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#22 Jan 12, 2010
curious girl wrote:
Julie, I would love to know where u work, live ect. because it sounds like u have the perfect environment(city) and the perfect co-workers.I would love to visit your perfect world where noone has ever made a mistake or had to be given a second chance. I as a christian would assume you are talking about heaven but then I realized if you are writing on this forum you obviously are not dead yet. But if by some chance you have found "the perfect place" please share with the rest of us so we can come and enjoy this place. If this place does not exsist then stop talking about stuff you know nothing about. Everyone makes mistakes usually at a young age when we are stupid but you know something we grow up and go on and learn from out mistakes, if we are mature adults!! If you have such a problem with hh I am sure that the christian men and women that work there will forgive you for not comming in to eat so therefore I see a solution. If you do not like hh/employees simply choose to go somewhere else to eat and by doing so you could then "forgive" the person you are so upset about, being a good christian and all. Just a simple girl giving her simple christian thoughts. Thanks for reading all and have a great day!!:)
I don't have a problem with any of the HH employees and I am talking about what I know. your the one that don't understand what im talking about. I just don't think after I know for a fact the way the Josh boy talked to one of the female employees that he should be alowed to work with women on midnights alone. put him on day shift. Hell the manager that hired the girl warned her that he was a sex offender and do watch out for him. How can you say a man that was charged and convicted for 3 counts against a 3 year old child be such a good christian, look him up on KY sex offenders, I hope he finds god he needs it. I love the HH food and prices as I said before and like all the people, Josh even talks and is a friendly person, he just don't need to be rubbing up aginst female workers and making sexual remarks. If you think im picking on him or the HH your wrong, im just telling what I know for a fact and don't agree with it. good luck to the HH busniess I've heard its improved and may the registered sex offenders truly find god.

Whitney, TX

#23 Jan 12, 2010
So Duane maybe since I was in court with MY SISTER I know for a fact she didn't admit to breaking his leg. I know its not slander as I know for a fact that he hurt matthew and its not slander because Josh being a child molester is common knowledge. I find it funny that a nice guy like you(i have no problems with you) would be defending such trash just because you work with them. If you wish to call them family that's your own business. But if John breaking Matthew's femur(not leg, femur the hardest bone in the human body to break) wasn't enough just remember he also has child abuse charges in Rochester NY. It's common knowledge, not slander. So, while it's childish to post these things on Topix... I'm just that a child. My first post on here was under Yeah. But my real name is Jennifer. I'm the aunt of the baby that John hurt. Not only did he hurt my nephew, he also hit on my 15 year old friend. There is something wrong with that picture. While Kim had to say she hit her baby in order to get him back it doesn't mean she broke his femur. The case was more complicated than you made it out to be. I'm not looking to start shit but I'd like the facts to at least be straight. And if I'm childish for responding your just as childish for posting something as well. Positive or negitive.
curious girl

Campbellsville, KY

#24 Jan 12, 2010
Julie, I do understand what you are saying, I just think that if the female employee that works with him does not have a problem with it then why should we? I know he is listed on the sex offender list but as I said everyone deserves a second chance. It is not for me to judge him or anyone else. Just my thoughts:) I did not say all employees were christians but I am sure that some are. I for one just try to live my life for me and not worry about everyone else. I just pray for them all! Thanks for reading, have a great evening all!!

Flatwoods, KY

#25 Jan 12, 2010
curious girl wrote:
Julie, I do understand what you are saying, I just think that if the female employee that works with him does not have a problem with it then why should we? I know he is listed on the sex offender list but as I said everyone deserves a second chance. It is not for me to judge him or anyone else. Just my thoughts:) I did not say all employees were christians but I am sure that some are. I for one just try to live my life for me and not worry about everyone else. I just pray for them all! Thanks for reading, have a great evening all!!
Thanks curious girl, I didnt mean to sound hatefull or rude, the girl no longer works there she quit because of it. I love the food there and most of the time people working there are friendly. Duane and Karen (not sure if she still works there) was always so nice. Was just concerned about future employees working with him, hopefully everything will be ok. Thanks again for listening and after reading your posts i know you are right, it dont help to get on here and argue, have a good night and a better week, god bless you all, I'll post no more i had my say :)

Richmond, KY

#26 Jan 13, 2010
does anyone know if karen still works at HH,haven't seen her for awhile.

