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Hinesville, Georgia Anti- Military Town.

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Richmond Hill, GA

#1 Sep 13, 2008
Hinesville, Georgia Home to Third infantry Division and Fort Stewart, Georgia the biggest Military installation East Of the Mississipi River is the One and Only Town in the United States Of America that hates the Soldiers and the Soldiers Family Members. The Taxes are very High, The Gasoline Prices are Out of Control, The Leadership doesnt care about the military. The Leadership doesnt do anything for the Military Soldiers and their family members. The Stores Have Increase the prices on everything since the soldiers returned. Hinesville, Georgia is the One and only Anti-Military Town in the Entire United States of America. God Bless our Heroes, our Soldiers and their Families and God Bless America.
Common Sense

Fort Stewart, GA

#2 Sep 27, 2008
Please educate yourself prior to making a statement. Prices have increased nationally as the price of gasoline and other goods and services have increased. It is called inflation. Business prices are dictated by the cost of doing business. Military personnel on the West coast see gasoline prices on average .20 to .50 higher. The "Leadership" does care about the soldiers and family members. Please look at all the programs and services provided. If your argument is that Leadership does not do anything for the Military Soldier and family member please give some examples. The majority of problems facing military personnel are finances. In many cases the core problem is mismanagement of funds. I don't see the "hate" you describe in your post.
Just a soldier

Waterford, MI

#3 Oct 15, 2008
I just moved here and this is the best base and town i've been to the prices are not to high and if you think they are go to NH!!

Rincon, GA

#4 Oct 20, 2008
Wow Justice...I am extremely shocked. Hinesville and the surrounding areas have been very kind to us. And the prices are so much better here than A LOT of other areas I've seen and heard about. Prices is a NATIONAL thing, not just for 1 town. You need serious education. Sounds to me like you have either been under a rock too long , or you ran your mouth to the wrong people and they don't put up with that ANYWHERE!!!(Just my opinion)! Go to California for a while. You think the prices are high here???, Live there, You probably won't survive there. I have a brother who makes very good money in California, but he has to stay at work because the gas prices are so high and his house that he owns is 1 1/2 hours away from work. He even bought a POS car just to save on gas and it's still too much. You should be thankful , not hateful. There are so many people worse off than you are. I love this area and the prices are fine.

Rincon, GA

#5 Oct 20, 2008
Hmmm , don't know why it put me being in Dallas,Tx LOL. I live in Allenhurst,Ga.

Richmond Hill, GA

#6 Oct 20, 2008
HINESVILLE IS THE BIGGEST ANTI- MILITARY TOWN IN THE UNITED STATES. JUST LOOK WHEN YOU GO OUTSIDE THE MAIN GATE IT LOOKS LIKE A WAR ZONE OR LIKE A HURRICANE JUST WENT THROUGH. THE LEADERHIP DOESNT CARE HOW THE CITY LOOKS. WHAT DO THE LEADERSHIP HAVE FOR THE SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES HERE? IS THAT NOTHING? ZERO, NADA, KAPUT? BY THE WAY , WHERES THE BOWLING ALLEY HERE OF POST SO WE CAN GO BOWLING? THE ONLY SOLDIERS TOWN IN THE WORLD WHERE THERE IS NO BOWLING ALLEY. ANYTHING FOR THE KIDS? LET ME SEE, OH I SEE, NOTHING. EVERYTHING IS ON POSTM BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE OF POST. I WISH I HAD MONEY , I WILL PUT A BOWLING ALLEY AND A KIDS AMUSEMENT PARK. YOU KNOW SOMETHING FOR THE PARENTS TO TAKE THEIR KIDS. HERE I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE. A LOT OF FOD PLACES, AND A LOT OF GAS STATIONS AND THAT IS. BUT TO DO QUALITY TIME WITH THE FAMILIES? ZERO, NADA, KAPUT. LEADERSHIP DOESNT EXIST HERE. IF YOU ARE A AND HAD BEING IN OTHER MILITARY BASES YOU KNOW WHAT IAM TALKING ABOUT. HERE NOTHING FOR THE SOLDIERS AND FAMILIES TO DO. and there is a lot of children here, but where you can go. savannah? with the gas prices? there are more than 100, thousand people here and with money. but no place to take your family and your kids. we need something for the kids here. i wish i had money i will put a bowling alley and a place for the parenst to take the kids and i will be rich in one year. but i dont have that kind of money. that is why the leadership here doesnt care about the people that live here. yes if you are into alcohol and going to the clubs you are good here. but not everybody have the same habits. others like to spend quality time with their families. and here this town doesnt care about us.

Since: Oct 08

Rincon, GA

#7 Oct 20, 2008
(Justice), If this bothers you so much, go to the leadership, voice your opinions, bring you suggestions to them. Start a petition, take it to them. No one is forcing you to stay here, if your not military. If you are military, then maybe you can talk to someone on post. Otherwise, stop complaining.

