Dawsonville, GA

#21 Sep 21, 2009
Some people need better things to do with there lives....

United States

#22 Sep 24, 2009
PCoaster, You started this Topic asking if anyone knew the Brinkers and what kind of people they were. Then you went into detail about Rocky being shot. You started this to get a rise out of people. That makes you LESS of a friend to them than the people who actually trashed them. You set them up to be trashed. why don't you piss off. talk about your family, troublemaker.
very old friend

Columbus, OH

#23 Sep 27, 2009
I recently heard that Charlie od'ed in 2001 and have been trying to find an obit or something. I knew him when I was young and was just curious and sad.
back in the day

Dahlonega, GA

#24 Sep 27, 2009
i used to be patsys boyfriend when we were in like the 7th and 8th grade. she was always happy when she was around me youd never know all of that had happened
very old friend

Columbus, OH

#25 Sep 28, 2009
clb123 wrote:
this is charlie, thank my friends for stickin up for us and if anyone talks about my dead father in a bad way again i will find u!!!! he is not here to defend his self so i will do it for him, he may not have always done the right thing but he was more of a man than anyone person that i ever had the pleasure, no the privelege of knowing. i loved my dad more than anything in the world and he is gone, that is the end of it . that is all i have to say. please, say anything you want about me or anyone else but please dont talk about father.
Charlie Luther Brinker? I knew your father when he was a teenager/young man. I lived in Cincinnati and his dad (Daniel) used to bring me down to Wallingford to visit him for the day when he was living with his grandpa Luther Yazell (or something like that). I have a box of letters that he wrote me and a few pictures that you might want to see. Do you have a regular email address?
they deserve eachother

Olive Hill, KY

#26 Sep 30, 2009
well sheena is no good. she is a whore and a pill head. but one good thing she found a man now that is right up her alley. she has a nark CHAD WHITE. wonder if chad hunt knows about it or are they sharing her cuz thay do that all the time. thats nasty. i hope she likes someone that is mean as hell cuz those whites and bellamys are mean as hell. i know i feel sry for sheena and chad whites kids cuz them being together is not good all that will come of this is 2 pill heads tryin to find a fix.

Orlando, FL

#27 Nov 12, 2009
very old friend wrote:
<quoted text>Charlie Luther Brinker? I knew your father when he was a teenager/young man. I lived in Cincinnati and his dad (Daniel) used to bring me down to Wallingford to visit him for the day when he was living with his grandpa Luther Yazell (or something like that). I have a box of letters that he wrote me and a few pictures that you might want to see. Do you have a regular email address?
it would be very nice to talk to you (very old friend) and know more about my fathers younger days hopefully u get this, my email address is [email protected], please email me or write me back, i would be willing to pay u substancially for the letters and pictures. thank you so much and god bless you!
an old friend

Olive Hill, KY

#28 Nov 15, 2009
Charlie used to come to my moms house and hang out with my brother (up on foxspring) and he was always so respectful...he was sweet and caring and I wish I would have tried to get with him way back then I would still like and I went to school together and while yeah she may have her issues now ( and I wouldn't know personally but just from hear say) she is still a good person deep down and I know that personally. She was always a good friend and I am happy to have known her....Her and Charlie both..

Orlando, FL

#29 Nov 16, 2009
who is your brother (an old friend)? this is charlie
country girl

Flemingsburg, KY

#30 Nov 16, 2009
shena is alright her husband is a nark punk b**ch
an old friend

Olive Hill, KY

#31 Nov 16, 2009
Wayne H.
Brandy Lee

Morehead, KY

#32 Nov 16, 2009
WHOA wrote:
charlie and margaret brinker should never have been allowed to raise the children they had. They would have been better off raised by monkees. A freind of mine walked in their house one time to buy you know what and he was even shocked. The babies had not been changed in like days, no food, etc He said That Margaret and Charlie were doped up in bed passed out. He left his girl there to take care of kids till he could get ahold OF the grandma, SICK DRUG HEADS!
Whoever wrote this needs serious help. I grew up with all of 'em & anybody that knew big charlie knows that this is a boldface lie. Besides that it takes a special kind of lowlife to leave a comment like that about someone who is dead. All u idiots need 2 get a life. Big Charlie was more like a dad 2 me than my own dad. And i WISH he was still alive cuz i would LOVE 2 see ANYONE say crap like this 2 his face. He would beat the life outta u. Keep your stupid little meaningless opinions 2 urselves. Little Charlie, Sheena & Patsy Carol are better people in their sleep than u r in ur dreams & they don't deserve some a$$hole that probly didn't even know their father on here bashing him. Especially when he's not here 2 defend himself. Cuz trust me if he was, he would then all u gossip queens would shut ur mouths. Charlie Sheena Patsy i love u guys!!!!!!!!!!
Well Hell

Centreville, MD

#33 Nov 17, 2009
Shenna and Chad screw around trade pardners,dope,pills drink and leave those kids with anybody.Now is that good people??????????
_that girl_

Morehead, KY

#34 Dec 22, 2009
A few yrs. back I used to hang out a lot with Sheena, stayed at Patsy's house with her, went to school together, and all that fun stuff that girls do - and she was a great friend. I seen her the other day for the first time in forever and that was cool! I met Charlie a few times at her and Chad's house (always thought he was so fine!) and he seemed like a great person too!
I was shocked to read some comments posted and the trash talked about this family. Whatever struggles life has brought them they have came together and fought through them which have made them stronger people, anyways their past is there business and no one elses and especially in this type of form. I can't believe some of you really have the balls to want to talk trash about a deceased person when your the SIK FUK for being so cold hearted to even post something like that.
Jarrod taylor

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#36 Dec 23, 2009
Here is what I think I love my fam Charlie was my uncle little Charlie,Patsy,Sheena,Cody are all my cousins any one on this sight who knows me knows what I am capable of doing what u all are talking about is not your bussiness most of you are no better so keep your head out of it before you loose it

Versailles, KY

#37 Dec 23, 2009
LMAO, someone who gets as much attention as i do.. Fu** 'em all guys they are jus jealous
Jarrod taylor

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#38 Dec 23, 2009
Who is Amanda

Tracy, CA

#39 Jan 26, 2010
thanks cuz luv ya
victoria terek

Tracy, CA

#40 Jan 30, 2010
just let the family know, charlie is one good guy, no bad news on this end my husband and I feel more then happy to have his family in our lives....give up the stupid comments!!!!!!!

Logan, WV

#41 Feb 3, 2010
while they are no longer married, family is family, and even though we have had our differences id like to say that you should go out and find you a big pile of shlt and eat it, these are all good people, who the f#ck r u to say there bad people cause they have been through alot, bad stuff happens to the best of us, and while we dont talk much no more Patsy is like a sister to me and sheena and charlie are doing there best, so i dont know how perfect your life must have been but these kids had people who love them all around and no matter how good your parents are bad stuff can still happen to anyone, im a piece of shlt plain and simple but at least i got the nerve to put a name with the post....i love you guys for everything we did and everything weve done i do love you.
PEACE to the haters

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