I CRIED WHEN I SAW MY PUP!!! She looked decent but nothing like herself. I asked that along with the wash and sanitary trim that they trim her feet and ears but to not cut her ears too short. They took that as a clip and leave her ear hair! They neglected to wash her eyes, and the hair that does remain on her body seems like it WASN'T BATHED. I honestly think they didn't wash her head or tail, and only wiped down the rest of her body or sprayed spray. The only good thing I can say about Perfect Pooch is that they didn't cut the one place I specified for them to not cut. Who gives a long haired chihuahua mix a summer shave in December?!
Wish I didn't waste my money on this Living Social, I will never go back to Perfect Pooch and have already found 3 others who had the same experience, not asking for a shave but receiving just that. So if you plan to go to Perfect Pooch be sure to specify EXACTLY what they should do with your particular pooch or be ready for a short summer shave that will take sweaters to cover and months to recover from.