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Owensboro, KY

#1 Nov 25, 2011
Saw Jacob Rose was jailed for sodomy, rape, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment. Disgusting, knew the guy in school, would have never imagined him to do that.

Winder, GA

#2 Nov 26, 2011
Oh my God! Where did you see this?
Not Hard to Find

Olive Hill, KY

#4 Nov 26, 2011
I found it within minutes online by looking at the court dockets. The charges posted are correct.

United States

#7 Dec 4, 2011
So where is he being held?

Philadelphia, MS

#8 Dec 5, 2011
Where do you get court documents online. Post the web site

Warwick, MD

#11 Aug 27, 2012
I'm a close friend of Jakes and this is not true. The stupid bitch tried to get with him and when she found out he had a wife and kid and he wanted nothing to do with her she ran and said rape. They have nothing on him because nothing happened. He's not in jail because he didnt do anything. Rape and everything else thats being said he did are major crimes. Don't you think if that were true he would be in a jail cell right now? He's not!!! He's home enjoying his wife and daughter with another baby on the way. Get off his case.

United States

#12 Aug 27, 2012
I'm glad to hear it was nothing. I was super shocked when I heard about it.

United States

#13 Aug 28, 2012
It seems to be the new fad to scream rape but the fact is their dose not have to be any evidence to support the claim it just has to be said,and i think dragging jacob threw this is insaine i dont really know him well but im certin he didnt do what they say and now his good name has been tarnised
Barry Smith

Lexington, KY

#15 Apr 7, 2013
So he was married with a child at home and he was out having sex with some other woman well that tells me all I need to know.It sounds like rape to me I say lock him and and throw away the key.

Wakeman, OH

#16 Aug 1, 2013
He is a coward. He was put in the sex offender cell for one night. He wasn't in there long before he got scared of the men in there. He banged on the door and begged for the guards to let him out like a little baby. And that's the truth. He wants to pick on people who are weaker than him.
Just wonderin

United States

#17 Aug 2, 2013
They had his trial!!! Wonder what the verdict was!

United States

#18 Aug 2, 2013
U all need to pray cuz who r u to judge anyone!!! Who knows if its true!! Believe me GOD above will put enuff judgement on him!!!! So i will pray for both families!!!!

Lexington, KY

#19 Aug 2, 2013
The jury found him not guilty. from personal experience i believe what the girl said was true. praying for all.

United States

#20 Aug 2, 2013
Well look at it in his point of view shes a attorney and knows the ropes i cant beleive he got found not guilty even tho it wast true!!! Her bein an attorney i was thinkin the jury would say guilty automatically!! Even if it was true he will get judged in the end like wow said!! I pray for all the families as well!!!
It is true

Maysville, KY

#21 Aug 3, 2013
There are 3 who know what happened..and God is one of them..God sees everything. A woman isn't safe in this world. Not unless she carries a shotgun.
Yea right

United States

#22 Aug 3, 2013
How u know it true was u there!!!!!! I have seen this woman at the bar partying it up big time!! And shes an attorney!!! Well all i can say is he was found not guilty for a reason so let it go everyone!! God will judge who ever lied about this beleive me he will!!!!

Maysville, KY

#23 Aug 3, 2013
well wrote:
The jury found him not guilty. from personal experience i believe what the girl said was true. praying for all.
What do you mean from personal experience? with him?

Maysville, KY

#24 Aug 3, 2013
Yea right wrote:
How u know it true was u there!!!!!! I have seen this woman at the bar partying it up big time!!!!
If that is even mean anyone who parties at a bar is fair game for being raped? All people who party at bars are loose? Thanks for the information. I did not know that. Come join the rest of the world, the year is 2013, not 1899.
dont_know_any_of _them

United States

#25 Aug 3, 2013
I think what they were saying wasn't that all people partying at a bar are fair game for being raped, as much as they were saying not all people ACCUSED of a crime are GUILTY! You people get on here talking about EVERYONE based on shit you read on this website?! REALLY?! And for the record he may be the biggest wretch on the the planet and guilty as hell, but if you weren't(at the VERY least) present for the trial, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD ANY OF YOU DIPSHITS KNOW ANYTHING about his guilt or innocence, unless you were present when the crime supposedly took place...which in my opinion would make you just as guilty as he for not doing anything about it.
And the flip side of that would be that she may party til she can't see straight EVERY night, and throw herself at men freely, but if she said "no" or was not concious then it would have still been rape. One side is lying, at least. Both may be telling partial truths or lies...that is the ENTIRE reason for a trial and judgement, and the basis of the society we all live in. So if you have nothing more to go on than her accusations to decide his guilt, or her loose behavior to discredit her allegations...then you really don't have ANY BUSINESS claiming to know ANYTHING about what happened, now do you? Some of you people absolutely disgust me! You are the same idiots that sit around saying "hang that bastard!" Every time someone is ACCUSED of a crime on the evening news! "officers are QUESTIONING so and so in the disappearance of such and such"...and BOOM! You are the first ones to say, "Did you hear about so and so kidnapping such and such? Oh yeah, I knew he was a bad one.". Then two days later they find such and such...but the damage is already done! Innocent until proven guilty my ASS! you people are pathetic!
dont_know_any_of _them

United States

#26 Aug 3, 2013
Case in point, this person was found not guilty in court of law, and yet here we are TWO YEARS after the original post, with his name and the word rape plastered all over the internet....nice...mindless, gutless, wolf following sheep!.....all of you!

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