baby nursery and watch the nanny abuse their child.
there otta b a law

Keene, NH

#73 Aug 7, 2010
Here in NH, I have a neighbor that takes photos and vid. of me and visitors every time we enter and leave the building. I swear she has some sort of listening device as wel as she has ver-batium repeated a conversation I had with our landlord, except claiming I did these things to her. DESPITE taking vid if another w/o concent is unlawful, and to ease drop is also unlawful ( ubless by police with court order) This neighbor went to court and claimed I WAS STALKING HER.... she also claimed that I had smashed her car windshild with a butter knife and that she had this on her cell phone.. later in court she claimed she had a vid of me doing this.. The Police were of no help at all! They said the cell phone photos did not show me doing anythingShe then tried to have me arrasseted for violation of the court protection order ( that's right the courts granted her a PPO) howeveer this time the JUDJE told her that she has steooed over the line of reality, and that further accusations would be taken as her harrassment of me...
BTY.... She commited purgey in court, filed numerous flase ploice reports and fabricated evidance to support her claims.. ALL whish are illiage... Still the police and the courts do nothing. A year later she is stil taking photos of me and my visitors.... and recently posted informayion about a new neighbor being arrested for rape and then told his GF that I HAD DONE THIS! Of course there is no way for me to porve I did not do this. and the police are back here accussing me..... I cost me over 5,000.00 to defend myself the first time.. Who knows what wil happen next.

Lake Panasoffkee, FL

#74 Oct 2, 2010
Bud wrote:
<quoted text>
This is not necessarily true in all cases. I doubt that standing in your yard and taping the house across the street would constitute a violation of privacy.
Inviting someone into your home and videotaping them without their knowledge is another thing entirely.
Posting the video online, on the other hand, might be cause for a valid "unreasonable publicity" claim, but that would be civil, not criminal.
It is illegal if the person has no knowledge that they are being taped......exception court order

Brooklyn, MI

#75 Oct 8, 2010
well same here my neighbors are taping everything we do i can not take anymore is there know privacy went to mi state police its legal cant believe it where are my familys rights


#76 Oct 9, 2010
my story on the local news..Neighbors Feel Trapped on Private Road Inside Springfield City Limits By KSPR News
Story Created: Nov 9, 2009 at 10:37 PM
Springfield neighbors say even though they pay city taxes,one man makes sure City Utilities and rescue crews can't reach them. One city official is worried about the situation on a private road in the 2800 block of east Grand. The private road is the only way five homeowners can get in and out of the homes they own. For 10 years, neighbors say most who move there are harrassed by the man who claims to own the road.
Julie moved into her home on east Grand in 2007. She immediately had a unique parking problem. "He doesn't want me to park in my own driveway," Julie says. Her neighbor, Mr Gaston, is suing her and the home's previous owner. "He thinks the easement starts here," Julie says as she points to the end of her paved driveway.
In Gaston filed a lawsuit against Julie. In the suit he says he bought the private road for one dollar. Gaston is asking for a judge to rule no one can park in the drive way or improve the road because it disrupts his ability to enjoy his road and easement. "I feel like I have no rights in this community," Julie says.
She has documented the situation and spent thousands on legal fees. She says she wishes her title company would have told her about the suit before she moved in. She worries she can't sell. "I wouldn't want to do what was done to me. Itís not right,"
Julie's lawsuit is just the tip of the paperwork iceberg. Since 2002, neighbors have called police there 23 times. "Our hands are often tied because itís something done to irritate someone and not necessarily a crime," Springfield Police Department Major Kevin Routh says. "Usually there are no witnesses; no one can prove who committed the crime." It is a back and forth neighbors worry is a powder keg. "The harrassment and intimidation is beyond belief," Neighbor Mr. Weister says. He moved in about four months ago and already wants to sell.
KSPR stopped by Gaston's home. He did not want to comment and called police on our crew. Gaston also instructed his attorney not to comment on his side of the story. Neighbors say Gaston and his children drive through yards, point video cameras at their homes and make threats. They say Gaston won't allow commercial vehicles on the road, even running off City Utilities and rescue crews. "I just want it to end. We need the city's help," Weister says. "This isn't just one or two people in danger. It's a whole community."
City councilwoman Rushefsky says she understands the neighborsí concerns. She is meeting with other city leaders to see what--if anything--can legally be done. Rushefsky says all but one neighbor want the private road to have public access. "It's troubling something needs to be done, but the question is what," Rushefsky says. Neighbors say a decade is long enough. They say they want their private road and private nightmare public.
Gaston is on probation for disturbing the peace and tampering with the previous owner of Julie's home. In that case, he was placed on one year probation per a written agreement. KSPR checked the court document to find the terms of the agreement, but it was not in the file. KSPR called the judge in the case. We are waiting to find out where the document may be to see if any of the 23 police calls violate the terms of the probation.
According to online court records since 1996, 7 people have filed protection orders against Gaston, including Julie. All but three of the protection orders were dismissed by the parties. Julie says once she filed her protection order Gastonís wife filed one against her. She questions if the threat of a counter protection order caused others to dismiss. The civil lawsuit involving the driveway and easement is still pending. Julie says two years into the litigation she is waiting to do a deposition with Gastonís attorney. City officials are looking over documents surrounding the issue.