Hinesville, GA

#8 Oct 20, 2008
There are two, not one but two, bowling alleys on post. I have never been ID'd at either of them. I've seen people from town in there all the time bowling. The post has been and is very liberal with letting people from the town come on post to enjoy the activities that they have. There are lots of things to do here. Cypress Sam's, playgrounds, bike and hiking trails, Holbrook Pond, the library, this weekend is the MWR Yard Sale and there is usually a set up for kids stuff there, there are movie theaters on and off post, there's lots to do, quit griping.
lill mommie

Hinesville, GA

#9 Jan 30, 2009
I have been to alot of military bases being a military bratt and marrying into it again plus i was in... to tell you the truth i hated ft. stewart at first i liked the city life better like at lewis, but i have to admit this is a great place to raise a family.... I take my kids to bowling on post as well as skatting cypress sam's is great, they even have a play area in the px.. the beach isnt to far... and there are tons of parks the drive in movies in jesup and 2 movies theaters around here one in hinesville and one on stewart...
I have friends that are not military that come with us and play and never have had a problem...
they even have paint ball out by ludiwici, ga....
i love not having to worry bout getting robbed while my hubby is deployed or if my kids are ok while they are at school, the prices are higher here then where i grew up but the minimum wage is higher here to make up for it... but face it gas isnt 97 cents a gallon anymore anywhere so get over it...

Moultrie, GA

#10 Feb 11, 2009
I think your complaints are more based on the town surrounding fort stewart. I think your words should be more "hinesville is anti-family" I love the post it has so much more then any other place i lived. But around the post its disgusting. But thats not the army's fault thats the pathetic town itself doing that. And yes I do see hate for the military in the law inforcement around here. But its normal americans for you. everyone has an opinion and you cant change what they think. Where I grew up there werent mobile homes let alone "used mobile home sales" The businesses should see the post as an advantage to clean up the town and not the soldiers bank accounts.

The Big Time

“Runs Like a Deere”

Since: Jan 07

Forest Park, GA

#11 Feb 12, 2009
Maybe a Coat of Paint would help,...
Kerry Military Wife

Richmond Hill, GA

#12 May 11, 2009
I agree with most of viewers here, Hinesville is Anti Military and the Post itself don't care about the soldiers and their families there is no respect for NCO and Officers no chain of command this is the worst base ever in USA. I would advise anyone to never pick Fort Stewart if it's in your control.Fort Stewart as a Military Base is terrible.

Ann Arbor, MI

#13 May 11, 2009
I agree with justice. I have been stationed at four diffent posts and this is yet been the far worse. Corpus Christi, TX is bad due to it being the 2nd dummest city in Ameica. The school system here and Corpus is far the worse. I have been stationed in Norfolk, VA, good stuff to do there; San Diego.. There is a place to be stationed!!..lots to do. Stationed in Jax Fl, good place and lots to do. But here, SLUM CITY!!! Like Justice said, biggest post here and what has the city of hinesville done with the money we have put into this city?? Why is there no malls here but 50 miles away? What are these dumb civies doing?? Come on get a grip! do something and improve this town!!!! Or move us somewhere else and let Hinesville dry up!

Ann Arbor, MI

#14 May 11, 2009
Oh I almost forgot, when the business' find out you are in the military, you get crapy customer service. Also, isn't it illegal to make military to go to court in our dress uniform? Not only is it singling us out, it is against OPSEC. Because you might have some stupid anti-military civie waiting to snipe one of us off when we march into court wearing our uniform. You don't see civies get turned away to go and pay a ticket fine if they are not in a business atire so why are us having to show up in our uniform?

Ann Arbor, MI

#15 May 11, 2009
you want to hear something funny...my kid is ADHD and got into trouble at midway and the law was called. he is only 10, 100lbs and the cop was 200+. the cop used excesive force by using a blood choke and busted some blood vessels in his eyes, bruise his throught, neck. The whole student class watched the incident, and the teachers did nothing to stop the cop from doing this, they just stood there and watched and laughed.
That is the stupidity and ignorance that I am ashamed of my own home state. I will never pay any kind of state tax here ie tags, license or major purchase that would help this crap hole of a town or state.

Savannah, GA

#16 May 18, 2009
We have been stationed at Ft. Stewart since January 2009, and it has it's advantages and disadvantages. Sure, there are a lot of things to do on the post, but out in the surrounding town? It looks like Savannah, GA's bastard stepchild. The town is in shambles, there's nothing to do, no where to go...not even any place to shop. If you need something, you can go to Walmart. That's it. Wal-mart. They're thriving in this economy because there isn't anywhere else to go that is reasonably priced.

Whoever mentioned going to Savannah was right. It's about a 40 minute drive and there is plenty to do and see there...it's absolutely a gorgeous town, but with fuel costs being what they are and time being scarce on weeknights, it's not plausible.

