I was placed in a different department to assist the week of & after Labor Day weekend. There are instruments that were required for me to use. 5 days ago I asked the top manager, if I could improve them. I was told they couldn't leave the store & new ones had been ordered. So I told them I could bring in the same tool that we use at work to hone them up but is brand new. That was fine with them.
Store assistant management fired me tonight. Saying I wasn't trained to use them & not suppose to use them at all. It was the department manager that had & told me to use them. I could not do part of the job without them. I told them when I was put in that department I had not done their computer program training for that department but I had experience with using some items in the other department. I was told that was fine & not to worry about it.
I didn't knowingly or intentionally break the rules. I didn't damage the instruments. I just did my job as I was told. I busted my back for 2 weeks. The weekend was grueling. I had a couple of weeks left till my raise was due which was retroactive.