Jenny Sue Iles murder
deos angelus

Indianapolis, IN

#143 Jun 8, 2013
]I am a relative of jenny iles and would love to finally have the truth come out. I would love to hear comments or ideas on the case. I have researched this for years and want some answers. Someone should be in jail.

First I'd like to say I'm so incredibly sorry for your families loss. Words can't possibly describe what hell and torment I'm sure you all have encountered for the past 25 years or so. I know this isn't much but I do have an idea. I am always involved in . If you were to post what's happened and state that you want her case reopened with new detectives and get everyone across the country signing it and sharing it on their Facebook and twitter it would bring some enormous pressure down on Covington PD. I know that many things have been made to happen by using this site and using the power in numbers and getting it out there for people to know about. It doesn't cost you anything. It's up to you, personally I would do it because the American people don't like to know that our children have been left behind and forgotten.
Again, I'm so very sorry for all of your pain. Please let me know if you do decide to do this. I will sign it and it will surly be put on all my social network sites. God Bless

Fort Thomas, KY

#144 Jun 13, 2013
pathologist wrote:
<quoted text> yeah, funk did you. you liked it, that's the difference..
Just cause I didn't wear panties does not mean that I liked it. It was alright and it was just his finger. Like alot of covington trash momma or daddy didn't watch us. Usually some drunk uncle who liked to play horsey but only if we rode bare back (no panties) and if they nailed you, they nailed you. But you didn't get killed. The nice thing about a monkey is that it will always shrink back to regular if you get stretched out. I think it is called a snapper. If you older women would keep your men or brothers drained then us young girls would still of had cherries when we filled out a little. I mean really, how hard is a handjob anyways. Hell it's only a dick isn't it.
registered nurse

Cincinnati, OH

#146 Jun 13, 2013
PoorMonkey, you need help. you are disturbed.

Fort Thomas, KY

#147 Jun 18, 2013
registered nurse wrote:
PoorMonkey, you need help. you are disturbed.
Product of my environment ďRegisteredĒ. Nobody stood up for me or my sister; Iím not complaining. Like a said before itís just a dick. It goes where it goes. My man can get his anywhere, anytime, in any hole he wants as long as itís with me and not the kids. If you had women stand up and take some of these creepers and let them get theirs, you might not have these young girls go missing, dead, or poked before theyíre pubed. If it is drained and sore it ainít gonna what to go poking around some too tight poon. Some think that they are too good to give these losers a handy every now and then, but want to cry when their little one comes home with a bloody cooter when they could have prevented it with a little spit and polish. Hell, give that little hoe down the street $20 to take care of your light work if you donít want to do it yourself. Everybody wants to kill these molesters sure, but thatís only after the damage has been done.
freddy mac

Cincinnati, OH

#148 Jun 18, 2013
product of your environment ? classic cop out !! you just proved that your stupid .. sad ....

Cincinnati, OH

#149 Jun 18, 2013
poor monkey,,,,,stop blaming others for what "might" have happened to you,, your skechty...if that did happen,,,, why blame me? the whole product of my envionment? shut up!! your just trying to lay it on some one else...oh ,,, by the way florence, ky only has one population!!!!! i'll get blamed for another's!

Cincinnati, OH

#150 Jun 18, 2013
have you traveled boone co. roads latety? i geuss not!!!

Cincinnati, OH

#152 Jul 1, 2013
iles wrote:
<quoted text> Thank you for posting. This is the first I've heard of a witness to her being kidnapped. That is haunting to me. Makes since why the detective told me he has no doubts about Mike being guilty. U r part of the proof.
. I was a little girl n she was found in the house next to where I lived n the alley me and my brothers picked mike out of a line up of pictures it was him I remember coming by to check on our house and saw him sitting on a tractor tire with a big green bacg that looked like something strange was in it I have no doubt in my mind she was in that bag an he did do it. Rumors were said that my dogs ate on her body my dogs loved kids they would have never done that

Mount Sterling, KY

#153 Jul 30, 2013
i remember my mom telling me about her cousin who was brutally murdered so many years ago but i never had all the details and after reading this article its pretty disturbing... im sorry for your loss iles i have that same blood running through my viens to and hope that some day there will be justice for jenny!!!!

Mount Sterling, KY

#154 Jul 30, 2013
My grandpa was Harlan Iles
any relation to this bunch

United States

#155 Aug 2, 2013
iles wrote:
I am a relative of jenny iles and would love to finally have the truth come out. I would love to hear comments or ideas on the case. I have researched this for years and want some answers. Someone should be in jail.
I was wondering if u ever tried Deborah dixon cold cases? She has a website and valuable information on how to get this case looked at. I am so glad you are trying ti get answers. Don't ever give up!

Corbin, KY

#156 Dec 7, 2013
It was roger roland. he had blue car and greasey hair.