Peculiar, MO

#77 Oct 19, 2010
is it leagel to place a game camera at someone eleses yard & house intx

Wolcott, CT

#78 Oct 19, 2010
yes, cameras can be pointed anywhere the human eye can see. It is not illegal.
liberty wrote:
is it leagel to place a game camera at someone eleses yard & house intx

West Palm Beach, FL

#79 Oct 19, 2010
Just this afternoon, I confronted by neighbor about mirrors propped up against his house with his security camera aimed directly at it. It gives him a clear view of my front porch. He said he can do anything since it is his property. He also extended a chain fence which blocked our spinkler head. Big blow up with my family with him and his wife. They called police and police will call code enforcement for emergency visit tomorrow. They thought this couple was nuts too.

Macy, NE

#80 Oct 21, 2010
I need someones help, I am looking for the Nebraska state statute that I can video tape my own back yard. My neighbor keeps coming onto my property and damaging it and I am a single parent and am concerned what he may do. I do not have the video camera pointed at their property, but at mine, but there is a small piece of theirs that you can see. But they are claiming that I am watching their children. I have went to the police and they have stated that unless I have pointed directly into their home (bedroom, bathroom, etc.) that it isn't illegal to video tape my own back yard. I just need the state statute for Nebraska as I have looked everywhere and can't find anything on it. Thank you

United States

#83 Jan 13, 2011
I put a fence up my neighbors put video camera i raise the fence up they rasie the video cameras up to see over the fence into my daughter's room is this not illegal in florida

Madison, IN

#84 Jan 25, 2011
We had to put a video webcam in our upstairs windows to keep our neighbors in line..
We travel and can view the outside perimeter of our House from all angle's.. Our cars were being vandalized also,,now all this has stopped..
The Homeowners Association threatened to fine us daily till the camera's were removed...
We contacted the Building Inspector and the local Police and were told they were legal as long as they weren't aimed at any neighbors bedroom windows.. Our neighbor blocks our entry way when parking just to agitate us ...but we'll be moving soon into a new home and far away from them!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#85 Feb 21, 2011
Good afternoon my mother, Nanci Chadwick has been dealing with an issue she has had long going with her neighbor as well as Hillsborough county court system in Florida. My mother is currently on probation for something that is not her fault. My mother has been put through heck and back by the doings of a neighbor and his wife that for some reason keep winning the battle. I know for a fact that he stalks her, he is a dangerous man. There is so much to this case that it is complicated to know where to begin with it. I live in California but have knowledge of the events and the health condition of my mother due to the stress this man and his wife have caused to her. The court system there has not been fair in their decisions and I truly find it flabbergasting to even believe this man has gotten away with what he has for so many years and yet my mom is the bad person here. I don't know where to go for her help but I truly believe this is a big case that is going to take some elbow grease or yet just someone to start from the beginning of the case to review the documentations to see the man has perjured himself several times, as well as his wife. The amazing part of it all is my mother is a wonderful woman, has never been in trouble with the law until this man. This man has a criminal record for battery and he has the story so turned around, my mother was even at one time Baker Acted by the state a year ago because of these events and was still charged as being sane by the state. These people video her every move not only on her property, but while pumping gas in her car at the gas station, her horse was poisoned, I could go on and on. But yet, this man and woman have pulled it off and turned this amazing turn of events on my mother..
I do not understand how someone that has photo shopped pictures, lied under oath and had several guns, and videos removed from his house can be the nice guy here. My mother is on probation because of this man and when she went up to have her case reviewed by the court so that she can have it terminated the man was sitting in the courtroom as well. He actually even went up on the bench and told the judge that my mother was in violation of probation many times so needless to say that the judge put it on hold until further review with her probation officer. My mothers probation officer has written a letter with the help of his authority figure to stress to the judge that she should not be on probation as well as they mentioned in the letter how many times the neighbor has been into the probation office to show them videos of my mom. The probation officer found this extremely odd because he has been in around 30+ times to show them something or another.

United States

#86 Feb 22, 2011
I am in Omaha Nebraska, I have a neighbor who is a cop harassing me, stalking me and now have a video surviellance camera on me. Is this legal? He live across the street. I am told by our HOA attorney it is against the by-laws - I would like to know if I have a legal avenue to get it stopped. This guy is creapy and only in his mid twenties.

Thank you

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