It's hard to believe that I have been coming up to visit my husband's family for that many years. I was just up there last August, playing on Spread Eagle and enjoying my niece and nephew. Sadly this has come to an abrupt and surprising halt. Adultery has touched many local persons there, including some of his friends. Just last August he was discussing with me the hurt, harm and sadness of this and even during that time...he was having an affair on me and being deceptive. A couple of summers ago we had attended my husband's high school reunion at the large hall in Florence. When I reflect back to that time it was one of our greatest experiences that we shared and no one could have ever have convinced me that I didn't really have a caring, dedicated and down to earth husband at that time. Why am I writing this? Of course I am hurt and angry. His family knew what he was doing and condoned it, never spoke to me about it or encouraged him to stop it and work on his marriage. Also, I know he is planning on trying to get married up there, probably around July 4th and he isn't even divorced from me yet. I hope that whoever is planning on doing this ceremony won't try and santify it for adultery is wrong and never goes away. His new gf/fiance lol whatever you would call her is also an adulterer...twice also. It's sickening. Another reason I am writing this is because I supported every dream that man had, respected his privacy, respected his decision to work with this woman on grants, stay at her place when he was out of town near was misguided trust. He always said, "I don't trust her and keep my boundaries clear" What a joke. If anyone reads this I'm sure you're going to think it petty of me and I would agree. But think of this: in a wink of an eye, 16 years are gone. 16 years of visiting your sweet town is gone. 16 years of interacting with many of his friends is gone. My niece and nephew gone. All because someone else thinks the grass is greener on the other side and it usually isn't.