Fishers, IN

#157 Jan 11, 2014
Well, looking through this thread, I've been able to piece together a few facts, and a few non-facts. For example, I don't think Tiffany Warren is telling the truth. Jenny was definitely last seen with her best friend, an African American boy, playing in a shopping cart. Near a church, I think? The Church of God on 11th and Banklick Avenue?
Does anyone have a link to an actual case discussion? I can't find anything other than the documents for Funk's acquittal. I really don't think funk did it. There's no evidence as far as I know, and what a lot of you have missed is that the jail-house confession stuff was linked to 'hundreds of phone calls' linked to one of the inmate's sisters, who lived right next to the Isles house. You can find that on an article about how the defense attorney financially ruined herself with a vow to get Funk off, and how she retired in the middle of a case where she was going to do it again.
The carpet fibers you were asking about a few years ago have some relation to 'a party'. Found this mentioned in the acquittal trial summary for Funk v Commonwealth of KY.
The lead about the house on Holman street that looked like someone had been killed was interesting, but unless the house (1407 Holman) was remodeled, the windows on the back are all at the sides of the house and give no visual privy inside. I don't feel like that really matches the description the poster gave. Of course, this is me doubting it on a feeling.
Query: How was the body pose observable when the dogs had at least disturbed it?
There's a lot to be said for profiling here. Why would someone who loved or was comfortable enough around dogs leave a body with them? For most killers, that would destroy their 'handy work' and MO. Some people, though, are very nonchalant and ruthless. I've heard some comparisons of the person who killed Iles to Ottis Toole, the 'man' who supposedly killed Adam Walsh. I wonder if there's something to that. Violent sexual abuse sometimes spawns new followers via the victims. Then there's copy cats in an era when people were very much afraid of kidnappings, etc.
I'll see what I can find. Doubt Covington PD will ever help or reopen the case, because it'll make them look bad if they find out they're wrong, even for those who don't staunchly hold to M. Funk as the murderer.
Who was Roger Roland? Was that a joke?

Fishers, IN

#158 Jan 11, 2014
Oh, on the jail house phone calls, the defense attorney believed the sister of one of these men was feeding the jailbirds information (obtained by proximity), probably to get them some bargaining chips with their sentencing. However, as others have said, crimes like this are often committed to people close to you. Maybe the sister was feeding these guys information to throw police off someone she knew's trail. Defense attorney's case was pretty clear that everyone wanted to pin it on 'Mike Funk, the big dumb target'.

Fishers, IN

#159 Jan 11, 2014
Also, funk repeated the same MO of molesting an infant in 2006. No falsifiable evidence that Funk targeted grown children, was violent, or was capable of nonchalant murderous violence.

Fishers, IN

#160 Jan 11, 2014
Thinking some more about this in lieu of sleeping, I think the killer might have spent some time getting close to the dogs, maybe feeding them or giving them snacks? Not sure what it takes to befriend fighting dogs. How did he even know the dogs were in there, if the only entrance was through the window?

I thought, if the dogs had a way in and out, he might have seen them from the walking bridge catty-corner.

Starting to think he was male, early thirties, sophisticated, adventurous, socially rejected. Maybe stayed in the area for a couple of weeks and planned the attack. If he saw the dog place from crossing the foot bridge, he'd have a reason to be crossing the railroad tracks, unless he were just exploring. Maybe he was crossing from work to a local bar or store, or lived on the Banlick side of the tracks and had some reason for crossing to the other side.

I mention the bridge specifically, because the abandon house faced out onto the railroad tracks with a house behind it on the street side. I don't think you could have seen it from anywhere but the top of the foot bridge.
just terrible

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#161 Apr 17, 2014
My heart goes out to the fams I remember when this happened I was about 13 I remember being scared to walk to school in. The morning I grew up in covington its not the safest place to grow up but I was just thinking about jenny and de cided to see what ever happened with her case and sadly I came across this site and found out its never been solved so sad I pray you all can get this case reopened and closed and be in peace may god be with you all
friends inkindergarten

Williamsburg, OH

#162 Apr 20, 2014
I too was Jenny's friend she sat in front of me in class. We were best friends I remember we played together a lot. It sure is a tragedy. Would be nice to know that the person that did this was caught. He or she deserves to spend the rest of their rotten lie in prison.
a friend wrote:
i was in john g at the time i was i kindergarden at the time used to play with her at school and sometimes after we lives behind kimmies corner in an apartment ive read the papers as im older now and it dont make since i was told she was found in a garage and was bitten by dog belive they were rottwilers but never read it in the paer it said an abouinded building but thats not what i remember their were garages by the bride and railroad tracks they used then for dogs i belive a guy named tom owned the dogs their is alot of information that dont make since iles family get this case opened back up its been way to long and jenny is not at peace yet we all need closer
maysherestinpeac e

New Albany, IN

#163 Apr 28, 2014
The details are on Google..they are horrific...poor little girl..I was only three in 1989 but my friend was good friends with her. I never remember hearing any of this until today...the family needs to look into a cold cade unit and have it reopened...too much technology out there to not use it
know better

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#164 May 6, 2014
fuckcops wrote:
they won't find anything. they don't care. they'd rather get you for a seat belt violation than actually doing some good for the community, and finding the bad guys. fk the police.
It goes on up the ladder.Judges trust the word of cops Ist and foremost over evidence. Like Julie "Rodham" Ward. What you have now is your reward.How could you settle for so little? I guess she Can't Understand Normal Thinking.

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