This was in our paper today, The Independent/Mail - Anderson, SC: Jan 9, 2013
"By: Thelma Spencer, Zirconia, N.C.

Deanhardt outshone contemporaries

No one was more saddened by the death of Michael Deanhardt than I. We worked together to publish his life story, which came out in 2007 as "Make Waves, but Don't Step on the Water." I say we worked together, but I admit, we rode to meetings of Anderson City and County councils as well as meetings in Greenville, Columbia and points in between, with Michael preaching to the choir. And I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge of history, politics, religion and everything else.

I recall sitting together through a meeting at the Anderson County Library, where a member of his wife's family close behind us was expressing how the other members of Michael's family were so ashamed of Michael's atheistic views and position on civil rights, etc. I remember thinking: "You ignorant dummy Michael is so much wider-read and has so much more common sense than most of his contemporaries. He certainly outshines me and my advanced degree when it comes to the width and breadth of knowledge and current events."

I no longer live in Anderson, but I still care about the people who do; I'm very grateful that I knew their first and foremost citizen; thank god for Michael Deanhardt."

I am the "Ignorant Dummy" this so called writer is talking about, and I will in the very near future send my response to her blubbering "male bovine fecal matter" comments. I vaguely know who she is and have read her version of someone's life that she assisted in writing their autobiography. I know how ignorant she is of printing facts. She knows nothing of me and has never bothered to find out. Tim WIlliams- Anderson, SC