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#22 Aug 19, 2008
iM VERY SORRY.. I Thought the people having the problem were in Florida.. The state..
I will go back to the books and look up the other states...

sorry about that...
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Brandon, FL

#24 Aug 25, 2008

Joliet, IL

#25 Aug 29, 2008
I cant believe someone would actually been creepy enough to tape their neighbors...I'm not a lawyer..but is there some type of pedifile law to protect children under the age of 18?

Montgomery, TX

#26 Sep 7, 2008
We have a couple of old people that live behind us and all they do is call the cops on my husband anytime he is working outside or burning a fire by the way we live on land that is allowed to do it. They have had the cops come and the fire department several times and now they are videotaping my husband while he is working in the daytime on our pool putting up a wood top overhang so we can keep the falling leaves out We are so frustrated what can we do? We do everything to make peace with the and even ask them what are we doing wrong they will not say nothing.. Please Help!!

Lexington Park, MD

#28 Nov 13, 2008
This is an outrage. I had to call the police on our neighbors for taking my picture all the time. I took them to court for a peace order in an act of privacy infringement. Afterwards, they installed a camera surveillance system on the side of their house to watch me and my son at all times. We have no privacy. The local police say they cannot do anything about it and are influence by the fact that the husband is a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. I think there should be a law using a security camera system to watch my yard. I am a single mother, whom that man loves to watch me. He told the Judge that it was to protect them from me breaking into their home. Give me a break. If that is true then they should have it on their property to watch their windows and doors. Is there a law against this? Please respond. Enough is enough! E-mail me at: [email protected] Yes I'm a single mother that can not effort a lawyer can some one help please.

Edmond, OK

#29 Nov 19, 2008
Please disregard Maraty's advice. It couldn't be further from the truth. The statute that she relies on for her support is misplaced. As an attorney, I can assure you reliance on any legal advice not from an attorney is usually flawed, and this person's advice falls in that category.

Brooklyn, NY

#30 Nov 30, 2008
i just decided to join this discussion. i would ask a lawyer what is legal and illegal. also i had a similar situation. Now i am video taping them from my apt. I don't do it to spy or harm them. the couple upstairs have inhabited my porch. they have their own porch. since i have installed the cameras the couple has not gone on my porch so doing the reverse can help.


#31 Dec 15, 2008
It's the audio part that is illegal.

Victorville, CA

#32 Dec 28, 2008
how about wrote:
Can anyone plese give us there input regarding the noisy neighbors across our street that have audio+video cameras pointed at our children's bedroom windows as well as our entire house? They listen and video our conversations inside our house as well as in our garage,driveway.Can someone please give us some advise? Thank you..
I also have a psychotic neighbor. I don't doubt they are video taping. She stalks my family and has even enrolled her daughter in a school 20 miles away where I work. She drive to 3 different schools I assume because she has 4 kids. It is heck. One thing I have heard from a friend who experienced a crazy neighbor was that if you have a video camera set up, it can only video tape your own property or else its against the law. Good luck...
Mary in MN

Minneapolis, MN

#33 Jan 18, 2009
Well how about I just add another twist to this distasteful act! My hubby is a police officer and our neighbor across the street has 4 video cameras with audio point at our home! And as I understand it, we can't do anything about it!! Unbelievable!!

Livingston, NJ

#34 Jan 25, 2009
What about in New Jersey? Is there a law in New Jersey that prevents a neighbor from pointing video cameras at someone's house?

Bothell, WA

#35 May 15, 2009
If your neighbors are spying on you and video taping what you are doing I would suggest involving law enforcement first to see if they can resolve the situation. However if this doesn't work then you can always get your own surveillance equipment from some place like and video tape them right back and see how they like it. be sure though that you yourself don't become the one breaking the law in turn.

