Now what in the Wide Wide World of Sports did they do that for???!!!
Unless it was because they were selling Child Porn
or it was some kind of Civil Suit or something like that,all I ask is"Why"???
Last I knew,wer'e a free country!!
This ain't supposed to be Nazi Germany or the Former Soviet Union!!
Is this what my Mama's Cousin Macon Gunter gave his life over Sicily for July 4,1943 or her other Cousin Frank Mitchell was severly wounded outside of St.Lo,France in June 1944 for??
Or why my Nephews Chris Kitchens or Kolbe Martin joined the Army for??
is that what John McCain spent time in a POW Camp in North Vietnam for or why John Glenn flew for the Marines for in WW2 and Korea for??
God Help Us all!!!
"The World Would Be A Better Place If We'd Just Get Rid Of six Idiots A Day!!".-Dr.John Becker(Ted Danson):"Becker".