what do u think about jessica marshall?

what do u think about jessica marshall?

Created by on Aug 15, 2010

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better than last year


dont like her

cant stand her

willing to go face to face with opinon

would go out with her

wished she was my friend

shes hot

Owensboro, KY

#1 Aug 15, 2010
i think she looks good shes nicer than last year and if some one dont like her then they dont really know her!! and why be a hater it takes a lot of time and anger to hate some one if u dnt like her try to get to know her!!! but i would go out with her cus i had chance to get to know her and shes pretty cool shes just quiet and shy at school!! and a b!tc# some times but actually talk to her get to know her!!! jess if u read this u dnt know who this is but girl u got a friend who likes you!!! i dont care what people think you are awsome!!! what people have to say on here or anywhere if its mean they r just jelouse!!! dont let it get to u laugh bout what they say ignor it and move on!!!

Owensboro, KY

#2 Aug 15, 2010
i think she's cool to i mean i have hung out with her before and really got to know her and found that what people say aint true. <3 shes my girl when she got in them fights i should have been there to back her up they were stupid one fight was over some guy who wasnt worth it!! the other was over some thing she was supposed to have said bout this one chick that looks like a trool ashly i think, but she didnt say anything bout her.. i was there people if i got in a fight with everyone that i herd say somthing bout me then i'd be in a fight with everyone!!! dont let stuff get to u 4real!!! jessica is cool and i am proud to call her my friend!!! if u think she's a b!tch talk to her get to know her dont strt with her over something stupid let the past be the past!! if u talk to her you will find that shes pretty cool to hang out with!!! this my girl from now on you have a problem with her you have a problem with me think wisely bout ur choices this year u dnt know who this is but if u try to start some [email protected] with her ur in deep with me!!!
jessica marshall

Owensboro, KY

#3 Aug 16, 2010
id love to know which b!tch cant stand me but y'all are to afraid to show your name hidin behind some fucke* up screen name what the h*ll u know what i cant stand nun o y'all hoes
Alicia Jett

Fitzgerald, GA

#4 Aug 21, 2010
Crazy how people judge when you don't know someone! Jessica is a nice person and may be different or wear different clothes or make up or whatever but it doesn't matter! Try to get to know her looks don't matter its what's inside and inside if you don't piss her off she is very nice and will take up for her friends and family! You just need to get over the fact that she is different!

Ashland, KY

#5 Aug 24, 2010
JESSICA MARSHALL...above your name, i might be stupid but not that stupid...IS YOU. no one thinks that highly of you. after all you are rex marshalls daughter...ok...HELLO.
jessica marshall

Owensboro, KY

#7 Sep 7, 2010
you know what slu* it shouldnt matter whos daughter i am im me not my mom not my dad so if you think you can judge me because of who my parents are come face to face and ill f*ck you up!!! i hate people that judge me because of the way i live because of who my parents are i dont think its right!!! and Hello if you cant show your name you have no room to talk you must be afraid if you cant show your name you PU$$Y WHIPPED B!TCH!!!
who knew

Hillsboro, KY

#8 Sep 7, 2010
lol who gives a fu**
jessica marshall

Owensboro, KY

#10 Sep 18, 2010
i give a fu** bi*ch i may be rex marshalls daughter i do have friends and you people who think differently do alittle reasearch you retarted idiots!! and feel embaressed when you find different!!!
Jesse Rae Brinker

Drakesboro, KY

#11 Oct 16, 2010
ill show my name i dont giva a fu** if u want the truth fine if ur the slutty litle bitc* that goes to fleming co. high ur a whore and a b***h and i aint scared of u we have had our roounds and u wanna taalk trash on here fine tell me to my face!

Olive Hill, KY

#12 Oct 20, 2010
jesse she didnt have shit to say after that one did she..lol thats funny Jessica you want to talk all that shit hahaha you aint nothing but a roach infested little slut..you walk around town like your something..honestly you look like a prositute you wish you was something..lol and the way you act down town at the swing on main and court day you can tell you one of those white trash whores trying to be all sexy lol me and many others just sit back and laugh at how stupid you look (for the record you cant dance worth a shit)..sorry honey face it your nobody lol...truth hurts dont it hahahahahaha yeehaaa

Olive Hill, KY

#13 Oct 20, 2010
lol thats funny you aint got shit to say to jesse do ya hahahahaha..Jessica you are a nasty roach infested slut..
who knew

Olive Hill, KY

#14 Oct 20, 2010
hahaha wrote:
lol thats funny you aint got shit to say to jesse do ya hahahahaha..Jessica you are a nasty roach infested slut..
and you got crabs.

Owensboro, KY

#15 Oct 20, 2010
Li8sten here you 4eyed,tobacco spitting,yellow toothed bit**,if you've something to say jessica then say it to her face,or are you scared to.She'll put a can of whoop a** on you.You're just jealous because she's got what you want.

United States

#16 Oct 22, 2010
Wow, u bitches and DIRTBAGS are classy. Lol

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