Valbonne, France

#36 May 16, 2009
I do have a video cam on my own property I do not however point it to my neighbors homes its for security only.
Fred H

Wolcott, CT

#37 Jun 12, 2009
Miss Bug wrote:
<quoted text>
I am having the same problem in Manchester area. Cops say its ok as long as you are pointing it inside the neighbor's house. Good luck.
having the same issue in waterbury CT anything new? is there any law in CT that prevents audio video recording a neighbors propety?
Fred H

Wolcott, CT

#38 Jun 12, 2009
Having the same problem in Waterbury CT with a mentaly off balance neighbor. is audio or Video recording our property illegal in CT


#39 Jul 13, 2009
Is It illegal to take someone picture on their own property in the state of Georiga?

Pompano Beach, FL

#40 Jul 21, 2009
I had a business partner and I had been going to his house 3-4 times per week for over a year to work on our business. I just found out that he has over 20 hidden cameras installed in his house and that he has been recording every camera to several DVRs for later playback. His house is in Florida. Was this illegal since he never notified me of the cameras? Does anyone know the Florida statute that talks about this?

East Liverpool, OH

#41 Jul 22, 2009
Mr Good Advice wrote:
To those who have neighbors spying on you, Put insulation up in the windows, they can't hear what they can't hear and insulation will stop them from hearing anything. There are different types of insulation from foam boards to rolls of fiberglass and other products that will do the same. So you will lose your windows that point towards your neighbors house, out of site, out of mind. And if you really want to get back at them really good make a life casting of yourself and buy a set of childrens binoculars from a toystore and set it up in a window or yard in a place they can see it. It doesn't have to be a full sized life cast just as long as you hide it in such a way they can't see that there is no body, and you can buy a kit online pretty cheap to make life casts. Second, You can get your own video survallence system and do the same to them. And Third, get privacy screens put into place so the neighbors can't see you. A privacy fence works well but they aren't very tall (usually 6 feet) So get something that will block all of their view. Fourth, if sound is what they want broadcast Barney with a little out door speaker set to a low volume (as loud as your normal talking voice. And finally just in case your neighbor turns out to be a drug dealer or serial killer get yourself some protection. There are many different types of protection and instructional classes to go with them, ask around and you will find whatever you need. I wish you all good luck and be safe out there.
I like your way of thinking. I just might use this for my annoying neighbor. Thank you!

United States

#42 Jul 27, 2009
Can someone videotape you in AZ? My neighbor put on up for the sole purpose of trying to see me or my kids doing somehting illegal (i have no idea)what that's what he told another neighbor.

United States

#43 Aug 6, 2009
different states wrote:
so you have to look at your own states rules first. Different states define ONE thing one way and another will define it something else. Can whatever is being taped visible in public? Then yes, your yard can be taped and you have no "expectation of privacy.".......get a privacy fence. And no it is not an intrusion of your privacy. That is why cops don't do anything. Let's use some common sense here...."stars" huge$$$$$$$can't stop papparazi form literally stalking them with cameras in their faces....well why would that be? Hello, folks lets wake up may feel harassed ..but, if that is the case barricade yourself behind walls..because todays video-cameras are EVERYWHERE....when you go to the store you don't think there is a security guard sitting upstairs....leering at you via those black and your kid...with the skimpy clothes, while his mind is running amok....that doesn't seem to bother you? Obviously not because EVERY store has those black bubbles. So get real. Put a surveillance camera that encompasses your house.....if the neighbor is bothered that his yard or house falls into the lens...too bad....get a privacy fence. As far as audio taping....that depends on the state again....some states allow phones being taped by the caller without letting the other know. If you want a business NOT to tape you SAY so and they cannot use it against you as long as you are in a state where you must be told you are being taped.
There are some people sitting home all day with delusional paranoia, they think everybody is doing something illegal, they are just plainly afflicted by paranoia. My neighbor stands outside my front door making phone calls and smoking cigarettes, I just caught him this morning. They always think they are going to catch someone doing something illegal, but what they are doing is very illegal and goes further than spying. They have been making me out to be a prostitute for years because I have "blonde" hair. They are just plain paranoid.

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