Richmond, KY

#27 Jan 15, 2010
anyone who does harm to a child never pays their dues. maybe by law , but not in society, sick bastards . if they can harm a child imagine what they could do to your food if they didn't like the way you looked when you walked in.
3rd shift cook

Corbin, KY

#28 Jan 21, 2010
i am currently one of the two night shift cooks at the williamsburg huddle, my names bobby, you oughta try our food now, its a lot diffrent then before
The Butt Hole

Ashland, KY

#29 Feb 3, 2010
kim wrote:
does anyone know if karen still works at HH,haven't seen her for awhile.
Yes.. Karen still works at Huddle house as Staff Manager. I want to thank every single person who posted here about Huddle House. In my personal opinion of how the public reacts to us here in Flatwoods. I believe we do a good service and very high quality food. I wont apologize for who works here, I am sorry that some may have issues and problems with individuals who in my opinion do not deserve to be fired for a past they have. I am glad for every employee we do have.. Without each and everyone, We would not be where we are. I apologize if I have offened anyone. But what I have said still stands. I am proud to be the Leader behind turning around a Restaurant that was in need of being better. I am proud everyday I go to work and see all of the customers who do support us. And I do Thank you. DM-GM

Whitney, TX

#30 Feb 3, 2010
Wow rly is this all you people in this town have to do is talk trash about people?!?!?! I love the HUDDLE HOUSE && everything about it! Every1 has always treated me with respect when I eat there with my friends, we are regulars on the weekends && I eat there during the week sometimes. I love the environment && employees but most importantly the food is always great && when Josh works night shift the food is always awesome. Josh might have or might not have done what he done but either way I feel that he has paid for it enough && I think that people need to move on && drop it. He is very nice, friendly, respectful, && a great cook along with the rest of the employees. && no I dont know any1 there personally && I have never worked there or anything, I have applied for a job there && I would go around Josh by myself on night shift I trust him along with any other employee who works there. Thank you Huddle House for your amazing services && Duane you are doing an amazing job just wish you guys could be 24/7 again. lol But I understand why your not!!!

Whitney, TX

#31 Feb 3, 2010
Kdlawles????? I'm assuming you are Krystal Lawless. You are always so honest about everything and i love it girl didnt you tell me you just applied there like last week? i love the huddle house it is a good place to eat and everyone is always nice there. people need to stop hating and get lives its sad that you have to pick on everything else because your so bored with your own lives. you go kd

Whitney, TX

#32 Feb 3, 2010
Yes...... This is Krystal:) && I'm only voicing my opinion upon what I know personally while visiting the Huddle House at random hours!!!! THEY ARE AMAZING THERE... end of story=)&& yeah that was last week. lol Is this Amanda?-Thank you.
ky rattlesnake

Wagoner, OK

#34 Feb 5, 2010
The huddle house has rats!!!! You will get fromunda cheese on your waffle!! Stay away!

Ashland, KY

#35 Feb 5, 2010
just1dering wrote:
yes not really very good people, I know the one that Silent Bob is talking about, he also molested a 3 month old baby. I will NOT be eating at the huddle house again. PERVESSSSSSSS
Oh sure, I guess the 3 month old took the stand and testified.
Might as well face it you really have no idea if he did that or not.
ironton girl

Ashland, KY

#36 Feb 6, 2010
i have nothing to say bad about the huddle house.the food is pretty good, but i do think they need to get rid of karen.she is not all that friendly.i tried to talk to her and all she did was snub up.
give her a chance

Richmond, KY

#37 Feb 7, 2010
Hey,give Karen a chance,she really is a nice person.Maybe you just caught her at a bad time.

Newburgh, IN

#38 Feb 25, 2010
hey if anyone knew kimberly fisher and her wacky family,you would know that she is the one who broke her babies leg,she got him taken away from her.johnny veltre is a good guy and would'nt hurt a all are such losers!are'nt you embarrased for sitting on here telling lies on innocent people.ever hear the old saying"what goes around, comes around"?its true!!beware!!
russell fan

Newburgh, IN

#39 Feb 25, 2010
johnny veltre is a sweetheart and you jerks tellin lies on him should be ashamed of yourselves!!he does'nt bother anyone,leave him alone!
no name jones

Newburgh, IN

#40 Feb 25, 2010
john veltre rocks!!

Elizabethtown, KY

#41 Feb 25, 2010
I heard from realible source, that Kimberly was not charged for breaking her babies femur, John veltre gets to walk free, he is not a nice guy, hes a con artist, Ladies beware, He has a daughter that hes not allowed to see, explain that, he doesn't even have custody of her,John wanted to have a three some with a 15 year old and a 17 year old, and his own mother was arrested for doctor hopping and forgery back in october, the weekend that he hurt Kimberlys baby, so don't talk about her family being wacky, his family is full of DRUGS AND ACHLOL, and explain this to that when Tim gets to see his kids john cant be present! So quit talking about kimberly and her family when his family is all screwed up! AND GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPEND YOU WERENT THERE, JOHN HURT THIS BABY AND WHEN HE GETS JEALOUS AGAIN HE WILL HURT ANOTHER AND ANOTHER UNTIL HE IS STOPPED, Kimberly and her baby will get justice in the end, GOD will give them there justice. Get your stories straight FRIENDS OF JOHNNYS! Kimberlys supports knows the truth!

Newburgh, IN

#42 Feb 25, 2010

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