Let's see, if a person uses money from one credit card to pay another credit card, that must be a crime. After all, he is using principal to pay interest due on another loan. How many of you have robbed "Peter to pay Paul"? Do you not think business people have to do the same thing? Especially small business people? No, it is not right what Bruce did, but I don't believe he intended for things to turn out this way. What started out as a little thing snowballed into a crushing landslide, and there was no longer anyway to keep paying the bills. A Ponzi scheme? Do you know what the definition is of a Ponzi scheme? Whenever money is given and no value is returned, that's just a brief summary. Do you know what the biggest Ponzi scheme is in our country? Social Security, we are demanded to pay into this fund, without the right to expect our monies to be paid back to us. So, Bruce was wrong, Judge Birdsall practiced law and set sentencing according to those laws. Did Judge Birdsall set those laws? No. How many of you have filed bankruptcy or are looking at that possibility? Is this not theft in a way, especially credit card use? If you used credit cards to buy a meal, and then can't pay for that meal, and file bankruptcy, isn't that theft from the credit card company? All of you threatening and being holier than thou, had better pray you never fall on bad times. You might not like what happens.