Also, why do people assume that because military personnel have money problems it is due to mismanagement of funds? The lower ranking soldiers do not make a lot of money, and opportunities for spouses are almost non-existent in this town. Having money troubles isn't always about living above your means and mismanaging what you have, sometimes you just don't have enough!

Hinesville, GA

#17 May 28, 2009
Mrs. airdaleaz2,

When are you due to PCS?
samantha Heinrich

Hinesville, GA

#18 Jun 8, 2009
Umm Hello. I wish I had found this blog a long time ago. We are about to leave for Germany and I have loathed my stay here for the most part. There were times I would spend every waking moment in California where Im from or Savannah. You see I was excited to see the south, well I did and the sites were very memmerable for me, Im more upset at the lack of community I have felt here. I have been ignored cussed at looked at like a wild animal and asked a thousand times "Wheres ur accent from". With all due respect I am from a tiny little town in America so that should sum it up. Now cross in ocean and you will hear an accent. I know that sounds ignorant but it just came out. i have still not done any of those things I listed to any one. I have made it (almost) out with my dignity. I have been in town and stood behind locals, military, go at it. Everywhere I go its like Jerry Springer. Military wives need to put a smile on and get over it . Is it terrible to set anexample? I agree with everyone on here in one way or another good ideas, points , and opinions. we are all different. This town is different. Last thing Wont anyone stand up and say enough is enough. Do you know what Im talking about? Pull up stats for the amount of obease men women and children it at science not just my opinion. In this town on this post I have seen and been briefed on the sad reality of this epidemic. We need to get in the community and help with awarness. Does any one get that these Doctors dont know what to do for "Yall" Army wives lets do some PT of our own and help other women educate them encouage them. Then lets hit the community. If your reading this and your midsection is filled with fat then know that Doctors in the break room behind your back shake their heads and say "WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ITS THEIR CHOICE" YOU DONT NEED TO SPEND A 100 THOUSAND DOLLARS ON AN EDUCATION IN SCIENCE TO KNOW FAT KILLS PEOPLE GO TO YOUR NIEGHBORHOOD CORONER ASK THEM WHAT THEY SEE WHEN THE CUT OPEN BODYS OF 40 YEAROLD WHO DIE OF HEART FALIURE IN ONE WAY ARE ANOTHER. PLEASE lets not judge each other lets not make it about vanity lets live long and follow our dreams.

Pooler, GA

#19 Jun 21, 2009
I sense a little bit of unfriendly disposition. What is your deal with the military anyway? We aren't the only place with high gas prices and no amusement parks! lol. But we aren't too far away from some. On post there are some things "where the parents can take their kids" so what are you talking about? The pool just opened up and the kiddie water park is open as well. There are gyms, YMCA (off post), millions of playgrounds that are way nicer then many I've seen, there are ponds where you can BBQ, golf courses, the little in door tree house on post, recreational parks, track field, and every now and there there is a get together on post where they have like a small carnival for free. There are many things you can do in this city but not all the time. And that's everywhere. If your ungrateful ass lived in Savannah you would be complaining about what's missing there too. Sorry for my hostility but sometimes you just have to be happy for what you have. I'm not sure about the leadership part of your complaint but I do know that some of the stuff the soldiers have to go through is bullshit but what can you do? Sometimes they work over 80 hours a week and they wonder why this area has a high divroce rate. The women can't control themselves and the men just don't care. The sad thing about all of that is that it can be prevented.....
uh huh

Rockwall, TX

#20 Jun 25, 2009
airdaleaz2 wrote:
I agree with justice. I have been stationed at four diffent posts and this is yet been the far worse. Corpus Christi, TX is bad due to it being the 2nd dummest city in Ameica. The school system here and Corpus is far the worse. I have been stationed in Norfolk, VA, good stuff to do there; San Diego.. There is a place to be stationed!!..lots to do. Stationed in Jax Fl, good place and lots to do. But here, SLUM CITY!!! Like Justice said, biggest post here and what has the city of hinesville done with the money we have put into this city?? Why is there no malls here but 50 miles away? What are these dumb civies doing?? Come on get a grip! do something and improve this town!!!! Or move us somewhere else and let Hinesville dry up!
We spent 2 long..miserable years in newport news, va. I would pick Stewart and Hinesville over Va anyday. Va was crowded, smelt like fish, decay, and the people there was some of the rudest, dumbest people I have ever met. As for things to do, I guess if you're into getting a nice case of e.coli, you could go to Va beach. If standing in lines for hours are more your thing, there's Busch Gardens..or you could stay at home in the sub par military housing, as long as your don't eat the paint chips, or drink the water, or plant a garden..mainly because they all contain high amounts of lead! Even today, I miss Stewart and Hinesville. It was a small enough town that you didn't disappear, and large enough that your business wasn't everyone else's. We had some very fun times in the community, there are parks all over the place there, not quite sure why everyone is saying they're isn't..

Btw, gas in Louisiana is hovering around 2.75, how is it there?

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