ky seceding the union
just seen this

Ironton, OH

#1 Nov 13, 2012
has anyone heard about the petition going around about ky and many other states trying to secede the union? what do you think? will it happen and if so what do you think would happen.

Ironton, OH

#2 Nov 13, 2012
Nope,won't happen.

It's just a bunch of traitors sighing a online petition.

There is a snowballs chance in hell,the government grants the request.

Can you imagine the government allowing such thing w/ less then a quarter of the states populace voting for it?

These treasonous rats need a taste of George W's Patriot act.

We are a nation at war,there is no worse time to attempt to divide the union.

No American man or woman who has bled and killed for that flag is ever going to disgrace it by signing that piece of filth.

Long wave Ol'Glory I say.

National honor is national property of the highest value.- James Monroe, 5th U.S. President

Corona, NY

#3 Nov 13, 2012
As Sam Houston said, I am an American and I am for the union. People who would sign that are indeed traitors and are against democracy.
just seen this

Ironton, OH

#4 Nov 13, 2012
does it really mean they are traitors and against democracy or are they fed up with the gov and the way they are running things? i know i for one am sick of how they have been running things and have run things into the ground but im not a traitor or against democracy when democracy is for ALL the people and not just some (and i havent signed the petition and not saying it is right or wrong to sign) and as for me it has nothing to do with who is president or his color because there was how many white presidents before him and it was way f**** up before he got there so color has nothing to do with it

Ironton, OH

#5 Nov 14, 2012
just seen this wrote:
does it really mean they ar
Yes by signing a document saying you would like to dessert your country during a time of war is the very definition of a traitor.

WE are a union and a democracy,if you disagree w/ the leadership,you have options.

You can vote to change the leadership/policy or you can get your gun and go but heads w/ the opposition.

Seeding dissent amongst the masses will only prove to worsen conditions.

In this nation we stand together or we fall,it's always been that way and always will be that way.

This is all a result of a election,besides Texas which has always considered themselves another nation.

And in my opinion they have forgotten their history,that land was forcibly seized from Mexico by the Polk.
Not Rick Fuggen Perry.

As I said in the OP,these traitors don't want to abide by the rules as they have stood,they need run their chicken legs across the border.

So much blood was spilled in our history to assure the union would survive intact.

They disgrace their ancestors sacrifices by trying to destroy it.
I don't give a dam if you are a Republican or a Democrat,we are Americans first and foremost.

Start acting like it.

Perhaps this is what happens when you have a all volunteer army and you take the pledge of allegiance out of the classroom.

Myself,I first took that pledge at around 5 years old and I plan to honor it till I die.
Do it

Ashland, KY

#6 Nov 14, 2012
I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it?
Kids These Days

Ashland, KY

#7 Nov 14, 2012
It means they're whiney Republicans.
just seen this

Ironton, OH

#8 Nov 14, 2012
are you saying elect a president to be in there til he dies if so that makes no sense at all. i would doubt they are ALL "whiney repbulicans" i believe this is a very strong message that americans are sick of not having choices, choices over anything we choose between two people every four years and one is bad and the other worse so whats your options????? it never really matters who gets choosen republican or democrat because they all lie and nothing ever changes and only gets worse. the people are sick...sick of everything...why do we have to take obamacare, why do we only have one choice of electric co, gas, water, and why do they always f*** with our gas prices, why did they ever take the pledge out of schools, why not put more americans to work and stop buying everything from overseas. just to mention i am neither democrat or republican and im not for or against the petition im just one sick american!!!!

Ironton, OH

#9 Nov 14, 2012
just seen this wrote:
are you saying elect a president to be in there til he dies if so that ma
A honest un-biased post,I commend you sir.

Our system when it was first borrowed and modified came w/ no guarantee.

It often fails us outright,that however doesn't mean we must scrap it.

It takes True American spirit to maintain the system and even stronger spirit to cope w/ it when it fails.

Now like many,you have realized a fairly serious flaw in the political landscape.
The infamous two party system,but in truth that is not the systems fault.
That problem is a direct creation of the American people,our blind loyalty created it and so long as it exist so will the system.

Can you imagine if we didn't consider if a man was Mormon or black,how old he is,how much money he has?

Imagine if we voted based solely on how well s/he could unite a country.
How well /she could do the books,how well s/he could represent us to the rest of the world.

It just don't happen,it partisan bs,it's the division,and they do it for their own profit.

2016 I will only be considering third party candidates,the donkey and elephant have had their chance.


Wagoner, OK

#10 Nov 28, 2012
Why are people so damn stuuuuuupid
dog lover

Ashland, KY

#11 Nov 29, 2012
I'm not for the petition, but remember. Our country was started by traitors
just seen this

Ironton, OH

#12 Nov 30, 2012
drk your comment is too broad, people are stupid in many different ways but if you are refering to the petition i dont feel it makes them stupid i feel like they are making a stand, dog lover i tend to agree somewhat with what you are saying i dont really agree with how they took the country over but thats done an over nothing we can really do about that now, now the people are trying to say, in my opinion, that things arent going to get any better and we, myself included not that i signed or want to secede, but are wanting things better for ALL the people and not just the smaller % of the people

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